Hawks’ No. 6 Pick Drawing Interest From Wolves, Pelicans, Celtics

While the Timberwolves’ and Warriors’ attempts to move down from the top two spots in the 2020 NBA draft have dominated headlines, there are other clubs in the top half of the lottery with interest in trading down. The Hawks are one of those teams, and they’ve generated some interest in the No. 6 overall pick, according to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, who reports (via Twitter) that the Timberwolves, Pelicans, and Celtics are among the teams exploring a deal.

Sources tell O’Connor that Minnesota is attempting to acquire a second lottery pick in addition to the No. 1 selection and have had talks with Atlanta about the No. 6 pick. If the Wolves attempt to move up, a deal could include the No. 17 selection and Jarrett Culver, says O’Connor.

This isn’t the first time Culver’s name has popped up in trade rumors. Zach Lowe of ESPN said last week that he believes Minnesota would only move the 2019 first-rounder in a deal for a star or for a high draft pick that would help the Wolves acquire a star. It’s not clear whether the No. 6 pick would fit that bill.

The Pelicans (No. 13) and Celtics (No. 14) currently hold the last two picks in the lottery. We’ve heard previously that Boston has explored the possibility of moving up into the middle of the lottery, dangling the No. 26 and No. 30 picks as a sweetener.

As for which prospects those teams might be targeting at No. 6, O’Connor hears from sources that Florida State’s Patrick Williams is one primary target. Williams has been frequently linked to the Pistons at No. 7, so any other team that wants him may have to move ahead of Detroit to secure his draft rights.

According to O’Connor, the Wolves are also high on Iowa State guard Tyrese Haliburton. John Hollinger of The Athletic conveyed a similar sentiment on Tuesday, writing that he could see the Wolves taking Haliburton over Anthony Edwards if they trade down from No. 1.

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14 thoughts on “Hawks’ No. 6 Pick Drawing Interest From Wolves, Pelicans, Celtics

  1. Sillivan

    Warriors have interviewed Halliburton, which means Hawks and Pistons have talked to Warriors

  2. fishy 9 dogs

    Would love if the wolves moved 17 and Culver for Halliburton at 6. Damn, that sounds perfect.

  3. hiflew

    All this trade talk is making me get antsy for an actual trade to happen. Speculation is very fun, I am as guilty of it as anyone, but I’m ready for something to actually happen.

  4. phillyballers

    If they take Edward’s, wouldn’t they look to target a 3 or 4? Okoro or Toppin?

    • hiflew

      It doesn’t matter what “some” GMs view. It only matters what the one acquiring him thinks. If the 29 GMs not working for Minnesota think Anthony Edwards (or whatever player) is not worthy of the #1 pick, he will still likely go #1 because the only one that matters is picking #1.

  5. case7187

    If the C’s move up to draft another forward Danny should be fired we need a center not are 12th forward

    Sometimes it feels like this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing again SOMETIMES

    • PhillyPhan69

      I think Danny is very good. As a Sixer fan don’t like him which means he is good at his job IMO…if he was bad the Celtics wouldn’t scare me. He has quietly built a team that could win (or lose for that matter) against any of the top teams in the NBA

      • case7187

        Ya but he never fills the need that the team needs at the trade deadline or makes bad trades at the wrong time

  6. nentwigs

    Any trade with the Timberpuppies should include the T-puppies conveying the rights to Henk Norel !!

  7. masisk33

    If they get Ball/Edwards plus one of these guys:

    They will be very much improved over last season, and won’t have given up much.

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