Central Notes: Jackson, Bulls, Doumbouya, Cavaliers

Following injuries to rookie Killian Hayes and veteran reserve Derrick Rose, two-way Pistons point guard Frank Jackson, a late addition to Detroit’s roster last month, has stepped up in an expanded role, according to Rod Beard of The Detroit News.

Pistons head coach Dwane Casey commended the 22-year-old. “I really like Frank,” Casey said. “He’s a quick-twitch kid, an offensive player who’s tough on the ball and he has a lot of toughness about him.”

There’s more out of the Central Division:

  • Bulls forward Otto Porter Jr., recovering from a lower back strain incurred on January 8, returned to team practice today, according to Rob Schaeffer of NBC Sports Chicago. Reserves Tomas Satoransky and Chandler Hutchison, having tested positive for COVID-19 at the beginning of the month, are in different stages of their recovery. Coach Billy Donovan noted that Hutchison, who had symptoms while ill with the virus, can return to Chicago’s practice facility. Satoransky remains in isolation, though Donovan said he was “a day or two away” from being permitted to use the Advocate Center.
  • Pistons are playing the long game with 20-year-old second-year forward Sekou Doumbouya, according to James L. Edwards III of The Athletic. Doumbouya has yet to earn rotation minutes behind veteran starters Jerami Grant and Blake Griffin. “It’s a process,” head coach Dwane Casey said of Doumbouya’s minutes. Doumbouya is also slotted behind young forwards Saddiq Bey and Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk.
  • Joe Vardon and Kelsey Russo of The Athletic posit that the Cavaliers have been winning their recent trades. They suggest that, following the acquisition of former Nets center Jarrett Allen yesterday, veteran center Andre Drummond, on an expiring deal, will now become a candidate for a trade or buyout. The team also added small forward Taurean Prince from Brooklyn. Russo and Vardon applaud the team’s various acquisitions of draft picks, young talent, and solid veterans.
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48 thoughts on “Central Notes: Jackson, Bulls, Doumbouya, Cavaliers

  1. east333

    If the Cavs can just get rid of Cedi for anybody else, hope Love can be a decent shooter and maybe get another G, I think they can keep contending for a good seed in the East. Health is or course a big factor too as we get into the dog days of the season.

    • Michael Chaney

      I wouldn’t just trade Cedi for anything, because he’s signed long-term for pretty cheap and you could do worse for a guy at the end of your rotation. He’s young enough to improve a little more, but even now he’s a decent role player.

      Love’s health is a question mark, and even if he comes back healthy in the near future, I think that a stretch 4 is probably their biggest long-term need. Garland and Sexton might not be great defensively, but they’ve defended well as a team and those two guys are looking better together than they did last year. If they can get a stretch 4 in the draft and another backup at guard and center elsewhere, I think they’d be in decent shape.

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Going to be interesting to see what they can get in the trade market for Drummond.
    He’s on an expiring deal, making a good amount of money and putting up decent numbers but he doesn’t look good on the eye. Lots of ugly shots, inconsistent defence and just not worth dealing something good for.

    Not to mention not many teams are looking for a 25mil+ centre. Be interesting to see what offers they get

    • "Stons" Fan

      They will get what they gave up for him. A 2nd rd pick and salary fillers.

      • brownscavsr4me

        Unfortunately I think you’re right. Fortunately, we really don’t need big return for him. Ideally, a late first-round pick from a contender would be the goal.

    • Peace and love

      Drummond gets double doubles pretty much every game and a few blocks, he’s a good man

      • brownscavsr4me

        His basic stats don’t tell the story. His advanced stats do. He is 459th (out of 462 eligible players) in offensive win shares. His offensive box plus/minus is 143rd (out of 182 eligible players). His overall box plus/minus is 101st out of 182 players. Whatever he does on the boards or defense is cancelled out by his wasted possessions.

        Watch a Cavs game and you’ll see. He almost always asks for the ball in the high-post, face up, and does some sort of crossover (basic, double, in-and-out, hesi) and then jacks up wild layups even though he can should straight-line drive and overpower the defender who is usually 30 pounds lighter. Hard to watch.

        • Peace and love

          Don’t know if you know but Drummond is a center and he will ask for the ball because he is a center

          • brownscavsr4me

            Don’t know if you know but every position will ask for the ball because it is basketball and team game

            • Peace and love

              Keep going mate, I don’t mind, your a cavs fan but who would you rather have as a center

                • Peace and love

                  You want someone thats already in the cavs, but Drummond gets better stats than jarrett Allen, thanks for the positive conversation, peace out mate

                  • brownscavsr4me

                    What? I don’t think you read any of my above comments about the stats that prove his real worth. You are allowed to have your opinion but I am a stats nerd who likes concrete evidence of how effective is their play and that’s the information I provided. Plus I have watched every Cavs game and see it for myself. Peace out man

                      • brownscavsr4me

                        Exactly, that’s why I said watch a Cavs game so you can see for yourself. Also, not sure why you pointed out the Drummond has better stats than Allen, just to say it doesn’t matter.

