Rudy Gobert Signs Five-Year Extension With Jazz

11:00am: Gobert’s extension is official, the Jazz announced in a press release.

“Rudy is such a special player,” new team owner Ryan Smith said in a statement. “He makes everyone on the court better. We couldn’t be more excited about his commitment to this team, to Utah, and most importantly, to keeping this unique culture together.”

9:13am: Rudy Gobert has reached an agreement on a five-year, $205MM extension with the Jazz, reports Tim MacMahon of ESPN. The final year of the deal will be a player option, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

“It means that they believe in me,” Gobert told MacMahon, confirming the agreement. “They believe in what we’ve been building over the years with this whole organization, with coach (Quin Snyder) and all the guys. For me, it’s an incredible blessing. It’s a very motivating feeling to know that we all share the same vision and we all share this goal for this state and for this franchise.”

The 28-year-old center was eligible to receive a super-max deal that would have been worth up to $228MM. He opted to take a little less so that Utah could have some financial flexibility to build the team around him and Donovan Mitchell, who also signed a five-year extension last month. There were reports of tension between Gobert and Mitchell after both players contracted COVID-19 in March, but they have now committed to a long-term future with the franchise.

Gobert’s new deal is the third-largest in NBA history, MacMahon notes. The only bigger contracts are the new $228MM super-max deal for Giannis Antetokounmpo and the five-year, $206.8MM super-max that the Thunder gave Russell Westbrook in 2017.

Gobert is currently in the final season of a four-year, $102MM arrangement, and Utah has some flexibility with the parameters of his new contract, tweets Bobby Marks of ESPN. The Jazz could start the deal at $35.3MM for 2020/21, which is $4MM below 35% of the salary cap, with 8% raises each year. They could also opt to give him the full 35% at the beginning, which translates to a $39.3MM salary with 2.2% annual raises.

Gobert, who faced a Monday deadline to get a five-year extension finalized, has become one of the best centers in the league during his seven seasons in Utah. He won Defensive Player of the Year honors in 2017/18 and 2018/19 and has been an All-NBA selection in three of the past four years. The only thing missing from his resume is a long playoff run, which he believes the Jazz can accomplish soon.

“I want to win, and I feel like leaving this money on the table for the team just to be able to have better talent around me and Donovan was really important,” Gobert said. “I want to win, and I believe in this group and I believe in this organization, and I was willing to leave that money on the table for them.”

Gobert’s new contract is the latest in a long line of lucrative extensions signed since the new league year began last month. Only three players – Anthony Davis, Brandon Ingram, and Gordon Hayward – signed free agent contracts worth more than $100MM this offseason, but Gobert is the seventh player to finalize an extension worth $160MM or more, as our tracker shows.

The deal also takes another marquee free agent off the market for 2021. Antetokounmpo, LeBron James, and Paul George are among the other stars who will no longer reach free agency next summer after signing extensions this year.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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75 thoughts on “Rudy Gobert Signs Five-Year Extension With Jazz

  1. jacobsigel1025

    Gobert deserved to get a big deal but that’s simply too much money to give someone that can’t shoot even if he is arguably the best defensive big in the league

    • Clayfield

      Agreed 100%. Gobert is a really good player, underated by quite a few people and deserved to get paid…but wow I did not expect him to get paid quite to this level lol.

      I like him and Donny Mitchell pretty good but not sure they’re a true championship contending core. Guess time will tell.

    • Gobert is a great defender, did a phenomenal job covering Jokic in the playoffs. However, he’s clearly limited offensively.

      This deal is wild. He’s getting a bigger contract than AD & I don’t think anyone would say gobert is better… Not sure if bc he was DPOY/ UT has his bird rights & that qualifies him for a higher max bracket etc.

      That being said, not sure the jazz had much of a choice. Don’t offer this deal and you risk losing him for nothing, probably a team out there that would max him out. Not like the jazz are a preeminent destination for free agents.

      I think this deal is more of a knock on the NBAs contract system.

      • buttholesurfer69

        Agreed the extension stuff is just out of control

        I dont think I would have done this if I was Utah – youre locking yourself into a mitchell-gobert tandem that i think tops out at….maybe a conference finals appearance?

        basically if u have guys like mitchell and gobert – all stars who arent superstars – youre screwed.

