Rift Still Exists Between Jazz Stars Mitchell, Gobert

In the wake of his positive test for COVID-19 last month, Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell was said to be frustrated with teammate Rudy Gobert. The All-Star center, who had tested positive for the coronavirus a day earlier, had reportedly shown a cavalier attitude toward teammates and their belongings in the locker room before finding out he was affected by COVID-19.

While both of Utah’s stars have now been cleared of the coronavirus for approximately two weeks, sources tell Shams Charania, Sam Amick, and Tony Jones of The Athletic that the Mitchell/Gobert relationship remains tense.

According to The Athletic’s report, the Jazz have begun to work on repairing that relationship, but Mitchell has been reluctant to mend fences, with one source with knowledge of the situation going so far as to say that the relationship “doesn’t appear salvageable.”

The Jazz remain hopeful that things will improve over time, a stance that teammate Joe Ingles also took when he recently spoke to The Athletic.

“I’m confident our team is going to be totally fine,” Ingles said. “I heard Donovan’s response (on Good Morning America), or whatever it was, to that question, and a part of that is on Donovan and Rudy to sort out if he’s frustrated with him or whatever. But I have no doubt when we go back to training, or when our season starts again, our team is going to be what we have been and what we are. … I’m confident our team will be completely fine. The chemistry will be fine.”

According to Charania, Amick, and Jones, the Jazz have attempted to impart to Mitchell that there’s no way of knowing whether he contracted the virus from Gobert or vice versa — or whether the two players got it from separate sources.

However, The Athletic’s report notes that Utah management and the club’s coaching staff were ahead of the curve in educating Jazz players about the virus, discussing it for the first time in a team meeting on February 25, several days before the NBA sent out its first league-wide memo about the subject. As such, it makes sense that Mitchell would be frustrated by Gobert continuing to downplay the issue on March 9, the day the big man jokingly touched several reporters’ microphones during a media session.

As The Athletic’s reporters point out, with no end to the NBA’s hiatus in sight, there should still be plenty of time for Mitchell and Gobert to sort things out before they take the court together.

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43 thoughts on “Rift Still Exists Between Jazz Stars Mitchell, Gobert

    • Simmons>Russ

      Absolute terrible trade.
      An all nba centre, one of the leagues best defenders, a top 5 centre for what Zeller, a career half start half back up centre, Monk who was a failed first round pick and a secound round pick

  1. phillyballers

    Rudy Gobert wont be able to mend that relationship. Maybe even swap for Adams. But the Jazz would get a lot more for Mitchell in a trade, multiple picks probably and a role player. The roster isn’t a Finals competitor this yr or next as constructed, might think about kicking it out and retooling. Can they use Conley to improve the roster enough before paying Mitchell? That’s the most important question.

    • I think Conley’s on the down side. And isn’t his contract a huge road block? Perhaps this is the last year on his deal? In any case he’s really slow down this year and he’s 32 years old.

      Mitchell would bring back a haul I would think, he’s an amazing player both on and off the ball. Gobert wouldn’t get you much I don’t think. He’s so clumsy with the ball and I’d even rather have a Clint capela type then Rudy gobert. Be interesting to see how this plays out.

      • ThePeople'sElbow

        Conley’s 20-21 salary is guaranteed because he played 70 games in 18-19. $34.5M – ouch.

        • jump shot

          I look for Conley to bounce back and have a great season next season. Imo, he just had somewhat of a “redshirt” season and will be back healthy and playing All-Star consideration-worthy type ball. I really believe that.

          • ThePeople'sElbow

            because that’s how things work – on the power of belief. just like the secret, if you believe it will become true.

            • jump shot

              But, unlike you, Mr. Elbow, I could be wrong. Clearly, you even have the exact date the league will resume – you’re just not making it public!

      • phillyballers

        Well you’d use his contract value to build a trade. That and draft picks.

  2. Strike Four

    Ingles comes off as so naive for someone who’s been in the game this long. I mean, this is the NBA! Players have requested trades for way, way less than this.