                        • Peace and love

                          Drummond 20 points and 14 rebounds in the first half of this game today, but stats don’t matter, and if you didn’t know he has 11 straight double doubles this season

        • brownscavsr4me

          He is 8th in the league in turnovers and his true shooting percentage is 55th among 58 centers. I could keep going.

          • Simmons>Russ

            Yeah don’t know why your arguing with a Cavs fan on Drummond being good. You’d think he would know considering it’s his team and obviously he’s got the stats to back it up.

            Just to add I think holding onto Drummond isn’t the worst idea and then getting that 25mil off the books and having some money in FA. It’s a good situation in the fact you can either keep him and do well in FA or trade him and get a return your happy with.

            I know it’s hard to match his contract but there’s still going to be teams interested like possibly the Hornets, Raptors, Mavs, Wizards, etc.

            Think the Mavs might actually be a good spot although WCS was nice in the latest game. Could see a package of something like James Johnson and Dwight Powell plus a second round pick for Drummond.

            Cavs add a pick and get a decent expiring deal but Mavs would get a decent centre who will get them lots of rebounds and some points. Especially with Porzingis having injury issues.

            • Peace and love

              You don’t need to Write a story about it, did you see him play in the pistons he was insanely good, he still needs time to adjust then he will get better

            • brownscavsr4me

              Yeah and I wasn’t even really talking to him directly at first. I honestly just jumped at the opportunity to show everyone how bad Drummond’s stats are haha.

              See this is where I’m clueless to what the cavs will or should do. I wouldn’t be opposed to keeping him into free agency, but then he could become frustrated and want out. We also wouldn’t be giving Jarrett the playing time he needs to get accustomed to his new team. I also wouldn’t mind the package for a first round pick, but what salaries are we getting back? If it is a veteran that can help the young guys and doesn’t need playing time or much usage, then I’d think theyd take that trade. But I do really like your idea for Powell, as he would be a really solid backup to Allen and he’s a great team player.

              I do feel though that JaVale will be the next one gone. Apparently teams are calling and his value is really high right now. I feel like that will influence everything that happens with drummond too. Guess we’ll have to wait and see

              • Peace and love

                See Drummonds last game he got 19 and 14 rebounds and Allen’s last game he got 6 and 5 rebounds what’s that about

                • brownscavsr4me

                  Hey man, I’m done discussing this. I don’t think you watch basketball religiously like I do, which is fine, but I don’t think you realize you’re not making any solid case for Drummond. Have a good night bud

                  • Peace and love

                    Basketball isn’t a religious game, I watch a lot of basketball and I like it because I do end of story, do you like LeBron James?

                    • tjbarnaba

                      Basketball is a holy game to the people that actually care about the sport. You’ve shown that your basketball knowledge extends to 2k ratings and box scores, irrelevant to the actual game. Andre Drummond makes his basketball team worse due to his inefficient offensive game. While Jarrett Allen is one of the games best pick and rollers, has a very efficient offensive due to his above the rim only style. Not to mention Allen is much more effective as a team defender, which the Cavs need with CS and DG at the guard spots. Go back to class, mate, you’ve proven you’re just a child little Pacers pal…

                  • Simmons>Russ

                    BrownsCavs classy. Yeah I completely understand about getting Allen the playing time and that’s important because you want him getting reps in with the other key future pieces like Garland and Okoro and so on. Drummond might get frustrated and cause chemistry issues or what not I can completely see that. That’s why’s it’ll be interesting to see if they just stay out or get back a pick or two.

                    Yeah I could see McGee leaving especially to GSW with Chriss injured for the season as a solid bet for wiseman.

                    Also liked your arguing points. Some people on here just hate stats and the truth, but it is what it is and can’t convince them all

                  • DaBlow216

                    From a evil genius perspective, a case for keeping Drummond to suppress Allen’s worth and making him easier to extended. Playing limited minutes could also allow him to enjoy being able to maximize his efficiency without getting to comfortable and play outside himself.

                    Allen is a great long term fit and is similar to Atlanta getting Capela to protect Trey Young. Resigning him will show Garland and Sexton the organization is trying to support their development and cover there flaws.

                  • It’s not even worth arguing with this guy regarding Drummond. I don’t know what Kool-aid he’s drinking in Cleveland, but Drummond is one of the most low motor, inconsistent, awkward players in the league. As a long time Pistons fan, Drummond DOES NOT impact winning at all. You look up and he’ll have a nice stat line (double double), but the turnovers, poor decisions on offense, bad defender AND THE MOST FRUSTRATING is when he thinks he’s a point guard. He’ll give you some good games now that Allen was traded to the team, but he’ll soon fall back into those bad habits he accustomed to. Great rebounder, but Drummond can not be your 1st or 2nd option on your team. If he is 3rd or 4th, then you are good. Definitely not a max player.

  3. Brian stanaway

    Shamet for osman, maybe a deal so nets could get mcgee as well would be tops.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Shamet earns like 1.5 mil and Osman and McGee would be like 10 times more than Shamet. So deal would never happen

      • mcmillankmm

        Shamet has less trade value than Osman? I guess I haven’t paid enough attention to Cavs

        • Simmons>Russ

          You can’t trade 1.5 mil salary for 15mil salary I’m not talking trade value.

