Bucks, Pacers Have Reportedly Discussed Victor Oladipo

The Pacers have talked to the Bucks about a trade involving Victor Oladipo, league sources tell Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer. However, O’Connor cautions that at this point a deal seems unlikely.

Oladipo, who is entering a contract year, has become a frequent subject of trade speculation in recent months, since it’s unclear whether he’ll remain in Indiana beyond his current contract. A report earlier this week suggested the two-time All-Star likes playing with the Pacers and would be happy to sign a big new deal with the team, but an earlier story had indicated he may be “looking to move on” from Indiana.

The Bucks, meanwhile, will be seeking out roster upgrades this offseason as they attempt to boost their title chances following a disappointing second-round playoff exit and convince Giannis Antetokounmpo to sign a long-term contract with the franchise. Chris Paul has been mentioned as one possible target for Milwaukee, though a September report stated that the club is “highly unlikely” to aggressively pursue the veteran point guard.

While Oladipo would be an intriguing addition to an already formidable Bucks defense, his offsensive game didn’t look quite right in 2019/20 as he returned from the quad tendon injury that sidelined him for a full year. If he could recapture his form from the previous two seasons – when he averaged 21.7 PPG and 4.6 APG on .461/.362/.780 shooting – he may be just the sort of play-maker, scorer, and shooter that Milwaukee needs in its backcourt.

Any Bucks offer for Oladipo would probably have to start with point guard Eric Bledsoe for salary-matching purposes and would likely see the Pacers’ 2020 first-round pick returned to Indiana. I imagine the Pacers would seek another future first-round pick or other additional assets for Oladipo, while the Bucks may be reluctant to go all-in on a player who didn’t look fully healthy in ’19/20.

The Pacers and Bucks, two Central rivals, did come together last year to complete a sign-and-trade involving Malcolm Brogdon, so respective heads of basketball operations Kevin Pritchard and Jon Horst have worked with one another before.

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14 thoughts on “Bucks, Pacers Have Reportedly Discussed Victor Oladipo

  1. phillyballers

    Really? Pacers don’t plan on contending next yr? Whatever they give up for Dipo won’t help the Pacers more than what Dipo would help the Bucks this coming year.

    • HailRodgers12$

      Assuming he stays healthy. And regains his pre 2019-20 form..

      I don’t like this from the Bucks side. Ive been saying all along I believe a significant part of their willingness to move on from Brogdon was that he couldn’t stay healthy..but they’d be willing to bank on Oladipo, plus give up more to acquire him than what they got for Brogdon..? Doesn’t add up to me. Nevermind Dipo only has 1 year left before he can walk.

    • hiflew

      Trading a player that is not planning on signing a long term deal with you is not the same as tanking. Even if they just get back picks and filler for Dipo, they can always make another trade with those or other assets to get someone that wants to be there (Hayward?)

  2. Sillivan

    It’s a huge mistake – Bucks trade Brogdon fot 20th pick

    Brogdon 50.40.90

    • bdpecore

      Brogdon is on record stating he wanted to play PG which wasn’t an option after the Bucks extended Bledsoe. It was a mutual agreement to allow him to move on and play somewhere else so he could be a starring pg

  3. Sillivan

    Oladipo a will sell low
    Heat don’t offer Herro or Robinson
    Mavs don’t offer Hardaway

    • david-45

      mavs cant trade hardaway. hes RFA so if he opts he (in any regular season) he wouldnt be eligible to be traded until Dec 15h. but obviously that date may be around feb since the league is starting late. if he opts out, under new cba he isnt eligible for sign and trade- unless im wrong the wording in the cba is also so difficult

  4. The Howler

    Bledsoe & Brogdon together again? I thought that there was some friction the first time.

    • HailRodgers12$

      Hmm..not sure. I thought I read something about Brogdon not liking Milwaukee, but I can’t say what the reason was..if it was the city, fans, teammates or anything team related.

      Maybe felt Bledsoe was blocking his path to a starting gig at some point..?

  5. All this Oladipo trade talk is overblown. I imagine Oladipo’s camp let a few whispers outr to try to get Indy to put up a big contract offer. The Pacers didn’t bite, and they’ll wait for Oladipo to earn a big contract this year or a desperate team (Knicks?) will make an offer the Pacers can’t refuse.

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