  3. hiflew

    I think they both just need to suck it up and get over it. Everyone has to work with people they don’t like. They don’t have to be friends, just co-workers. It’s time to grow up.

    • illowa

      Yep. Everyone has that at work, especially with management. If there’s blame to go around, follow the timeline and start blaming the Ottowa Senators for starting the spread between sports teams at the Staples Center.

    • Rocket32

      hiflew If you haven’t noticed….sports don’t really work like that and I doubt they ever will. Usually if two key players don’t like each other it’s a problem, and you can’t exactly go demand your boss trade you to another company or have millions in the bank to be able to cause drama until your released/fired. If you could I don’t think there would be many grown up people in the workforce.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Salaries don’t fit. Kanter is getting 5mil Edwards like 2 mil and Langford like 3mil they bearly scrap 10 mil combine. Gobert is on 23 mil.

      Gobert and a second for Jaylen Brown.

      • mcase7187

        Forget that know why they do that trade

        And also I put it in the trade machine and you’re right but you can toss in some of the other guys and I’m not really sure how much cap space they will have in the offseason

  4. Mitchell’s an alpha male. Most guys would forgive Rudy, but I don’t know that Donovan will. Might need to trade Rudy this offseason. There would be teams interested, still get a decent return for him.

  5. x%sure

    Mitchell could have ulterior motives, and just be using the situation. However, I assume Mitchell gets what he wants tactically, and most perimeter players like to have a shotblocker behind them.
    Maybe his agent told him he should try to get out to a larger market.
    There’s a new setup in Chicago and they have LaVine to offer.

  6. JD Candello

    Id trade Donovan – With such a weak fa class and little money to go around you got a nice sellers market for an impact perimeter player this off-season-

    Start the bidding war

    • El Don

      I agree, Mitchell is the one to go, he is good but not at Rudy’s level of good, & with the immaturity & plain lack of intelligence he is showing about it I would be pretty eager to get rid of him.
      As I said before, guards that are volume shooters are a dime a dozen in the league, good centers, mind you not great just good, like Rudy are much harder to get.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Gobert is replace able look at Capela, Steven Adams, Tristan Thompson, and so on and so on.
      If you trade Mitchell your left with a core of Conley, Gobert, Boban and Ingles all about to hug their 30’s or in their 30’s. Your best young player is Bradley who backs up Gobert and he’s not even that good.

      Jazz would be fools to trade their only young piece. They are better off trading out the old and going young around Mitchell.

      • JD Candello

        Im looking mainly at the haul back- Might not be a bad idea to let both Lal teams GSw age themselves out as well-

        Its unfortunate but its the case with a team like Utah they have had to endure before-

        They can get back a haul of 2021/2022 picks along with a a young piece or two for Mitchell, Goebert maybe a late first and scraps currently

        • Simmons>Russ

          Firstly that’s never going to work.
          You trade Mitchell for picks, what are you left with Gobert 27 going 28. Conley well past his prime struggles to score 15 and getting overpaid, plus some picks.
          You won’t even make the playoffs, then 5 years later Gobert Conley Ingles all gone and you’ve got a bunch of young players from your picks.
          What do you do then trade out the best player again in order to get picks again?
          Sounds like a revolving door of getting worse.

          On the other hand why not trade Gobert he’s getting old 27 but worth too dollar, you wait 2 years and he loses all his value. Hes a win now centre top 5 in for his position. You send him to a team that wants to win and needs a beast like him such as Boston.
          You won’t get back Tatum, you won’t get back Walker, you don’t want Hayward which leaves Jaylen Brown. Who’s just come of an amazing career year putting up 20/6.5/2

          All of a sudden you’ve got Mitchell and Brown, both 23, both solid 2 way players, both just about to hit their primes. Bron is about to retire next 3/4 years, Russ Harden Curry Thompson Butler KD Lillard PG all these guys are in their 30’s or close to it.
          Meaning in 5 years you hit your prime just as all these guys probably retire. That’s the way to build.