  2. DynamiteAdams

    Franchises are so desperate not to lose guys they do dumb stuff like this. I’d rather let a dumb team like the Knicks or Hornets get him for $30-$40 million annually then pay him. No other playoff team is giving defensive center over $30 million a year.

      • What part is off since it looks like you’re alluding to the fact you disagree/know better? Personally, I agree and think the post is spot on.

        • LordBanana

          Gobert is clearly a great player and everyone in the NBA pretty much thinks he’s a max talent. The idea that the Jazz should let him go with no realistic way to replace him just to avoid overpaying by a couple million a year is ridiculous. Letting Gobert walk doesn’t magically give the Jazz the means or ability to add a LeBron type player.
          Calling a contract an overpay is a useless endeavor without talking about the alternative options. Especially in a market like Utah which does not attract top talent

          • buttholesurfer69

            agree that utah had no choice bc theyre utah

            disagree that gobert is a max talent

            id be interested to see who offered him what if he hit free agency

    • DrSeuss69

      facts..Gobert always get punked by other bigs lmao..AD,Jokic,KAT,Embiid are the only bigs who should be getting super max deals

  3. bowserhound

    Huge overpay. Good to see the Jazz have screwed themselves for 5 more years.

    • Tatsumaki

      Huge over pay? Dude is one of the best 2 way players in the league in terms of rim protection and pick and rolls…Theres no one utah could add that would have the same impact as he would. Be realistic

      • A two way player is not ‘defense’ and ‘pick and rolls’. It’s offense and defense. He’s sublime defensively but has huge weaknesses offensively. He’s nowhere close to being one of the best two way players in the league.

    • PhillyPhan69

      I agree! I think Utah is a dangerous team this year. Provided Rudy stays healthy this was a good move for him and for Utah.

      • emac22

        Trades are a thing.

        Are you that confident the team is better with that much tied up in a center? Top 5 money to a top 50 player sounds like a bad idea to me.

        • DeathbyDeathwest

          Tbh, I think they’re below the Nuggets and the best of the west. Gobert is a marquee player, even if he’s a 2nd tier star, and I would expect they’ll trade him before the contract is up.

          Gobert traded with years left is going to get a much bigger haul than Gobert as a half season rental. New ownership is locking an asset into place.

        • Tatsumaki

          @emac22 who could utah add? You mentioned trade which usually cost future assets that for the most part are crippling for franchises….There’s no one on free agent market that makes them better than Rudy does, lebrons don’t grow on trees

  4. Bc1219

    They should have just signed Hassan whiteside to a damn max contract in free agency. He is one of the best defensive centers in the league. I know gobert is to, but I like whiteside as a better defender and scorer and rebounder

    • I'm a starboy not a Dr...

      & Whiteside would be got for cheaper… Gobert securing the bag means the jazz have no chance to pursue an all-star caliber wing…

    • Tatsumaki

      Comparing whiteside to Rudy is a lazy comparison. While they are both rim protectors Rudy is far superior and has been for the last 2/3 years, whiteside is one dimensional and goes for blocks at the cost of his advanced defensive metrics. Tons of casuals in chat today, show me in what ways whiteside is even close to Rudy.

    • Otogar

      All Whiteside was able to get was a minimum contact with one of the worst teams in the league. That should give you an idea of how much executives value his defensive abilities.

    • phillyballers

      The only difference between the two is maturity. Gobert had one immature moment that shutdown an entire NBA league. Whiteside is just weird and immature on a daily basis. That being said, if no one thinks Andre Drummond or prince DeAndre Jordan would be worth this contract, then why would Gobert? This is a horrid deal for the Jazz. GM should just turn in his keys. 5/125M would have been more Propriate. Or even 5/140M. Mitchell should be requesting an exit unless they move Mike Conley for a 2nd Star, bc Gobert is not a 2nd star.

      If they move Conley for Bradley Beal, okay you can live with this bad Gobert deal. Or if they swung a Harden trade. But this team returning as is, doesn’t move the needle.

      • Otogar

        Gobert is probably not worth such a huge contract. Whiteside is barely worth a minimum contract. That’s the only difference between the two.

