Spencer Dinwiddie Undergoes ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie underwent successful ACL reconstruction surgery on his right knee this morning, the team announced today in a press release. Dinwiddie, who is expected to make a full recovery, will begin his rehab process next week, according to the Nets.

Dinwiddie suffered a partially torn ACL on December 27 in Brooklyn’s third game of the 2020/21 season. The veteran guard hadn’t gotten off to a particularly hot start, but the Nets enjoyed blowout wins in his only two full games and have since lost four of five, slipping below .500. Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot has replaced Dinwiddie in the starting lineup.

The Nets’ announcement today doesn’t mention a specific recovery timeline for Dinwiddie. Because he only sustained a partial ACL tear, there was some speculation that an accelerated return may be possible. However, the fact that he underwent an ACL reconstruction – rather than a repair – likely eliminates any chance that the 27-year-old will play again in 2020/21, tweets Brian Lewis of The New York Post.

Brooklyn has the option of applying for a disabled player exception that would be worth approximately $5.7MM. It wouldn’t give the Nets an extra roster spot, but would allow them to sign a free agent to a one-year contract or to trade for (or claim) a player on an expiring contract, assuming his salary fits into the DPE.

John Hollinger of The Athletic speculated earlier today that the Nets may not apply for that exception right away, since there’s no rush to use it and the team might have an easier time a few weeks from now proving that Dinwiddie will likely miss the entire season and postseason.

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7 thoughts on “Spencer Dinwiddie Undergoes ACL Reconstruction Surgery

  1. JonnyLucas

    That’s really a shame. I hope he fully recovers. He’s a terrific player.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Nets will apply for the exception. They can use it later, even at TD. I know it’s early. But to me Nets strength with Kyrie n KD this yr was their depth. I can’t help but to think this will hurt. Nets could compete and find a player. At TD or one who gets bought out to add later. But if the losing continues. I can see them going all in on Harden. It’s worth watching IMO.
    Can also say I would love to see Dinwiddie on Knicks. He’d be a great addition as PG. I think Knicks would give up Dallas pick next yr. Or a future #1 plus a player. So they could be in as third team. Wishing Dinwiddie get well.

    • Little_Dunker_45

      I don’t think the DPE will cover Harden’s salary but that’s just me…

          • Little_Dunker_45

            Agree all knickerbocker did was repeat what the original article said. “They’re likely to use dpe”. “I think they’ll use dpe”. Brrrrrr

  3. illowa

    dinwiddie stocks took a big hit. everyone’s cashing out to recoup some of their losses.

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