          • JD Candello

            Conley is not part of the future plans you know that, he falls off after next year for the great 2021 fa class-

            Whoes to say Donovan even resigns? Doesnt seem reliable to think thats even anywhere near certain

            Its a big chip to cash this offseason considering he’d be a whole tier better than the rest- Tough sitch nonetheless but a tough call has to be made

          • Simmons>Russ

            Think it would be almost 100% certain he resigns with him. Which player recently who had made the all stars on his rookie deal went on to leave that team?
            I think the Jazz would instantly throw Mitchell a max deal once he’s eligible.

            Plus by trading Gobert it would show the team sides with him and is wanting to build around him and cares for him.
            Trading Gobert makes even more sense considering Conleys deals going to expire.
            If you keep Gobert, trade Mitchell and Conley leaves, yes you get cap space to spend but the Jazz aren’t a great FA destination anyway. And who wants to join up with Gobert and a bunch of role players.

            Whereas if you keep Mitchell trade Gobert away for someone like Jaylen Brown, then when Coleys deal expires you’ve got 30 mil to spend.
            Younger players may look at this team and want to join up because Mitchell and Brown are there and because they are a chance of winning a chip.
            In that 2021 FA class you could be looking at Lauri Markeneen, Derrick White, Kyle Kuzma, Jarrett Allen, John Collins, Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz.

            • JD Candello

              Mitchell to me seems like a guy who may be a little distraught he doesnt get the attention he thinks he deserves b/c he plays in Utah

              IF I was sold i could re-sign Donovan and Get Brown I do like that idea but….

              I dont think Bos is trading 4 years of Brown for 1 yr of Rudy unless they totally wanna turn their process upside down to have clear books 2021….idk maybe but probably not

              In theory I do like Mitchell and Brown w Ingels/BB as support as a core I just dont know if thats possible/plausible ……. Trading DM for a haul certainly is this offseason……

              • Simmons>Russ

                Gobert I think has 2/3 years???
                Either way Gobert plus walker and Tatum smart Hayward and a bench of Langford Edwards Theis Oleyeje Williams and couplet others that’s a top 3 team easy. Boston could book themselves a ECF place and would go up against the Bucks who still have question marks over Giannas leaving?? Or the Sixers with question marks over Simmons and Embiid?
                I think they set themselves up for 3 years of going to the finals and potentially 3 rings.
                Boston must also look at their current roster. Brown is a SF/SG, Tatum has SF locked up and is a down the best fit at SG when they also have Smart and Langford at that position.
                Think it would be a move that makes both teams stronger.

                Maybe in order to get it done it’s
                Gobert plus a first for Brown and a second.

                Mitchell and Brown would be solid especially if you could work it in FA or trades to acquire a third player like Markeneen or Jarrett Allen or so on.

                • JD Candello

                  Gobert gone after next year- Thats why w/out a sign and trade his value is minimal on the market

                  If Bos is big on him and a sign and trade is established then sure- I do think Bos would look good under your plan and it could all possibly work for Utah but its still a lotta hoops to jump thru-

                  And yes I do think it would take that Utah first even with Rudy agreeing to the S&T – Its an interesting idea but I wouldnt be shocked to see Mitchell go for a Big Big haul….ATL makes a ton of sense

                  • Simmons>Russ

                    Yeah Atlanta would make a ton of sense but..
                    I think it would be an extremely poor decision by the Jazz.
                    What do they do after the end of next season.
                    Conley is gone, Gobert is leaving/left his prime and wants to still be paid well. You have no young players but you have picks.
                    That would result is a full rebuild and they would end up looking like the Knicks or Cavs

  7. Simmons>Russ

    If the Jazz trade Mitchell they won’t be competing for the next 5 years easy as that.

    Gobert, Conley, Ingles, O’Neal those guys struggle to get 10-15 points each. The you have Clarkson off the bench who’s a FA and Boban. They wouldn’t even make the playoffs. Theyd be behind the Pelicans, Blazers and be next to the Kings and Spurs.

