Thunder Notes: Gallinari, Ferguson, Kalamian

Thunder forward Danilo Gallinari suggests he’s more interested in winning a championship than taking the best offer in free agency, Alessandro Maggi of Sportando relays. Gallinari made the comment during Italy’s “Festival dello Sport.”

“At this time, yes,” he said of prioritizing a title over the most lucrative contract he can find. “I’m not 20 anymore.”

Gallinari, 32, made $22.6MM this past season. He’ll be one of the most sought-after unrestricted free agents on the market.

We have more from the Thunder:

  • In April, Oklahoma County prosecutors decided not to charge guard Terrance Ferguson after a rape accusation. However, he now has more legal issues that apparently involve the same case, Joe Mussatto of The Oklahoman reports. Ferguson has been sued by an Oklahoma City woman who alleges he and his brother raped her in September 2018. The woman, who previously had a consensual relationship with Ferguson, is seeking in excess of $500K.
  • Clippers assistant Rex Kalamian has a strong connection to the Thunder organization, Mussatto writes in a separate story regarding the team’s coaching search. Kalamian was an assistant in Oklahoma City for six seasons, including three years in which he was Scott Brooks’ lead assistant. It’s uncertain whether Kalamian is a candidate for the Thunder’s opening.
  • We noted earlier on Monday that the front office has been tight-lipped about the coaching search even though Billy Donovan was let go more than a month ago.
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24 thoughts on “Thunder Notes: Gallinari, Ferguson, Kalamian

  1. Lakers1

    Cool Gallinari put your money where your mouth is and sign for the minimum..

    • bdpecore

      Why when most contenders wouldn’t hesitate to give him a full MLE contract?

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Exactly …. he’s worth 20 mill or more easy. Heat can sign him. He takes 15 mill. There are a few teams who would sign him. Gallinari on Portland makes them a dangerous team.

  2. phillyballers

    So… Heat are the only team with the cap space and likelihood of a deep playoff run or a FVF-less Raptors team. If he wants to take less than 20M/year Nuggets would work.

    A creative but riskier way to free up some cap space would be to trade for 1 or more partially guaranteed deals. Bullock + Payton (NYK), Bjelica (SAC), Lyles (SAS), Miller (NOP), Ariza (POR).

    Could be a way for him to end up in Dallas or Toronto with FVF still there.

    Everything else is S&T.

    • bdpecore

      If you are trading for a player on a partially guaranteed deal the team sending him out can only receive a salary equal to the partial guaranteed amount unless they have enough cap space to fit the salary of player coming back to them.

    • The Human Rain Delay

      I think Dallas would be a great fit if they can make that work –

  3. Freddie Morales

    Gallinari is going to sign with the Hawks IMO for 20 mil per at least. Then trade John Collins for some backcourt help

  4. mike.honcho

    HEAT tried to get Gallo the last trade deadline.

    If it’s true that money isn’t such a big deal to him now and he’s chasing a ring, Gallo should sign with the HEAT (or the LAKERS) or go back to the CLIPS.

  5. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Golden State will replace OKC as one of the playoff teams in the West.

    The Thunder need to get out of the limbo they’re stuck in and start re-building. Get rid of CP3 while someone else is willing to take him.

    • hiflew

      That comment from a Rockets fan is just dripping with irony. If ANY team needs to get out of the limo they are in and rebuild it is Houston.

    • The Human Rain Delay

      Totally agree w Okc

      Tank next year, send Cp3 to the knicks for a buncha expirings and picks

  6. D-NBA

    If the Lakers can manage to sign Danilo Gallinari I think he could help Anthony Davis and LeBron James win the next 2 titles. Based off what I saw in the playoffs the Lakers sorely lacked a forward that can get in the post and attack the basket off the catch.

    Playing behind LeBron and AD Gallinari will comfortably average 16-18 ppg and shoot well over 35 percent from 3.

    • The Human Rain Delay

      Lakers are not signing anything past a 1 yr deal next offseason…absoulutely NOBODY !!

      I think the Lakers send Green and Cook to Dallas for Hardaway Jr if Cuban is still interested –

      Other than that its all hop ons, oh your gonna get hop ons (ARD)

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    OKC has to be in full rebuild. They will move all their vets. Go after young players and picks. It’s the smart thing to do. The ME is 6-9 mill depending on your cap space. He can get 4 yrs 75 mill easy. Will he settle for less.

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