Clippers Re-Sign Reggie Jackson

10:42pm: The Clippers have officially re-signed Jackson, the team confirmed in a press release.

7:01pm: The Clippers have opted to re-sign reserve guard Reggie Jackson on a one-year contract, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports. Woj adds that Los Angeles anticipates that Jackson will “play a prominent role” in the club’s guard rotation.

After reaching a buyout agreement with the Pistons in February, Jackson joined the Clippers for the stretch run of the 2019/20 season as a key backcourt option off the bench. In 21.3 MPG across 17 regular season contests with Los Angeles, Jackson averaged 9.5 PPG, 3.2 APG, and 3.0 RPG. He also posted excellent shooting splits of .453/.413/.905.

As uncertainty clouds the fates of guards Patrick Beverley, the starting point guard, and Lou Williams, his primary backup, Jackson may wind up being a more crucial contributor for the 2020/21 season.

Bobby Marks of ESPN tweets that, because the Clippers are roughly $1MM below the NBA’s hard cap, the team will most likely waive the non-guaranteed $2.6MM veteran’s minimum contract of veteran reserve center Joakim Noah to make room for Jackson on the roster.

Los Angeles will be able to add one more player on a veteran’s minimum, Marks notes. A younger Noah replacement or wing depth would make sense for the Clippers. The club could also technically opt to waive Noah, then bring him back on a one-year veteran’s minimum deal, as the signing would represent a lower cap hit than retaining him.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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41 thoughts on “Clippers Re-Sign Reggie Jackson

      • imindless

        Dr Seuss69 in what ways are clippers better? Lmao, lost the 6th man of the year and signed morris to a ridiculously large deal and added and past his prime ibaka? Still Didnt address the point guard problem….lol

        • DrSeuss69

          lol clippers upgraded in size and resigned jackson and now can trade either Beverly or Lou and a pick for a guy like George Hill or someone else…they lost Doc who was the worst thing about them..he was clueless with rotations and lost Harrell,Green,Shamet but replaced them with Ibaka,Kennard and still probably have one more move left

        • DrSeuss69

          lmao ibaka is washed up now but Marc Gasol isnt ? lmao lakers fan wanted ibaka and lost to clippers and now salty..Lakers never beat Clippers in a 7 game series and struggled againt Miami

          • Lakers1

            Lakers struggled against Miami? Really.. you obviously weren’t watching the finals.. game 5 they lost on last 2nd miss by Danny are right, lakers have never beaten clippers in 7 game series.. of course clippers actually have to get past 2nd round to play lakers and that’s never happened so.

            • DrSeuss69

              lol Still went to 6 games against Jimmy Butler and a bunch of white rookies lmao Lebum/AD couldnt even sweep them…like it or not Kawhi is the only player who makes it tough on lebron..if they play in the playoffs clippers are winning and im not even a clippers fan

          • GoLandCrabs

            LOL going up 2-0, 3-1 and blowing them out in game 6 is not “struggling”. Only struggle was for the Clippers against the Nuggets….. who the Lakers beat in 5.

      • Tatsumaki

        Dr Seuss69 in what ways can they even compete? Hope pandemic p makes shots instead of bricking them off the sideboards? Lakers add 2 playmakers and added depth across the board that keeps them key players for nexts years crop of free agents like giannis. Lakers winning the next 2/3 rings easy.

        • Noel1982

          Dr Seuss 100% acknowledges and states clippers are frauds and non championship contenders he just also doesn’t believe lakers will repeat ! His money is on the sixers to shock the world ! The doc said you heard it from him first

        • OrienGreene

          2/3 easily? Come on brah, don’t sell your team short, I am thinking 8/9 without even breaking a sweat.

          • Tatsumaki

            Curtis I mean orien (btw dude we know your the same person) hard to say what’s in the future and how well lebron ages. Should they land the big fish next summer is possible they could win 3/4 but all good things come to an end and hard to see super far into the future.