    If there is a trade, they are better of to trade Gobert and get back someone younger to help Mitchell and build for the future.
    Rudy Gobert and a second for Jaylen Brown

    Mitchell and Brown as a duo moving forward, both good young players, both strong 2 way players. Celtics get an absolute beast at centre to get rebounds and defend.

    After this trade you let Clarkson walk in FA to free up cap space to sign a centre. I’d suggest going after Favours. He’s a former player, a fan favourite and he’s proven to fit the system. And have Tristan Thompson or Hassan Whiteside as fall back options.

    1. Conley. Mudiay
    2. Mitchell. ONeal
    3. Brown. Ingles
    4. Boban. Niang
    5. Favours. Bradley. Davis

    Plus FA vets and draft picks.

    • El Don

      You do realize that despite Mitchell not been that good you are getting something for him, right? You never count what you getting for him, your return might very well be better than him.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Why would a team trade away a better player for someone worse? Plus look at the current market of players most likely to be traded?
        Best available probably are DeRoazn, Aaron Gordon, Aldridge, Drummond, KLove, and so on. All much worse than Mitchell.

        Either way Jazz would be fools to build around Gobert and Conley considering how old they are. Mitchell is the only good young player on that team and if they plan on competing in the West for the next few years they are going to need to bring in more young players not get rid of them.

        Plus what do you mean despite Mitchell not being that good. He’s been in the league for 3 years and has always scored 20+ with 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Gobert didn’t even average a double double until his 4th year.

        If you trade Mitchell there’s a strong chance he goes to to become a top 3 SG for the next decade.

        • El Don

          Mitchell is just an inefficient volume shooter, good player but not a superstar to build around, that’s for sure.
          This year he just makes it into the top 50 of the league & IMO just in the top 10 of SG’s. Harden, Luka, Beal, Butler, JB, ZLV, DDR, Jrue, SGA & Booker have all been better at his position than him, so is he good enough to lead a team to the finals, surely not!!!

        • Simmons>Russ

          Of that top 10 Harden Thompson, Butler DDR and Holiday are all leaving their primes very soon cause they are in their thirties or close to it. Mitchell is 23 and in 5 years when he hits his prime these guys will be retired or role players.
          Of those other players Booker can’t even get 30 wins, Beal plays in the East, LaVine is also in the east. So really Mitchell will be top 3 for his position for his conference and top 5 in the league.

          You’d rather trade away some guy who is just about to start dominating and turn into a super star to keep the guy who is 27 going 28 and struggles to score 15 points per game.

          Trade away Gobert for Brown and you’ve got yourself a young duo who in 5 years will be really good similarly to a Lillard and CJ. Once Goberts and Conleys deals expire maybe you can add a third young peice like a Markeneen, Fultz, Ball, Jarrett Allen, Kyle Kuzma, Derrick White to give yourself a chance at winning a chip.

          Gobert plus picks plus Conley expiring deal equalls not making playoffs and then having tank and trade Gobert for a rebuild in order to get good again

          • El Don

            How do you figure Rudy is starting his decline at 27 & Mitchell hits his peak at 28, counting that centers tend to age very well compared with guards? Realistically I would say Rudy has just hit last year his peak he has another 4 years at the top of his game & another 2-3 good years on top of that, a lot of time.
            But yes he is a good center not an excellent one, this year he has been just a top 10 center, as KAT, AD, Jokic, Whiteside, Embiid, Drummond & Sabonis have all been better than him, he is been around the level of Ayton, Adebayo, Capela & Vucevic.
            So Rudy is a good building block, but he ain’t gonna make you a contender, to me the issue is that Mitchell will never do neither, that is why Utah is a solid team that this year they would be out in the R1WC as always & no way to improve, they will never be a real contender.

  8. nentwigs

    You can bet that hard feelings towards Gobert exist with other Jazz: players, coaches, management and fans.

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