  5. dfree123

    He’s such a team first guy that he left a whopping what $23 million on the table for the Jazz to help build their team around him and Mitchell. Got to divide that $23 million by 5 years though don’t you? So he’s generously leaving the Jazz a little over $4 million a year to try and get quality players with? Good luck with that. He sounds really humble too.

  6. I know he’s a defensive center, but he made a grand total of zero shots beyond 10′ last year. For $200 million, you’d think he would at least pretend to develop an offensive game.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      10’ now you’re inventing a stat. I doubt you ever played this gm. First it’s a two way sport. If you can get paid for scoring. Then you can get paid for deign best D player in L. Their whole D is built around him. In football that makes you best player in gm. He truly is a great defensive player and one of best rebounders. He avg 15 pts a gm on .640 FG%. I doubt you understand this stat. Yes he’s not a shooter or a scorer. But
      He is solid offensively. He puts pressure on D with his offense. Which means it opens it up for others. Truth is he might be overpaid some. But not for Jazz. Plus he took less money. They weren’t going to replace him ever. It’s one contract one investment while they have Spida and a good team. It’s called good business. Rudy is worth 30 mill easy, he’s 28.

      • Could you be any more condescending? Jesus, dude.

        First, I didn’t ‘invent’ the stat. It’s on basketball-reference. Second, he made literally zero shots from beyond 10′ throughout the entire year. Do you know how close that is?

        Do you want to know why he shot 64% from the field? Because the only thing he does is shoot right around the basket.

        Third, he can’t shoot, can’t dribble, can’t create his own shot, and can’t create for others. His only skills are finishing and finishing off the pick-and-roll, both of which he does well. But he’s ‘solid’ offensively due to the system he plays in and the fact that almost all of his shots are layups or put-backs.

        Also, good that you state that he’s worth $30 million at the end of your rant because the Jazz are paying him over **$40** million.

  7. Don’t love it but also don’t hate it. There are other worse contracts, haward, Harris, wall,

  8. kingsforever 2

    40 Mio is to much, that’s correct. But what is the another option? Don’t Gobert? Its not easy to find a Trade, because which Team gives the Jazz Assets for a one year contract and 200 Mio for 5 years more?

  9. mike.honcho

    With that kind of contract, you’d think this guy was averaging something like 28 pts and 15 rebounds per game.

    What a sorry way to kick things off, for the new ownership.

  10. nentwigs

    Where is his GO FUND ME page so we can help him out financially since “He opted to take a little less so that Utah could have some financial flexibility to build the team around him”?

  11. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    What an overpay. Let’s see if he’s motivated to learn how to shoot or will he just get relaxed now that he secured the bag… I’d rather sign Dedmon, let Gobert walk if he won’t take 20 mil per & pursue an all-star caliber wing; which is what the jazz need!

  12. Sillivan

    I projected his contract 5 years $180 million

    Is there any bonus in the contract?

    • hiflew

      Wow it’s almost as if the Jazz didn’t care about your projection when they were putting together this deal. How could they ignore such a vital piece of pulling things out of your behind?

  13. You folks who are criticizing this signing don’t have a clue what Gobert means to this team. The team doesn’t need him to score points, though he is very efficient around the hoop.

    • He’s about as agile as a giraffe on stilts.

      His hands are poor, he can’t catch a pass. How about creating his own shot and taking his man and scoring? Nope can’t do that either. But he blocks Two Shots a game so there’s that. Maybe he influences three or four others.

      I guess what this says is that Utah doesn’t think they will attract an outside free agent worth their salt. May as well pay the in-house guy.

    • PhillyPhan69

      @DS1 correct! Defense is a huge part of the game and very few impact it as much as Rudy does.

  14. Sillivan

    Knicks have no future
    Eventually Knicks will lose all free agent stars

    Knicks waste the money on Leon Rose because he basically did not do anything

    • I mean, you’re correct, but it seems gratuitous to mention it on an article about the Jazz.

  15. Yep it is

    The problem with sports these days is just exactly what Goobert said. He gets $208,000,000 and says “ I left some on the table” wow how much does anyone need. These players are clueless as to what the world is like. No wonder Mrs. Miller sold the team.

