Pacific Notes: Wiseman, JTA, Davis, Kings, Suns

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr hinted earlier this week that James Wiseman may be close to returning from sprained left wrist, but after being reevaluated on Thursday, the rookie center has been ruled out for at least another week. He’ll be reassessed again in seven-to-10 days, as Kendra Andrews of NBC Sports Bay Area tweets.

Wiseman has been going through individual workouts, but has been somewhat limited in those sessions because he’s still feeling pain in his injured left hand. Until that pain goes away, the Warriors’ big man is unlikely to return, tweets Andrews.

Let’s round up a few more items from around the Pacific…

  • An Oakland native, Juan Toscano-Anderson still can’t quite believe that he’s a member of the Warriors, as Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated writes in an in-depth look at the forward’s circuitous path to the NBA. While he’s currently on a two-way contract, Toscano-Anderson is a candidate to eventually be promoted to the standard 15-man roster.
  • Lakers star Anthony Davis, who has missed the last two games due to right Achilles tendonosis, is content to play it safe with the injury to avoid the risk of making it worse, as ESPN’s Dave McMenamin writes. “I just don’t want to play a game where I still feel it and then get hurt and now I’m out for the playoffs or whatever or for multiple weeks,” Davis said.
  • Although it’s still too early to say whether the Kings will be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline, Jason Anderson of The Sacramento Bee points out that veterans like Cory Joseph, Jabari Parker, and Nemanja Bjelica are candidates to be moved no matter which direction the team goes.
  • The Suns are increasing the limited capacity at the Phoenix Suns Arena from 1,500 fans to 3,000, as of February 16, the team announced in a press release.
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16 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Wiseman, JTA, Davis, Kings, Suns

  1. BO don't know Ball

    Kings can make the playoffs with or without a TD move. Throw Hield in & it could get interesting in the West. In the right deal of course. They have been hiding & playing Bagley well. Cannot trade Barnes if they want to continue doing that.

  2. Lakers1

    As a lakers fan, I’m not liking how often AD gets nicked up.. it seems like everygame he gets hurt in some sort of way. I can tell lebron is getting annoyed with him.. he sat out a game with a Butt bruise.. meanwhile lebron twists an ankle and ties his shoe lace and continues playing.. I’m not sure AD is a killer and wants it..the great ones want to be on the floor. AD IS SOFT. I think with the max contract he’s become complacent.. Kobe would punch him in the face and call him out if he was on team and tell him to wear his big boy pants.

    • x_burner_X

      Lay off the guy, he proved in the playoffs that he is a beast when it counts.

      • Lakers1

        That’s great you think he will turn it on.. not what I’m seeing.. ppg down, rebounds down, 3pt pct down.. Free throw pct way down..last year they were talking about defensive player of the year.. no talk of that this year.. why? Because his defense is worse this year..on offense, he’s afraid to get in the paint..complacency is a mother.. his body language shows he doesn’t don’t see lebron being complacent.. in fact, lebron has bailed the lakers out time and time again.theirs a reason AD tasted playoffs twice before Lakers.. he’s not a superstar that can lead a team to the promised land. He’s paid that way though..He is soft..

        • El Don

          You rather have AD play now, do his Achilles, miss a whole year & come back a shadow of the guy he is, as you paying him a huge contract… sounds ’bout… mmmhm… not good, right?

          • Lakers1

            He doesn’t have an achilles issue.. he’s sore.MRI came back clean. he said it himself no pain just soreness.. if he was so concerned he wouldn’t be running in practices on off days. he also sat out a game for a butt bruise.. he also sat out for a quad bruise.. These aren’t normal Injuries.. it’s a bruise.. lebron twisted his ankle twice during games.. didn’t miss a game.. Kobe shot free throws on torn Achilles.. player thru a finger dislocation..the great ones want to be on floor..

            • Cap & Crunch

              You guys are kinda moving the goalposts on each other- I think your both right tho !

              I get the OG posters point- Lebrons flying a perfect attendance into age 35 playing 40 mins 3 Ots in a row while the young fella is on the sideline flossin diamond earrings and Gucci sweaters …Yes I think in the heat of the moment Lebron has thoughts in his head time to time but when he settles down for a glass of wine late night he knows its best AD is on the bn Rn. To Lebron, this is his mission not a LBJ/Ad duo, AD is a pawn to him but hes a master chess paletr

              I love AD’s game and Im thrilled to have him but yea he’s NO MJ/Kobe/LBJ as far as being a killer between the ears, he’s DEF WORTH his money tho- He looks more bored than anything tbh, I get it, its been a long crazy 11 months…..lets just get thru these next 11 games and get some long rest, LAkers ball, outside of a 2nd half vs Denver , has been uninspiring for weeks now even tho the W-L column hasnt necessarily shown that {yet?} …Got to play better

  3. Marty McRae

    Lakers already in shambles, Steph has the most points in a season from someone over 32 at this mark with only MJ in front of him. This season is gunna play out exactly like I thought it would, especially if GSW use their IPE.


    • Lil D MVC aka Uno

      Lakers have home court, Golden warriors are in the play in game. Sorry Lacob can’t get his 1%er buddies to overturn THAT result lol.

      I’d rather be “in shambles” and winning a championship than have an MVP on a losing team. That’s just me though…

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Say Marty the Warriors haves passed the Lakers. According to Forbes they are now 2nd most valuable NBA franchise Behind Knicks …

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Seems Wiseman has been out awhile now. I’d like to see him get ROY. Gotta play man. When are Warriors going to pickup a big.

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