Pelicans Waive Sindarius Thornwell

FEBRUARY 23: The Pelicans officially waived Thornwell on Monday, per’s transactions log.

FEBRUARY 22: The Pelicans intend to release guard Sindarius Thornwell, reports Will Guillory of The Athletic (Twitter link).

Thornwell appeared in 11 games for New Orleans this season, but saw limited action, averaging just 4.8 minutes per contest. In 53 total minutes, he scored 15 points on 6-of-13 shooting, chipping in four steals.

According to Guillory, the Pelicans were happy with Thornwell’s performance, but will make the move for financial reasons. The 26-year-old’s minimum-salary contract isn’t fully guaranteed, so by waiving him prior to Wednesday’s salary guarantee deadline, the club will save some money and create more breathing room below the luxury tax line.

Rather than counting for $1,620,564 against the Pelicans’ cap, Thornwell will have a cap charge of $721,484, assuming he goes unclaimed on waivers, as Bobby Marks of ESPN tweets. New Orleans will move approximately $1.4MM below the tax threshold, Marks adds (Twitter link).

Because the Pelicans already have an open spot on their 15-man roster, releasing Thornwell will reduce their total standard contracts to just 13. The league-mandated minimum is 14, but teams can dip below that number for two weeks at a time. New Orleans will have to add a 14th man within two weeks and will likely do so by utilizing a 10-day contract — 10-day deals can be signed starting on Tuesday.

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25 thoughts on “Pelicans Waive Sindarius Thornwell

    • Julian Lemus

      The pelicans should have waived wenyen Gabriel instead cause the pelicans never even play him sindiarus Thornwell should sign with the magic he can really help them with some great lockdown defense the magic should waive Al- farouq Aminu and James Ennis III to sign thornwell I think he would be a great addition to the magic

      • osaegthong

        true, the Magic can do that, ennis makes ross look like ray allen. but aminu is still valuable cause hes versatile and an excellent lockdown defender. u can trade aminu and bacon for powell and . that gives u an upgrade at the 3 cause powell is a better shooter and passer. then u can waive ennis and sign thornwell who could provide lockdown D for the second unit and ofc fill in the void left by aminu.

        • Julian Lemus

          I made a prediction that James Ennis III would not be on a NBA roster this season during the free agency I predicted that he would go play overseas until that’s when Orlando resigned him a 1 year deal most NBA players getting a 1 year deal end up getting traded or waived so I won’t be surprised seeing James getting traded on trade deadline or ending up getting waived

      • Walladipo and Wood

        Wasn’t he the Dark Arts substitute whenever Snape was out sick?

      • x%sure

        In these dark times, Hogwarts decided they did not need a Pain of Nature curriculum.

  1. Julian Lemus

    If I was the pelicans I would have waived wenyen Gabriel instead New Orleans never even plays him

    • osaegthong

      lmao ikr their defense is already garbage so why bother dumping away a lockdown defender that u got on a cheap contract.

  2. Chris Ekstrand

    Thornwell is a terrific defender, solid penetrator and a great teammate.

      • Julian Lemus

        The pelicans should sign Caleb swanigan to replace sindarius thornwell Caleb is a great defender and should be signed to the main roster or hardship 2 way contract or 10 day contract

        • osaegthong

          they already got willie and adams for cleaning the glass so idk how Biggie is gonna get playing time. sure he can provide defense but then they gotta find a way to make the rest of the big men with the playing time situation

          • Julian Lemus

            I feel like the pelicans could possibly be getting ready for trade deadline they waived Sindarius I say there should get a trade for a lockdown defender the pelicans defense is not good like u said about a Aminu trade for the pelicans is an A+ cause he can provide that strong defense and New Orleans has young guys and talent maybe trading Lonzo and J.J. For Aminu

            • osaegthong

              thats a crappy trade cause the Magic already have a bunch of point guards. in was talking bout the raptors receiving aminu as a part of a potential powell trade. i was giving some trade advice regarding magic if they wanna keep their season alive.

                • osaegthong

                  wait r u a magic fan? if so, powell’s gonna be an upgrade over aminu and ennis and also bacon cause hes more consistent. just trade ennis, bacon, and aminu for powell and a second rounder(optional) and prob buyout bamba and sign thornwell
                  ur rotation will be something like this if this trade actually happens:

                  • Julian Lemus

                    No I’m a clipper fan I just want to see a champ but doubt it this year I have a friend who is a magic fan but yea Powell is gonna help the magic and and all u said is true that would be good for the magic

            • osaegthong

              they could sign dedmon to a minimum and waive hayes. then trade jj for covington or iguodala or even aminu if magic wanna accept

              • Julian Lemus

                Yea dedmon is a great defender and waiving Hayes is good cause the pelicans have young guys but need some defense big time u need a vet to help the young guys with defense and what to do and what not to do image Adams and dedmon that would be a nightmare for any pg like Chris Paul for example dedmon and Adams would not let u drive up and make a lay up there would have to force u to shoot a 3 or pass the ball

              • Julian Lemus

                I say the Cavaliers should waive Matthew at trade deadline cause if he keeps on getting injured then u resign him a 1 year deal in the offseason then what is the point of having a guy on the bench out every night cause of an injury

  3. Vainglarious Spamwell

    Wow there us a lot of hot action in this comment section. H-O-T.

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