Mutual Interest Between Tyronn Lue, Sixers

Having dismissed Brett Brown, the Sixers are set to embark on a search for a new head coach, and Tyronn Lue is expected to be a focal point of that search, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Lue’s ability to challenge and command the respect of star players appeals to the Sixers, as does his championship experience, Wojnarowski writes. Chris Mannix of reports (via Twitter) that there’s mutual interest between Lue and the 76ers, a point reiterated by Woj (via Twitter).

According to Mannix, Philadelphia could have the inside track to hire the current Clippers assistant, who is expected to be a popular target for teams seeking a head coach. Lue, who won a title in Cleveland in 2016, has been linked to the Nets’ and Pelicans’ openings, and may also receive consideration from the Rockets if they decide to make a change.

While Lue may be the top candidate on the Sixers’ wish list, the team is expected to conduct a more expansive search, according to Wojnarowski, who cites Villanova coach Jay Wright as another potential target. Philadelphia is expected to gauge Wright’s interest in leaving the Wildcats for the NBA, sources tell ESPN.

Both Lue and Wright were identified earlier today by Shams Charania of The Athletic as likely candidates for the Sixers once they moved on from Brown. Charania also named former Grizzlies and Kings coach Dave Joerger and current 76ers assistant Ime Udoka as names to watch as Philadelphia begins its search for Brown’s replacement.

Wojnarowski reported earlier this afternoon that the Sixers are poised to make some changes to their front office personnel and structure. General manager Elton Brand is expected to retain control of the team’s basketball operations during that process, so presumably the coaching search could begin before those front office changes are completed.

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30 thoughts on “Mutual Interest Between Tyronn Lue, Sixers

    • Philly’s time is now. There’s no “giving somebody a chance.” You give somebody a chance with the Sacramento Kings, Orlando Magic or Charlotte Bobcats.

      They’ve got to make the right hire here.

  1. Joerger would be a guy to look at. But they shouldn’t hire a HC until they have an organizational philosophy in place. A new one.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Actually not a bad choice. Does this mean Chauncey takes over Brand. ???? Lol

  3. washington_bonercats

    It amazes me how many people believe in Ben Simmons. Dude doesn’t have the confidence to even try shooting but he’s supposed to lead a championship team? Please.

    • LASTSON86

      Thank you! He’s such a one dimensional player. All he does is drive to the hoop. He has no jump shot AT ALL! He can’t shoot 3’s, mid range, step back jumpers, NOTHING. And people say he’s a great defender, HA! I’d be a good defender too with a 6-10 frame and ridiculous armspan! Give me a break!!!!

      • x%sure

        So you agree… ?
        Their leader was supposed to be Embiid. Butler actually was best at it. Or OConnell. Or Redick.

  4. Sillivan

    Ty Lue is a solid Playoffs coach
    On my ranking
    He is the 7th best coach in the West
    D’Antoni is the 10th best in the West

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    That’s why he’s better on front line. He can play either wing. He’s a good rebounder. He will get better open looks. Malone was a terrible FT shooter. He made himself into a career .75% FT shooter. Open looks. First two yrs in NBA he shot .51% FT. Ben can fix his shooting. It’s called working on your craft. If you’re not getting better. You’re not working. Sixers get a scoring PG like Dinwiddie. Like a Kyrie type. It’s much better mix for Ben and Embiid. Plus Ben won’t burn out handling ball all time. You wanna go BIG. Go and get Westbrook.
    Harris and a #1pick. Rockets don’t have pick this yr. Make them an offer. Harris fits with Harden.

    • Sillivan

      Westbrook salary is 8 million higher next season
      76ers would have to trade away Horford first
      Otherwise 76ers need to pay 100 million luxury tax

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Nobody’s contract increases more than 2-3 mill a yr. You should look it up before you post. Harris has 34 mill and Westbrook is 41 mill. Horford has nothing to do with this. Then they can move him later.
        You understand this is about having the guts to make real change. Harris 28 Westbrook 32. It’s not a far fetched idea. Considering the mix and chemistry.
        Do you understand that. Think before you post

  6. x%sure

    “Lue’s ability to challenge and command the respect of star players appeals to the Sixers, as does his championship experience, Wojnarowski writes. ”

    Very respectful of Woj to say that, and not say what some internet wags like to say about Lue concerning Lebron. Since Woj is generally on-point, HC does seem likely for Lue, and maybe Billups as an AC.
    I have mostly liked Billups as a TV color-man, not so much as a studio expert. Pretty conservative for the role.
    Lue probably needs defensive coaching help… good for Billups, who is not likely to be effusive in praise or in handling a scorer’s insecurities.

  7. madjob33

    Go look at who replaced Lue in Cleveland and why…then tell me why there should be a clamor for his services.

    • Because a coach who challenges star players eventually wears out his welcome, especially when the team starts to falter.

      Brown was unable to get through to Embiid and Simmons. Fact.

  8. Black Ace57

    The coach doesn’t matter if the FO is the same. Get rid of Brand and the Colangelo goons.

    • marshmallowman

      agreed. bring back Hinkie because he’s the only one who can save us

  9. Simmons>Russ

    3 team trade:

    GSW: Ben Simmons, Al Horford
    Sixers: 2nd Overall pick, John Wall, 2 future seconds from GSW
    Wizards: Andrew Wiggins and a future first from GSW plus 2 seconds from the Sixers.

    Sixers get back Wall who can be a direct replacement for Simmons. And yes he isn’t a great shooter either (32% career) but he does at least attempt them. He’s a former all star and he’s a natural leader. Plus you get back the second overall pick and get rid of Al Horfords contract meaning you probably take a SG/SF (Anthony Edwards/LaMelo Ball) and don’t have a huge tax bill.
    1. Wall 2. Edwards 3. JRich 4. Harris 5. Embiid

    GSW obviously get Simmons as the future of the franchise but it also makes them a huge title contender for next season. His passing and defence with GSWs shooting and coach Steve Kerr I’m sure Ben would improve as a shooter and that offence would be run perfectly.

    Washington gets rid of John Wall which I actually think is a good thing to build around Bradley Beal. They get back Andrew Wiggins the former number 1 pick. Last year he put up good numbers, 22-5-4 shooting about 33% from down town. Not to mention they get a future first and 2 second rounders also out of Phillys 4.
    Washington in the draft can then take a PG with its top 10 pick (Cole Anthony). All of a sudden you have a young ish group of Beal Wiggins Hachimura Anthony.

      • Sillivan !!!!

        There has been not a single peep, not a single word, spoken about the Warriors inability nor unwillingness to pay any sort of luxury tax.

        They see this as a window of opportunity perhaps two or three years while the core hits 30 years of age.

        Don’t make me say what everyone else says because I actually enjoy what you write. But don’t start making stuff up.

  10. Jay Wright really interests me. He is extremely well-liked locally, he is well-respected as a basketball coach and he carries swag without having to be overt.

    Jay commands respect, and he’s made players better, to the point of taking 3 star recruits and making them NBA ready.

    He may jump because he gets to stay local. It’s the reason why he’s never entertained another coaching role.

  11. KnickerbockerAl

    He lost the team. When Butler challenged the status quo. It’s why they let him walk. Brand, why does he stay?? He said they are building around Embiid n Simmons. Didn’t mention Harris. If I was Harris I ask for trade. Sixers got time to move both. There is plenty market for both. You will see. Worst thing is to rush into change.

  12. TheMilkman

    Jason Kidd. Time for some tough love from a HOF player with coaching experience. This is the softest team in the NBA.

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