  4. phillyballers

    Detroit should realize pretty soon his contract is up and you won’t have any idea what you’ve got.

    • Peace and love

      No hate mate, Don’t know if you know but he is in the cavaliers mate

      • thekayz

        Maybe he was talking about Drummond, but I think he was talking about Sekou…

  5. Peace and love

    No hate mate, Don’t know if you know but he is in the cavaliers mate

  6. Simmons>Russ

    Drummond for James Johnson, Dwight Powell and 2 second round picks would be a win-win deal.

    Mavs would not only get a decent centre but as an expiring contract. Drummond, Hardaway and J-Rich would make 59 mil coming off the books, which is well over max money.
    It’s a long shot but means they could be in the race for Kawhi Leonard.

    If you think about it, it’s the perfect spot for him. Mark Cuban is great at dealing with star players, they have a really nice head coach, they already have two superstars and in Doncic a contender for MVP. Kawhi plays best when he has a point guard running the ship which Doncic will do, and when he has a good big man, KP is not only big and skilled but he’s one of the hardest guys to match up with for other teams.
    Plus with the extra cap space they could allow Kawhi to possibly try bring in others or target others if they don’t want to try bring back Drummond, Hardaway or J-Rich on a cheaper deal. It’ll obviously depend on the clippers season this year but I don’t think it’ll end well and I could see the Mavs as the perfect landing spot.

    • brownscavsr4me

      A lineup of Doncic, Richardson/Hardaway, Leonard, Porzingis, and Drummond sounds like a matchup nightmare and instant championship contender

      • Simmons>Russ

        Don’t think you quite understood but you’d need to release Drummond Hardaway and JRich in order to get Kawhi. You then have a big 3 of Doncic Kawhi and KP and some cap space money to spend

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Cavs don’t need to buy out Drummond. They will be able to move him at TD. A contender will gladly take Drummond. The Celtics with Drummond could win it all. Then could resign for a reasonable amount. Celts could give up a #1 for him. If it gets them in Finals it’s worth it.

    • Simmons>Russ

      How do the Celtics take on a 28mil contract? Celtics have 0 chance taking Drummond

  8. I don’t think Danny Ainge likes Drummond. I think. He want vuecvic from Orlando. We shall see. But the Celtics need to use the trade exemption to win this year with Harden now
    On the Nets.!

    • KnickerbockerAl

      TE is huge for Celts. They can find a solid player by TD. To me their biggest need is Center. Even McGee makes them much better.

    • Simmons>Russ

      I think the Celtics although they are a win now team should look to get in a couple high potential young guys and a couple more rotational vets.

      I’m think Romeo Langford, Carson Edwards and a second round pick for Sekoyu Doumbouya

      Then use the exception get Kelly Olynyk and Jeremy Lamb

      1. Walker. Teague. Pritchard
      2. Smart. Lamb
      3. Brown. Doumbouya. Nesmith
      4. Tatum. GWilliams. Olynyk
      5. Theis. Thompson. RWilliams

      Between Walker Smart Brown and Tatum you have 4 out of 5 player who will be starting and closing games and for that fifth spot it’s about having players to fill in. Thompson will rebound for you, Theis gives you abit of everything, Olynyk gives you spacing, RWilliams will give young energy and if you decide to go small ball you have Dombouya who gives you length, Lamb that gives you another shooter and etc.

      This team would not only be a win now team but it would also be great moving forward with young players like Dombouya, Nesmith, Pritchard and the Williams. Plus the versatility is great, you have shooters, you have length, you have defence, you have leadership and experience.

  9. mcmillankmm

    That’s tough for Sekou, felt like he was the only Piston who showed promise last year and now he’s buried on the bench

  10. DaBlow216

    Cavaliers have no ability to sign free agents at fair market value amd won’t unless LeBron comes back. It’s best to get as many cost+control players as possible and built within and through the draft.
    After this year all these guys have real value and have no need to be moved.
    Cedi Osman 3 more years at 8 a year. Thats like 7% of the salary cap yet he brings more than 7% of production.
    Nance Jr and Prince are at 11-12 a year and both represent only 10% of cap yet produce more than 10% of minutes/points/rebs/blks/stl/etc. Dean Wade makes practically nothing. Same for Dotson.

    Guys on rookies deals
    Okoro, Sexton, Garland, Windler make like 20 million. If you count Porter Jr (probly shouldn’t) then 22 million.

    They would have half the cap available if they somehow found takers for Drummond and Love.

    If Indiana would take Love I would send him in a heart beat for Turner and Lamb. I would even include a lightly protected first round pick like top 10 protected.

    • DaBlow216

      And I agree the Point Osman and Point Drummond are terrible options and they both seem to be trying that a little more with Garland and Sexton out. Even Javale does it. But Cedi going back to catching and shooting and just a little play making when the match up is right is a good option.

      Osman is still a bad defender and is always just a step late but he has been trying hard. Thats all u can ask.

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