Clippers Waive Center Justin Patton

The Clippers have waived center Justin Patton, according to the team’s Twitter feed.

Patton was part of a three-team swap among the Clippers, Nets and Pistons that became official on Thursday. Los Angeles also acquired Luke Kennard, the draft rights to Jay Scrubb and four second-round picks in the deal.

Patton was signed by the Pistons to a non-guaranteed contract early in the summer but didn’t make a notable impression during workouts. By waiving him, the Clippers will avoid being on the hook for his $1.82MM salary in 2020/21, creating some extra wiggle room below their hard cap.

Patton, the 16th overall pick in the 2017 draft, was plagued by injuries during his first two NBA seasons with the Timberwolves and Sixers, breaking bones in both feet and appearing in just four total games. He signed with Oklahoma City last summer, playing in five games for the Thunder before being traded to Dallas and subsequently waived.

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15 thoughts on “Clippers Waive Center Justin Patton

  1. PhillyPhan69

    I always liked Patton coming out of college. Some bad luck and limited opportunities..I hope he gets a chance to catch on somewhere but his time is dwindling.

  2. cwr_12

    That’s extremely dumb to waive Patton after losing big men Montrez Harrell and JaMychal Green. Patton who is only 23 is a decent shooter from behind the arc. Is terrific at the pick and roll is an elite defense who averaged 3 blocks per game with the Wisconsin herd back and March has a nice jumper and is a solid driver. He has the length of a center but the IW of a guard and passes like a guard and is extremely athletic he should get picked up somewhere like a rebuilding team # come back to OKC

    • Well for his sake it’s better now than in 4 weeks. Waived now he can pick and choose his opportunities whereas being cut in training camp it’s almost impossible to find a brand new NBA job. Silver Lining here hopefully

  3. hiflew

    Not entirely his fault, but Patton has quickly become one of the worst first round picks of the past decade. The only one worse that comes to mind is Royce White.

      • hiflew

        Bad, but not as bad. Smith has only scored 48 points in his NBA career, but that is still triple Patton’s number.

    • Luckylefty2

      Huh? Anthony Bennett, mo bamba, Dragan bender are just as bad if not worse.

      • hiflew

        None of those three are as bad and nowhere close to worse. Patton played 9 career games and scored a grand total of 16 points. Bennett and Bender both scored more than 20 in a single game and Bamba was close with a 15 point game. Plus, Bamba is still with his original team and can still get better. Patton was drafted only 3 years ago and was just released by his SEVENTH team.

    • illowa

      i’d go with royce white too off the top of my head. THE biggest iowa state to nba disappointment.

  4. nentwigs

    Timberpuppies, if you had only waited, you could have had the #16 pick in the 2017 draft back for ZIP !!
    You MUST have seen something in Justin Patton, afterall, YOU are the team that drafted him !!
    Instead you trade 2 young players and a 2nd round 2026 draft pick for the privilege of paying $5 Million to Ed Davis to ride the bench as a KAT back-up.

    • hiflew

      Well, technically the Bulls drafted him and then traded him to Minnesota with Jimmy Butler for Dunn, LaVine, and Markannen.

  5. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    What the clippers need to do is address the need at point guard….The only option is to trade for D Rose or hope the suns terminate the team option for Cameron Payne,(which I doubt that Phoenix would) considering he played very well in the bubble.

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