        • DrSeuss69

          lmao delusional lakers fan..struggled against a average miami team and lost McGee/Howard/Bradley/Green/Rondo and replaced them with a washed Gasol, undersized Harrell…Shroeder was a good pick up i admit but he can be streaky

          • Noel1982

            Clippers struggled with the nuggets ( I get it I get it the clippers didn’t wanna win anyways or something) to the point they lost before reaching the first ever conference finals in clipper history! Then again clippers would have won the championship if they really wanted to lol

            • DrSeuss69

              NBA is all about matchups..Clippers match up well against the Lakers…They lost to Nuggets due to Doc Rivers rotations and having Harrell out there against Jokic..Just how Lakers matched up better against Nuggets since they have the best Big in the game in AD to counter Jokic…Ibaka helps clippers against Denver now and Clippers team have gotten bigger with more flexible players now

          • Lakers1

            Mcgee became unplayable.. Howard played well vs jokic and was non factor most of the playoffs, Bradley wasn’t with the team and won title he only played 24 mins a game anyways, green was replaced by Mathews who’s a better 3 pt shooter and plays defense like green, rondo will be missed but most of the 2 season he was here he was unplayable until this last playoff series.. you forget, lakers have ad and Lebron.. you have those 2, no team can touch lakers.. lakers got way stronger as a team.. not they have a bench that could compete for a playoff spot in East.. you don’t know the lakers so just stop.. gasol is an upgrade over mcgee, Mathews is equal to green and Schroeder is better than rondo.. also kept markieff and added Harrell to bench and will fit in with vogels defensive scheme.. he was balling until playoffs but he was also grieving the loss of his grandmother.. life stuff..

        • Dxit90a

          Jackson is an ok signing maybe if he knows his time it will work. Ibaka is the X factor . He is better than gasol , harrel and Morris. Lakers forget how Davis struggled playing him and how Toronto defeated them last season.

      • GoLandCrabs

        Clippers cheerleaders doubling down on the roster that couldn’t get it done last year. No, Ibaka is not a LeBron stopper. Yall must have missed those Cavs Raptors playoff series.

        • Noel1982

          Dr Seuss has openly stated clippers aren’t a real contender to win the title though

          • DrSeuss69

            lmao clippers are still strong contenders..they could still beat lakers…2-2 was the season series and they still havent played in the playoffs…lebron is another year older too

            • Noel1982

              Lebron has another title banked! Last year would have been a easier title for clippers then this upcoming year where more teams can win it all! Lebron is also older but Kawhi and pg13 themselves aren’t very young considering their injury history ! Load management for Kawhi isn’t a choice it’s a necessity! Durant is back as well

            • Lakers1

              First 2 games clippers won but both were tied start of 4th quarter.. lakers beat them last 2 with one being in bubble.. it’s called adjustments..clippers have 2 players with championship experience[ibaka and Leonard}.lakers have Dudley, ad, lebron, gasol, caruso, Kcp, markieff, kuzma.. lakers bench of Schroeder, caruso, Morris, kuzma ans Harrell beat clippers bench of jackson, kennard, ibaka and lemon pepper lou.

              • DrSeuss69

                Playoffs bench doesnt matter lmao..and id still bet big on Kawhi in a 7 game series..we all know Kawhi outplays Lebum each time

                • Lakers1

                  Playoff bench doesn’t matter.. that’s hilarious because rondo and caruso were on the floor when game was on the line.. the reason clippers lost was because their bench didn’t do anything.. combine that with pandemic p and kawhi not showing up and they were beaten.. kawhi is a great player but he isn’t gonna be the leader on a championship team.. raptors team was stacked.. it wasn’t all kawhi..

      • bigguccisosa300

        I don’t have a horse in the race here but one team won the championship and got better, and the other blew a 3-1 lead in the second round.

  1. x%sure

    Jackson may be an annoyance anymore, but he is hard to keep up with and is lately efficient from 3. Lesser teams missed out. It matters less as a cheap reserve that he gets injured a lot.

  2. Sillivan

    Clippers should sign and trade Harrell, Jamycal Green and young players to Wolves for Edwards, Johnson and Beasley

    Then trade Edwards at TD

  3. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    So rather than trade for D Rose the clippers panniced? Same way they panniced vs nuggets by inserting Reggie Jackson into the game as he barely played! Kawhi is as good as gone next summer…

      • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

        DrSeuss…But if lakers got him you would have welcome the move??? Okay guy!

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Jackson has never been the same since injury. Really hasn’t played his way back yet. Why not sign him. He gives them depth if he can play.

  5. Lionel Muggeridge

    Good choice. He’s better in the role as a spot starter and bench point.

  6. Jackson still grades out as a solid two way PG over light starter minutes. Nothing to minimize. He’s a great signing for minimum.

    Clips got off to a horrible start this offseason, and it resulted in, among other things, a hard cap they can’t have anticipated. But squeezing Jackson and Batum in under the hard cap might make it all OK. We’ll see. I still think the Clips need to make a trade at some point, but with almost no room to add salary, these signings at least give them some flexibility.

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