Pacific Notes: Dinwiddie, Oubre, Craig, George, Rondo

The Warriors turned down pre-deadline overtures from the Nets for Kelly Oubre with Spencer Dinwiddie as the bait, Marc Stein of the New York Times reports in his latest newsletter. Dinwiddie, who is expected to miss the remainder of the season with a partially torn ACL, holds a $12.3MM player option on his contract next season. There’s been speculation he’ll opt out, which made him an attractive trade option.

However, the Warriors’ declined the Nets’ offers because they still want to make the playoffs this season. Golden State wouldn’t give up Oubre and his expiring contract unless the team got a healthy, productive player in return.

We have more from the Pacific Division:

  • The Suns were interested in small forward Torrey Craig last offseason, Duane Rankin of the Arizona Republic tweets. Phoenix acquired Craig on March 18 from the Bucks for cash considerations. After spending his first three NBA seasons with the Nuggets, Craig spurned Phoenix’s overtures and signed a one-year, veteran’s minimum contract with the Bucks during the 2020 offseason.
  • Paul George has been in the NBA since 2010 but he believes he can learn a thing or two from trade deadline acquisition Rajon Rondo, Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN tweets“I’m looking forward to learning from him,” the Clippers forward said. “He has one of the most beautiful basketball minds. It is going to help me down the road and evolve my game and open my game up to see the floor and read teammates better.”
  • Clippers president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank hated to give up Lou Williams but felt Rondo filled a crying need, Mirjam Swanson of the Orange County Register writes. Frank said the team required an “orchestrator” and “someone who can really help elevate everyone’s game.”
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27 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Dinwiddie, Oubre, Craig, George, Rondo

      • arc89

        Why trade for a guy who is out for the season and will opt out of his contract? last thing GSW need is another injured player.

          • Vince 2

            Why? Did you miss the part about him having a torn ACL? What good would he be?

              • arc89

                Smiley contract is non-guarantee next year. They can just release him if they want.

                • Marty McRae

                  They (Lacobs) will never. They want him to be the next Dirk so they can act like Light Years was them, and not Jerry West. Delusional.

                  In the end, Light Years I guess just meant -only- having high IQ players in the rotation, they stopped doing that and look at this sorry team Curry is putting on his back and singlehandedly might get them to a chip as his signature season, as the start of another run with Klay, who runs it back next year.

                  Playoffs Curry with no Klay is going to be absurd, 40 ppg in the playoffs is on the table. That might shake more than a few teams…maybe all of them, depending on how hard he goes off? Who knows, can’t wait tbh…

                  • Vince 2

                    What? What are you babbling about? None of what you said makes any sense. What is, ‘Light Years’?

                    • Lil D MVC aka Uno

                      Lol that’s shorthand for “my takes don’t make any sense on the planet Earth”

                  • arc89

                    Smiley has skills but his defense is shaky. The warriors were very disappointed in him this year. I would not be surprised if they release him given the payroll and draft picks that they have.

    • dubtastic

      I would be offended if I was the cheat do the Nets wanna be? Do they really have a need for Oubre?

  1. GeneralZod

    The clippers got weaker, Rondo at this stage of his career is not comparable to Lou Williams

    • Lil D MVC aka Uno

      Idk I’d put my money on someone who’s nickname is “playoff” over “lemon pepper”, but that’s just me.

              • x%sure

                One person checking in is a potential obstacle to Rondo being able to “orchestrate”… And PG13 just used strong language to indicate he will be listening not frowning. Good sign for the Clips.

                Lou is better but does not seem to try to keep track of everyone.

                • Lil D MVC aka Uno

                  Not keeping track of everyone is def what I look for in a point guard. :)

    • Chief Two Hands

      But there was a “crying need.” They were crying, for crying out loud. When grown men cry over sports, someone has to stop the flood. Just ask Adam Morrison…

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Seems Nets did try to move Dinwiddie. By a few rumors that have been out there. Wonder why Knicks wouldn’t be in on that. Can’t believe he’s a player they wouldn’t want. Makes me wonder, they have a player in mind or direction for PG. Or Nets just didn’t want to help Knicks, don’t get it. He’s a great fit IMO. Geeez

    Rondo is what a PG should be. He’s not a scorer but can get you points. He’s not efficient at times, but he’s a closer. Excellent defensive player and plays team D, Team O. He’s same age as Lou, where Lou is only a scorer. Rondo is piece Clippers are missing. He will make all players better. He’s all about winning and knows when he’s got a shot for a ring. He loves it and makes the best of it. Why he is “Playoff Rondo”
    He will help them close games. Especially big games

    • Lil D MVC aka Uno

      Don’t forget there are 2 sides to every trade, and it’s human beings not computers driving the decisionmaking. Easy to say go for Dinwiddie, but who knows what Nets wanted back? They have all the leverage in this situation especially with Dinwiddie out of the picture for a title run this year.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Yeah I get that. But if there are rumors of real offers. And discussion among teams of trades. Then I have to strongly wonder why Knicks wouldn’t be in on that. He’s perfect for us now. We could of solidified their D. But yeah they could of asked for too much from Knicks. That’s my point. Do Nets even want to trade with Knicks. Cause it sure seems he was available. We’ll see what happen during draft.

        • Lil D MVC aka Uno

          Yeah that’s what I mean maybe there is some New York thing going on? No idea tbh. Just when things don’t make sense there is usually a reason, and usually it’s illogical.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            I can tell you this. Nets trying to take over NYC with big3. But Knicks are still king even at .500. Not a Nets hater, just Knicks have deep history here, deep. So I can see Nets not wanting to help Knicks. Especially now with them moving up. While Nets are trying to win title. I could see that. I just like him as a fit, much more than Ball. He’s leaving next yr imo. So we’ll see if Knicks want him or what. He’s 27 and Knows NY. Out of all PGs available he’s the best dude, for this group of Knicks

  3. WallyWood

    The Warriors already have two injury-prone guards, they didn’t need a third.

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