Knicks Rumors: Rose, Gibson, Ball, Robinson

Following up on a Shams Charania report from Tuesday, Marc Berman of The New York Post confirms that the Knicks have interest in Derrick Rose, though he hears from sources that the team hasn’t yet talked to the Pistons about a possible trade.

According to Berman, sources close to Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau believe he would like to reunite with Rose, who played for him in Chicago and Minnesota. Berman notes that Thibodeau “pushed hard” for New York to re-sign Taj Gibson, who was also a member of the Bulls and Timberwolves under Thibs.

If the Knicks do give up any sort of asset for Rose, that would be a strong indication the team believes it would be able to re-sign him when he becomes a free agent during the 2021 offseason, says Ian Begley of For now, it remains to be seen whether the Pistons will move Rose — or whether New York will make the best offer.

Here’s more on the Knicks:

  • While a Tuesday report indicated that the Pelicans are open to discussing a Lonzo Ball trade, it’s unclear whether or not the Knicks would have any interest. According to Ian Begley, some people within the organization supported the idea of trading for Ball entering the 2020 offseason. However, a strong early showing from Immanuel Quickley – combined with Ball’s up-and-down play – may have changed that equation. One team monitoring the Ball situation told Begley that the Pelicans still value the former No. 2 overall pick and won’t trade him if they don’t get a strong return.
  • Noting that Mitchell Robinson deleted a Tuesday tweet that read, “One day they’ll let me play,” Marc Berman wonders if the young center is seeking a larger offensive role. As Berman observes, Robinson is logging 29.6 minutes per game this season, well above his previous career high, so the tweet probably wasn’t about his playing time.
  • With All-Star voting set to open on Thursday, Julius Randle figures to receive consideration for a spot on the Eastern Conference squad. The veteran big man is averaging 22.5 PPG, 11.3 RPG, and 6.0 APG so far in 2020/21 — those marks would all be career bests.
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22 thoughts on “Knicks Rumors: Rose, Gibson, Ball, Robinson

  1. If Robinson is indeed complaining about not having a larger role, he should work on developing his skills. I’m a huge fan of his, but his offensive game is severely limited. 92.5% of his shots are dunks/layups (which are great; he’s an excellent finisher) and he has not attempted a single shot outside of 10′.

            • Bold claim about a team rostering megastars such as mvp Derrick rose and Blake Griffin!

              • Walladipo and Wood

                Nice sarcasm there. Was Blake Griffin ever a megastar back in LA?

                Even their “State Farm big 3” with him, Paul, and Jordan on the Clippers never made it past the second round of the playoffs.

            • "Stons" Fan

              @Curt cut it out. Pistons were in the Playoffs season before last. And we have a storied franchise. You acting like they are bad as the Suns or Timberwolves. Pistons want that top pick period.

  2. phillyballers

    If the Knicks intend to match any offer for Lonzo, trade for him. Same goes for anyone that wants John Collins or any other RFA. The point of trading for them is to retain them no matter the cost. Knicks shouldn’t deal for any potential non-RFA. That or take salary dumps. Knicks are just so badly run it’s sad.

    • John Anderson

      Agee up until this year – they have resisted bad signings and letting the kids play and develop to the point where they aren’t painful to watch anymore.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    I agree he has to work on his offense. Needs low post moves. A real PG also helps him get the ball where he wants it. He’s still developing. If they get Rose. Then they have to move Smith, Payton, Nttilikina. No need to have them. Rose is solid vet to help mentor team. He knows Thibs and system

  4. I doubt Robinson’s complaints (if these are such complaints) revolve around him wanting to take jump shots outside of 10 feet. If they do, then tell him he can shoot them as his FT% crosses 70%.

    A few things about the Knicks do limit him from getting more reps in his sweet spot. The only thing they run for him is an occasional lob. Half his points come off offensive boards (where he’s again top 5 in the league). A lot of that is the pairing with Randle, who plays as a high post C. It’s why he was pulled from the starting lineup last year. Another issue is the team’s general lack of 3 pt shooting. Finally, they’ve had musical chairs at PG.

    I think Robinson should be happy with his development this year. He’s mostly staying out of foul trouble, and making the transition from volume shot blocker to elite rim protector. His offensive rebound rate has improved, and FG% (while not historic like last year) is still at the top of the league. He should work on his FT shooting, and be patient.

  5. Sillivan

    3pt %
    Knox 39%
    Ball 29%

    Knox for Ball
    Fair trade
    Ball is 5 month rental for 28 teams
    Bad shooter plus rental

    • hiflew

      Ball is not a rental, he is an RFA. Teams have the option of keeping him for at least 1 more year regardless of his consent and if they match an offer, they can keep him for as many as 5 more years without his consent. Consent might not be the exact right word, but it gets the point across.

  6. Sillivan

    Assumption is
    Ball will sign with Thunder in July
    Thunder has $72 million cap room

    Knicks can’t offer first round pick for rental

  7. Sillivan

    Leon Rose doesn’t pay market value to good or average players
    Ball real value 3 years 30 million
    Ball market value 4 years 60 million
    Hugest market Knicks offer $30 million
    Tiny market Thunder offer $60 million

    Ball take Thunder contract

    My projection
    Knicks finish 9th worst record and luck into 4th pick
    Then draw Cade Cunningham
    You don’t trade Cade 4 years rookie contract for Ball 4 month contract

  8. andremets

    I think the Knicks would be wise to avoid Ball and Rose. Neither can shoot 3s. We already have 3 points like that including the current starter, Efrin Payton. Unless they have a plan to get Lillard or Beal, they ought to trade for bad contracts and buy them out. Then they can pick up more assets and continue building thru the draft.hopefully, with enough chances, they can find a future top 5 player that can play the point or the wing.

    • Walladipo and Wood

      You could say the same about players like Westbrook and Simmons.

  9. buttholesurfer69

    Key stat with Lonzo … plays 30.5 mpg gets to the line 0.9 times and shoots 58% when he does

    Given the depth at PG it’ll be interesting to see what offers he gets this offseason

  10. Celabe

    Robinson has video on the net showing some offensive skills, he just got getting better at it and show it in practice games, , suggestion after this season Robinson and Toppin should head to Hakeem Olajuwon summer camp to work on post moves and foot work to expand there game, Toppin reminds me of young Amare stottlemire type player

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