Poll: 2020 All-NBA Third Team

With the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting NBA hiatus throwing award season into disarray, we’re assuming the 2019/20 regular season is close enough to over that it’s safe to start making our unofficial picks for the league’s end-of-year honors. And we’re working on our All-NBA teams this week.

After closing the polls for the All-NBA First Team on Wednesday, we’ve brought the vote for the All-NBA Second Team to an end today. Some of the results in those Second Team polls were predictable — Nikola Jokic, for instance, was the runaway winner at center. However, there were much tighter races for the Second Team guards and forwards.

Here are the voting results so far:

2020 All-NBA First Team

2020 All-NBA Second Team

A pair of cornerstones on last year’s title-winning Raptors claimed the forward spots here, with Siakam narrowly edging out Jayson Tatum for the second spot. Meanwhile, Lillard and Beal will likely both miss the postseason this year, but had monster individual seasons for losing teams and earned your Second Team votes.

We’re moving on today to the All-NBA Third Team, so be sure to cast your votes below for the two guards, two forwards, and one center that you believe are most deserving of being named to that squad. Don’t forget that a few players qualify at two positions.

You’ll have the entire weekend to finalize your votes before we round up the results on Monday. You’ll also have the opportunity to select two players apiece in the guard and forward polls, so be sure to take advantage of that.


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16 thoughts on “Poll: 2020 All-NBA Third Team

  1. hOsEbEeLiOn

    SGA, Morant, Middleton, Tatum, Sabonis.

    Morant had the grizzlies exceeding expectations.
    SGA had thunder exceeding expectations
    Middletown has helped the bucks not miss a beat since brogdon left.
    Tatum has outplayed Brown.
    Sabonis is underrated

  2. natsfan3437

    Luka / Harden / Lebron / Giannis / Jokic

    Dame / Paul / Kawhi / Davis / Embiid

    Lowry / Beal / Tatum / Siakam / Gobert

    Davis doesn’t qualify as a center
    Butler doesn’t qualify as a guard.

    • natsfan3437

      If they did Davis first team, Jokic second team, Embiid third team.

      If Butler did qualify at guardhim over Beal on third team.

  3. El Don

    Harden / Luka / Giannis / AD / KAT
    Lillard / Kyrie / LBJ / Kawhi / Jokic
    Ice Trae / Westbrook / Butler / JC / Whiteside

    • C-Daddy

      There are many things wrong with this list but I’ll just point out a few:
      (1) There’s no argument for LBJ not being first team
      (2) Kyrie only played ~20 games and there are several more deserving guards
      (3) Whiteside on an All-NBA team? KAT on the first team? Wtf dude

      • Simmons>Russ

        KAT on first team is complete whack, Irving played 20 games hahah, no Embiid, no Tatum, no Siakim, no middelton.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Bron Luka Giannis AD Jokic

    Lillard Harden Kawhi Siakim Embiid

    Walker Paul Butler Tatum KAT

    Just misses Adebyo, KAT, Russ, Middleton

    Walker deserves more credit.

  5. Simmons>Russ

    When will people stop giving credit to people who put up great stats on terrible teams.
    Bradley Beal I really like but only reason he did so well this year was cause no John Wall.
    Devin Booker, suns are lucky to get over 30 wins a year.
    Ice Trae, love this kid also, but he gives the ball over top 5 in the league and again leads a bad team to maybe 20 wins.

    People like Kyle Lowry, Kemba Walker, Jimmy Butler guys who led there teams and didn’t put up career highs deserve more love for leading their team

      • Simmons>Russ

        Lowry and Walker definitely to lead the teams.
        Tatum and Siakim are the stars but these older point guards are the leaders no doubt

  6. Terrodan01720

    Y’all hating on westbrook Devin and Trae I mean westbrook is averaging like 33 8 and 7 over the past 2 and a half months Devin doesn’t win games and I’m a devin fan I mean the suns had a chance to break into the playoffs against pistons and warriors and lost both games and was mediocre he needs to step up it can’t always be the team and trae hawks are a lottery team

  7. Middleton is having a better season than Jimmy Butler almost across the board. Middleton has Ingram beat in nearly every per-36 category too.

    No reason Khris shouldn’t be third team. Butler and Ingram are having great seasons, but only getting more votes because of name recognition. And as good as PG13 is, he has missed too many games. Khris has been one of the league’s 15–20 best players this season.

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