  16. j_butte

    This reminds me of the Hassan Whiteside deal. They’ll regret it in year 2 at the latest.

    • hiflew

      Good comp. I was thinking of the Ben Wallace to the Bulls signing in the mid 2000s, but obviously increased to today’s dollars.

    • Luckylefty2

      Gobert Is overrated, but I give him credit for actually having good numbers every season besides his contract year(like Whiteside)

  17. Simmons>Russ

    Huge overpay, Centres don’t get paid big bags for a reason. This man struggles to put up 15-15 and even if he’s one of the best defenders in the league he’s not worth that much.

    Surprised the Jazz have done this considering the Mitchell vs Gobert tension from last season.
    I thought they wouldn’t more likely traded him than pay him the brinks truck.

  18. El Don

    Good deal for UTA!
    Rudy is good, now I don’t think he is a top 5 center, more like a top 10… but having said that, center is the most important position & the hardest one to have a game changing guy… which makes this a good deal for both Rudy & UTA!
    So everybody happy, right?

    • Simmons>Russ

      Completely disagree. First how is it a good deal for UTA. They just paid a player you said isn’t even top 5 in his position the third best deal of all time. That makes no sense.
      Secondly you said he’s not top 5 for his position which he is, it goes Jokic, Embiid, KAT, Adebayo and Gobert.
      Thirdly centre is probably the less most important position in the league. Look at all the past champions this last decade and name how many had a top 10 centre… GSW had ZaZa, Bogut and McGee. Lakers had McGee and Howard. Cavs had Thompson, Spurs had Thiago Splitter, Heat had Birdman Anderson.
      You could argue between 2011 Tyson Chander and 2019 Marc Gasol as the best centre on a championship winning team this past decade.
      Just goes to show you don’t need a centre to be successful at all. That’s the game these days it’s about shooting, versatility and depth.

  19. davethemailman

    When he says that “he left some money on the table”, does that mean that he didn’t get every last penny that he wanted and tried to make himself look good?

    He’s a very good player, but with limitations, and I’m not smart enough to know what would have been the right price for him, but this really feels like too much. Whether it’s worth it to the Jazz will be determined over the next 5 years, but what a gamble!!

  20. Luckylefty2

    He is fricken 7’3 with 7’10 wingspan of course he is going to block shots!!(for crying out loud!). He can’t dribble, has 0 touch, can’t guard the perimeter, no post moves & even when there is a mismatch on him, his teammates are hesitant to pass him the ball. Lol @ the jazz for making him the highest paid big ever.

  21. The Howler

    1. The most efficient form of scoring is shooting inside 10 ft. and Gobert makes that less efficient at an elite level.
    2. Gobert ranks 3rd in points added through total shooting (2 pt, 3 pt, and FT) behind Harden and Lillard.
    3. His top three career arc matches according to BaskRef are: Moses Malone, Willis Reed and Patrick Ewing. All in the HOF.

    Conclusion: Worth it.

  22. KnickerbockerAl

    Most of you here don’t understand what a big man does. You swallow the trends and analytics they tell you. A big man is easiest way to control a game. Whether it’s on offense (Shaq) or defense (Rudy, DRobinson). Yes the game has changed. Outside shooting is more prevalent. It’s become a real weapon. There’s no better weapon than .640 FG% from a 7’. Who puts that kind of pressure on the offense. When you have that and the best defensive player in the L. That is worth a lot. Especially to it’s own FA team. At 28 it’s a good business move. You think they are going to rebuild team. Around a new big just cause he is 7’. Basketball is a 2way sport. Even though D is not as valued as O. The C who is a 15 and 13 guy. With a .640% FG. And is defensive player of the year. Means he’s worth big money. A center like Rudy can control a gm. That’s what you need in playoffs, to win a ring. He’s worth 30 plus mill a yr. Especially to the team he is built around. Shooting is a weapon it’s not scoring. High FG% is scoring. Rudy for a big is a solid scorer. But on D he is the best. He’s earned it

    • Simmons>Russ

      Centre don’t control games, they don’t win you playoff game and they don’t get you rings.

