Cavs Notes: Wade, Bell, Trier, Drummond

The Cavaliers, who agreed to new deals with Dean Wade and Jordan Bell today, are using a portion of their mid-level exception to sign Wade to a four-year contract, as Chris Fedor of details. Wade gets a first-year salary of $375K, well above the prorated minimum, in exchange for two non-guaranteed seasons and a team option in 2022/23 (Twitter link).

As for Bell, it appears he’ll be signed using the Cavs’ mid-level exception as well, allowing the team to give him $250K for remainder of the season. However, his contract is a short-term arrangement — it’s a two-year deal with a non-guaranteed minimum salary for 2020/21, Fedor notes.

Here’s more out of Cleveland:

  • The Cavaliers explored the possibility of signing Allonzo Trier when he cleared waivers on Sunday, but the former Knicks guard was seeking more money and a different contract structure than what the club wanted to offer, according to Fedor. Additionally, Fedor adds that some members of the basketball operations department questioned Trier’s fit alongside guards like Darius Garland, Collin Sexton, and Kevin Porter.
  • While Andre Drummond has long been considered a lock to opt into the final year of his contract, it remains to be seen whether he and the Cavaliers might work out a longer-term deal. Sources tell Fedor that both sides have shown some interest in a contract extension. However, both the Cavs and Drummond may want to take some time to consider their options — especially if Cleveland ends up using its lottery pick on a big man.
  • Cavs head coach J.B. Bickerstaff intends to make at least one addition to his coaching staff, though it might not happen until later in the year, says Fedor.
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10 thoughts on “Cavs Notes: Wade, Bell, Trier, Drummond

  1. Sillivan

    4 players will opt in if no extension


    I would give Drummond 4 years 120 million

    • Michael Chaney

      If anyone in their right mind was willing to pay Drummond that, the Cavs wouldn’t have gotten him for a turkey sandwich.

      He’s a good player, and I was excited that the Cavs got him (albeit while questioning the fit). But he doesn’t fit in with every roster in today’s game, and that kind of offer for him would get someone fired.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      The way things are looking in San Antonio right now, why would DeRozan opt in? They have have overdue for a re-build for years even though they’re about to miss the playoffs for just the first time since 1997. The Spurs need to blow things up and there’s reason for DeRozan to stick around.

  2. x%sure

    The reason to re-sign Drummond is to spread out that $29mil salary. Drummond may not like that idea, but he lacks leverage, having been traded for a secondrounder. And the Cavs also have Zizic, TT, Nance and Love, and centers are available, so they shouldnt feel pressured.
    But Altman, who knows.

    Drummond could sign for at least $10mil a year in 2021, so with the $29, and he’s not old or breaking down, so, he’s good for at least a 4/$60.
    So Cavs could offer a 4/$70mil. But Drummond would turn it down.

    Let him, Cavs. I hope they can do better, and think they can, and set up for the 2021 free agency.

    • Sillivan

      70 million?

      John Collins would demand 150 million

      Ingrams would demand 180 million

      Don’t forget Tobias Harris is 180 million
      And Horford is 109 million

      • x%sure

        That’s about what Drummond would say. I am not enthusiastic about these negotiations. He should have to prove himself first… Detroit gave him big money and they regretted it.

        Drummond did seem to make the team better, more meaty. He and Dylan Windler in particular, and their effect, is why the Cavs wanted to get into the resumption camp.

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Cavs should S&T Drummond to Hornets for Bantum, Monk and 2020 1st.
    A 4/$80M should do it.

  4. Sillivan

    Cavs are capable to make playoffs next year

    Trade down to draft Vassell

    Trade Garland and Sexton to improve

    Trade future picks for rookie cintracts

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    DeRozan ain’t leaving money on table. No one is giving him big money if he opts out. Not up to Spurs. Spurs could them move him by trade deadline. I don’t see any player opting out next yr. The cap will be lower. I like Drummond. If I was Cavs I try to lock him up. He’s not worth 30 mill. And if Cavs draft Wiseman. They can Move Drummond and Love go for full rebuild. IMO Wiseman is #1 pick. I would move Mitch if we got Wiseman. I like Mitch but Wiseman will be better.

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