Warriors Work Out Deni Avdija

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and other members of the organization traveled to Atlanta to work out Israeli draft prospect Deni Avdija on Thursday morning, sources tell Ethan Strauss of The Athletic.

According to Strauss, Avdija performed well in the workouts and Warriors officials were “blown away” after meeting with him. The club was impressed with the 19-year-old’s work ethic, Strauss adds.

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For the past few months, NBA teams haven’t been permitted to work out prospects as part of this year’s pre-draft process, but the league recently loosened restrictions on those in-person meetings. Clubs are now allowed to conduct 10 in-person workouts with draft-eligible players by November 16.

Not every team has been enthusiastic about taking advantage of the opportunity to meet with prospects in person, as we detailed last weekend. However, the expectation has been that teams with high lottery picks will be active in lining up meetings with top prospects, so it makes sense that the Warriors – who own the No. 2 selection – would be one of the clubs to take advantage.

As Strauss notes, the Warriors’ workout with Avdija doesn’t necessarily mean that the team is zeroing in on the former Maccabi Tel Aviv star. However, the fact that members of the organization were willing to travel to Atlanta to get a closer look at the young forward is at least a signal that Golden State hasn’t committed to the idea of trading out of the No. 2 spot in a win-now deal.

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13 thoughts on “Warriors Work Out Deni Avdija

  1. sleepyfloyd

    Dubs not drafting this kid no matter the visit. Nothing here to really mull over.

    • piechucker

      Why wouldn’t they draft him? In terms of potential draftees he probably gives them the best chance of a new “death” lineup – Curry, Thompson, Wiggins, Avdija, Green

      • Strike Four

        just another bad take from ol sleepy, just let the boy sleep, he doesnt know basketball…

    • Dodgethis

      How about providing an opinion on why they won’t draft him? Saying “will never happen” doesn’t actually mean anything to anyone but you.

  2. GangGreen23

    Since the workout was in Atlanta you’ve got to wonder if the Hawks are trying to move up from the 6th slot to the Warriors 2nd slot? Hawks GM used to be in the Warriors front office.

  3. Strike Four

    GSW is a shoo-in to get him now – CALLED IT!

    Thing is, they could trade down and get him too.

    GSW is not only going to destroy everyone next year, but for the next 5 years. This offseason is going to set them up for so many titles, they will double the 3 they have now for sure.

    • Sign all the Cubans
      Sign all the Cubans

      You’re banging your keyboard hard right now, but we’ll see what you have to say after you take a few beatdowns at the hands of LA teams, Dallas, and Denver.

      It’s gonna be so awesome when you disappear like you did this past season when GSW went in the tank, I can’t wait for the season to get started!

      • Dodgethis

        Warriors fans joined the team in taking a break for a year. Sorry but when every game is a must watch game, you appreciate the breather. Sorry when whatever second rate team you like comes to town it isn’t a playoff game every single time, as everyone tried to beat the almighty warriors. Sorry your team is so sad that when warriors come to town the crowd cheers more for the warriors!

        Gratz on your *championship LA. Should of taken the year off like the warriors, instead of being the laughing stock of the bubble world.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    He’s not going 2. No way. So they would have to trade down. He’s not a bad pick trading down. He’s a big SF who plays team ball. They need a SF. So he will get mins plus he’s their future. I can see it. He will be there at 5-6. No way he goes 2nd in draft.

    • hiflew

      He’s been projected at pick 4 on most drafts I have seen. Assuming he will be there at 5-6 is a good way to lose the player you want. Taking him at 2 is not a massive overdraft because none of the top 3 are guaranteed superstars. They all have easily recognizable flaws.

      I could see a trade down if the Hornets or Bulls offered something, but any further and you risk the player you covet.

  5. x%sure

    “Bump, thump and jump” -capable but plays like a guard, probably gets approval from all stakeholders. At some point in the GSW + Avdija attachment, someone (me) will have to say, given how Bay-areans like to see themselves, he’s jew-smart too. Now address the freethrow problem or you have another Culver.

    There’s other options at #6, if they miss on Deni. The key is getting Atlanta to take Wiggins for Dedmon & Huerter on an GSW-ATL trade, or Collins if the franchise-owners want to pay for him.

  6. All we know: GSW release a story of liking a prospect after traveling to see him in a private workout and interviewing him. They travelled to see him, so they have to say something. What if the team was so/so on him, what would they say? That it was just another work/ interview, and who knows?

    If they do want him, they may have to stay ahead of the Bulls, meaning no trade down or a swap with the Hornets (for nominal value, maybe nothing). If their evaluations are close, they might consider that, as a young Euro (vs college), he has experience playing with men and not being the star. Although, the same can be said for Hayes.

    • Dodgethis

      You only know they met because they announced it. They don’t have to say anything.

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