Fertitta Thinks Morey May Eventually Join East Coast Team

When word broke on Thursday that Daryl Morey was stepping down from his position as the Rockets’ general manager, an ESPN report suggested that Morey seems unlikely to seek a new NBA job immediately. According to that report, the veteran executive prefers to spend some time with his family and explore what else might interest him professionally.

However, that doesn’t mean that Morey won’t be back in an NBA front office at some point. In his look back at Morey’s tenure in Houston, Zach Lowe of ESPN cited a source who said the 48-year-old does want another NBA job. And Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta provided a clue this week about where Morey might be headed if and when he does pursue a new position, as Tim MacMahon of ESPN writes.

“He had always said, ‘I’m not going to be here forever,’ and, ‘At some point, I might want to go back to the East Coast,'” Fertitta said. “… If he ends up back in the league, I think that he’ll probably end up in the East Coast. That’s where he always told me he wanted to end up, so I think that he’ll tell me anything (if I ask him for advice), because he knows that he won’t have to face me until the Finals.”

Having previously hired a Morey lieutenant (Sam Hinkie) to run their front office, the Sixers reportedly made a run at Morey himself in 2018 following Bryan Colangelo‘s sudden exit. As such, Philadelphia would be a team to watch if Morey seeks a job on the East Coast. For now though, the 76ers appear content with letting Elton Brand run the show, as they hire veteran executives to fill out Brand’s basketball operations staff.

Of course, Morey’s potential options will hinge on part on the timeline for his return to the NBA. If he doesn’t seek a new job for two or three years, the landscape of the Eastern Conference could look a whole lot different than it does now, creating new opportunities for the longtime Rockets executive.

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