Kings Sign Frank Kaminsky

NOVEMBER 30: The deal is official, according to a press release issued by the Kings.

NOVEMBER 26: The Kings have agreed to sign free agent forward/center Frank Kaminsky to a one-year contract, his agent Kevin Bradbury tells ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link). Kaminsky’s one-year deal with Sacramento is non-guaranteed, per Jason Jones of The Athletic (Twitter link).

Kaminsky, 27, averaged 9.7 PPG and 4.5 RPG on .450/.331/.678 shooting in 39 games (19.9 MPG) for Phoenix in 2019/20. A patella stress fracture shortened his season, however, and he played a very limited role during the Suns’ 8-0 run in the bubble at Walt Disney World. The team declined his $5MM option for 2020/21 last week.

Having lost Alex Len and Harry Giles in free agency, Sacramento has fortified its frontcourt by agreeing to a deal with Hassan Whiteside on Wednesday and now lining up a contract for Kaminsky.

The two incoming veterans will join a rotation that also features Richaun Holmes, Marvin Bagley, and Nemanja Bjelica up front.

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33 thoughts on “Kings Sign Frank Kaminsky

  1. buttholesurfer69 2

    frank the tank huh

    happy thxgiving to all my buttholesurfers, enjoy the day

    • Ialreadyhadsteveijustupdatedmypicbeenheresince08gimmemynameback

      Happy thanksgiving fam, i love the buttholesurfers

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      He’s a decent stretch big for a small one year contract. Who else you gonna get that’s better?

        • harden-westbrook-mvps

          LeBron is a career .344 shooter from 3-point range.

          Very few 7-footers shoot much better than that.

            • Ialreadyhadsteveijustupdatedmypicbeenheresince08gimmemynameback

              Well apparently they should hit up the kings, they have like 5 of them.

  2. Sillivan

    Frank is soft, can’t shoot and can’t play defense

    I am better than Kings GM.

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      Can’t shoot? He’s a career 35 percent 3 point shooter. How many more stretch bigs can claim that are also available for a one year small contract?

      • buttholesurfer69 2

        Lionel.) 35% isnt quite stretch

        Sillivan.) You’re right about Frank but wrong about yourself

          • JSportsMan

            I think people don’t comprehend real 7 footers rarely shoot 30% from three, let alone 35% in volume. Bertans is 6’8… Jokic is a career 34% 3pt shooter.

            Nobody is saying Kamibsky is a great player or that he’s even a rotation player on a playoff team. But he’s not going to play much either when you’ve got Barnes, Bagley, Holmes, Whiteside, Bjileca, and Frank the tank can all play minutes at the 4 and/or 5.

            Kamibsky is a taller, crappier version of Bjileca neither block shots. But you can’t deny a true 7 footers+ that can shoot threes at a legitimate rate (33%+ from advanced analytics make the three a good shot so 35% a is solid). Kamibsky paso shot 38% from three a couple seasons ago, in 79 games, so he’s streaky but dependable to make few mistakes play no defense and hit some open Trey’s in garbage time or with the 2/3 unit. On the Kings.

            I think it’s a normal and acceptable signing for a team like the Kings. He’s a vet who knows his role and won’t cause locker issues. People are so shortsided.

            Just because he’s not a too 10 player on any team, he’s still a good shooter and a pro in the NBA. No need to disrespect the lower half in the nba. There aren’t enough vet role players that know their roles (outside of the star players who shoot at will).

            No frank isn’t a goat. He’s serviceable and dirt cheap. Better signing than putting some young potential based scrub that gets upset he has a tiny tiny role in the scheme of the team. Glorified cheer leader vet 3pt matchup spot duty at best.

        • harden-westbrook-mvps

          He’s a typical armchair GM that thinks too highly of himself.

        • Ialreadyhadsteveijustupdatedmypicbeenheresince08gimmemynameback

          Do not deny my mans Sillivan, he is master trader!

    • x%sure

      They’re not similar so why not?
      Ka!insky is like nobody else, which can be an advantage in getting his shot off. But, Bjelica does more

  3. kingsforever 2

    It’s about filling the roster. Cheaper one year contract. Playoffs are not the goal in 2020/2021. Evolve Bagley. Fox and Haliburton and everything is great.

      • kingsforever 2

        Maybe 2022/23. A important factor are the lotterys. Monte is a good analytic guy. Vlade was terrible

    • OrienGreene

      True, but it would probably be better to fill the roster with someone with some semblance of potential.

      • jkoms57

        It’s a non-guaranteed deal for a guy who can still pan out as a Ryan Anderson type forward.

        He can shoot a little and ball handle a little.

        So much focus is put on athleticism and rim protection , and for good reason..

        But can those dudes shoot? Can they pass and dribble like Frank?

        I wouldnt be suprised if Frank doesnt make the team, but I also think he has a shot to be a better version of himself as a veteran on a bench unit if he can hold onto the job.

      • kingsforever 2

        Kaminsky is a terrible defense player. But he offense is a good part for Fox. Stretch Bigs are important for a young z running guy.

  4. Rockydaballer

    Kings are not good . Valde making weak moves. King should rebuild from the draft and tank.

  5. TrueBlue44

    The Kings made this move for roster flexibility. Give Frank and Whiteside playing time, hope they perform beyond their contracts and flip them for picks or young players. The Kings are in tank mode. These two free agent signings are purely to gain some value out of nothing, not to help improve the team this year.

  6. Ialreadyhadsteveijustupdatedmypicbeenheresince08gimmemynameback

    So they have Holmes, Bagley, Whiteside, Bjelica, and kaminsky? So basically kaminsky will be riding the pine and thus be scaling back his minutes a ton? Something like 5mpg? Thats the only way it makes sense to me, i guess with Bagley you want depth but it just seems to me that you have far too many guys who ideally should be playing the 5. Like literally all of the above besides maybe Bjelica are better played at the 5.

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