      Over the past decade look at the teams starting centres. GSW had McGee, ZaZa and Bogut, Cavs had Thompson, Heat had Birdman Anderson, Spurs had Splitter. You could argue between 2011 Tyson Chandler and 2019 Marc Gasol as the best starting centre on a championship winning team this decade. Both players weren’t top 50 in the league, both weren’t even top 10 for third position.

      Yes having a enter that gives you 15-13 is great, yes having a 7 footer who can control the paint at both ends and block shots is great but look at the value across the league. Dwight Howard last year put up 7.5-7.3, won a ring and signed for the vets min. Tristan Thompson put up 12-10 has got himself a ring in the past and signed for less than 10 mil, DeAndre Jordan when he joined the Nets put up 11-11 the season before, Hassan Whiteside just put up 15-13 and signed for the vets min, Serge Ibaka won a ring couple years ago, signed for less than 10mil and he put up 15-8.

      So really the Jazz terribly overpaid for a centre they could’ve got similar production out of for around 10 mil. Plus by paying so much for a centre it probably means they won’t be winning a championship anytime soon

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Find another sport lol. Or try a reading comprehension class. Not one guy you mentioned does what Rudy does for Jazz. This is about their team. You don’t get what 2way sport means. LA was built around AD n Bron. They don’t win without McGee n Howard playing. Even AD is a big on defense. Rudy on D does what all those three do and more. To Jazz he is worth it. Not all teams are built the same. You got no clue of what a team is.

        • Simmons>Russ

          Derrick Favour does 85% of what Gobert does and cost less than 10 mil.

          I know what team is. Look at the Heat from 2014 era. Think it’s the most conaoreable cause of the Donovan Mitchell comparisons to DWade. Anyways they paid Birdman next to nothing to start at centre and play a role of getting rebounds and playing defence. While paying for Bron and Bosh to be stars.
          The Jazz have paid Gobert superstar money to get rebounds and play defence. It’s completely the wrong way round.

          Same with most teams in the past decade. You pay the stars what they are worth and you pay centre’s as little as possible to just rebound and play defence. Look at McGee and Howard on the clippers. Both on next to nothing and all they were asked to do was defend and rebound. Same with GSW with Bogut, ZaZa and McGee, defend and rebound. That’s all Gobert gives you.

          Jazz should’ve started building around Donovan Mitchell the same way the Heat built around DWade. Mitchell is a very outspoken player who has a huge reach among the NBA community. He could’ve attracted some decent talent.

          I still like the trade idea from previous Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen and a pair of second rounder for Rudy Gobert.
          Then flip Mike Conley for Otto Porter Jr.
          Have Dinwiddie help co star Mitchell, Allen is a young force at centre and does 85% of what Gobert does. Then in the forward spots Porter Ingles and Bogdanovic would’ve been 3rd and 4th options that also play some defence.

          Paying Gobert a premium price and Mitchell means not being able to pay star FAs, and means only way you get another really good player is in the draft and your going to be stuck drafting around 18 cause you’ll constantly make the playoffs and then go out. Similar position to what the Wizards with Wall and Beal, no money for stars and no way of real lying improving the roster

          Let’s see in 5 years time when the Jazz still don’t make the WCF and Mitchell request a trade similarly to Bradley Beals position now

          • El Don

            Regardless of UTA keeping Rudy or not, they are not winning a ring, as simple as!
            Right now they are just a one & done team in the playoffs, that is if they make it there.
            BTW do you really think Mitchell can attract stars to UTA?
            Oh boy… what can I say?

          • bravesfanforever

            I completely agree. Big time overpay for skills that can be approximated by less expensive options. Yes it IS a team game. I’m getting the feeling that some fans think a cheaper center means just that when it really means affording a potential super star at another position. Just because you sacrifice on one position doesn’t mean it ends there.

  23. harden (mvp),wall, and wood

    It’s so funny how the media loves to sow seeds of discontent when it comes to teams like Utah and Houston. As if everyone at ESPN actually has ESP and can read the minds of the players. And then the typical fan just accepts these rumors as fact believing that Gobert and Mitchell can’t co-exist as teammates or the same with Harden and his teammates. And those of us who refuse to follow the herd are ostracized because our opinions are too scary for the bleating majority.

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