Pacific Notes: Hield, Kings, Green, Suns, Mann

When Buddy Hield signed his four-year contract extension with the Kings last fall, it was said to be worth $86MM, with another $20MM available in incentives. When that deal goes into effect for the 2020/21 season, only $500K of the $5MM in annual incentives will be considered likely, according to Bobby Marks of ESPN (Twitter link).

As Marks explains (via Twitter), finishing in the top 10 in the NBA in three-pointers made – as Hield did this season – will be worth $500K per year on his new contract. As a result, the Kings sharpshooter will have a first-year cap hit of $24.9MM in ’20/21 rather than $24.4MM, the base value. Hield can still earn his other $4.5MM in annual bonus money — those incentives will just be considered “unlikely” rather than “likely,” meaning they won’t count against the team’s cap for the time being.

Here’s more from around the Pacific:

  • After a disappointing finish to the 2019/20 season extended the Kings‘ postseason drought to 14 consecutive seasons, the team faces difficult questions and an uncertain future, writes James Ham of NBC Sports California.
  • Tim Kawakami of The Athletic argues that Draymond Green‘s comments about Devin Booker – which earned him a $50K fine – weren’t meant to tamper with Booker, but rather to taunt the Suns, a franchise the Warriors forward has criticized in the past.
  • Clippers coaches “love” rookie guard Terance Mann, according to Sean Deveney of, who tweets that the club was more willing to give up a first-round pick than Mann at the trade deadline in February. Mann’s name did reportedly come up in the Marcus Morris trade talks with New York — at the time, a report suggested the Knicks preferred draft picks to young players.
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12 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Hield, Kings, Green, Suns, Mann

  1. wagner13

    The Kings are already regretting showing Joerger the door for an inferior coach in Like Walton. It appears Hield is regressing under his leadership and the Kings look like they’ll be stuck in a cycle of perpetual mediocrity. If I were Fox, I’d get the heck out of there while I still can

    • I was going to say that yesterday or the day before. The Kings HAD a great coach but they fired him. Who in the world knows why?

      • hiflew

        Simple answer. Walton is a bigger name than Joerger and the Kings were looking to make news instead of having a great coach.

      • x%sure

        Because SAC/Divac wanted a coach that favored a fast pace to match their current & future stars Fox, Bagley, Giles, Hield; Joerger had a defensive focus. There were public arguments.

      • Moreilly8 2

        In corporate life you don’t criticize the boss. Joerger did just that about Vlade’s Luka decision. Not nice to criticize the guy who pays your check.
        Joerger had the same problem at Memphis.

  2. Sillivan

    Walton is one of the worst coaches

    No one is going to play defense on Kings and Wolves next season because offense gives you a big money contract

  3. hiflew

    Unless the incentives involve time spent on the bench, I think those incentives not applying are guaranteed instead of unlikely. At least until there is a new coach, because Hield has fallen out of favor for Walton. Of course that could happen any time now.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    To me Bogdanovic is a better mix at SG than Buddy. They should resign him. Trade Buddy, he has more value. Plenty of teams would take him. Kings are not far away. It’s been a rough, growing pains yr. Getting right players for Buddy. Puts this team in right direction. Fox growing into top PG. They’ll have one of best young backcourts in NBA. Bagley hasn’t even started to show. This is a big time talent. Patience

  5. El Don

    Bogdanovic is an average player at his very best, can’t believe SAC starts him ahead of Buddy, who is a much better player! The team has been dissing Buddy the whole season, if you are gonna do wrong by your stars why give them a big contract? Really puzzlin’ to me! Hope Buddy can jump the sinkin’ ship & go to a better place!

  6. Simmons>Russ

    I think the Kings being in the west the only way you make it into the top 8 is having either 2 or 3 stars.
    They have Fox, who is their 1 and only star and I’m guessing they thought Bagley and Heild would be enough.

    So I guessing they continue to hang around outside the playoffs and suck for years or they decide they we need to be crap for a year or two get another star in the draft or two then start to compete again.
    Obviously the later is a better idea and with Heild Bogi and Barnes all over 26 years old I’d ship them away for something that suits your time line either picks or young talent.
    If you max Fox then hopefully he will be willing to semi tank a couple years before the kings become good.

    So to start I’d be looking at somehow getting James Wiseman cause I think him and Fox would be the start to a solid trio.
    To get that I’d suggest using the Atlanta Hawks who want the first overall pick for Anthony Edwards.

    Hawks: 1st overall pick and Kevin Looney
    GSW: 12th overall pick, Kevin Hueter, Marvin Bagley and Dwayne Dedmon
    Kings: 4th overall pick and 53rd overall pick

    Hawks get Edwards, GSW get quality young depth and role players and the Kings get Wiseman and a second rounder.

    Then after that shop Heild Bagley Bogi and Joseph to see what you can get but moving forward you have Fox and Wiseman as your cornerstones and are looking to acquire 1 more player which fits these two. Hopefully you can somehow get back another first or just something younger with upside.
    Maybe do something like Heild for Randle and Knox with the idea Knox could still be something.
    Or sign and trade Bogi and Barnes for Batum and Monk which helps clear cap space quicker.

    • hiflew

      It’d be really interesting for these teams to trade picks they haven’t even received yet. This reminds me of last year when everyone just assumed Zion was going to the Knicks and were making trade offers so they could form powerful trios with him. In the end NY ended up with Barrett, Randle, and a plethora of PFs and PGs.

      Golden State doesn’t have the #1 pick. They actually have a better chance of having the #5 pick than the #1 pick.

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