Clippers Sign DeMarcus Cousins To 10-Day Deal

APRIL 5: The signing is official, according to a team press release.

APRIL 4: The Clippers will add Cousins this week, provided he clears COVID-19 protocols, Charania tweets.

MARCH 31: The Clippers plan to sign free agent center DeMarcus Cousins, pending clearance of the NBA’s health and safety protocols, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link). Sources tell Charania that Cousins is in Los Angeles and is beginning to go through the testing protocols (Twitter link).

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski first reported (via Twitter) that Cousins and the Clippers were discussing a 10-day contract, adding that a decision isn’t expected to be finalized until next week.

Los Angeles is currently carrying just 13 players on standard contracts, and the NBA’s required minimum is 14. However, the league allows teams to dip below that minimum for up to two weeks at a time, and the Clippers don’t have to add a 14th man until next Monday, so they may use that full two-week window before officially signing Cousins.

Cousins, 30, began the season with the Rockets after missing all of 2019/20 due to an ACL tear. The four-time All-Star didn’t exactly look like his old explosive self in Houston, averaging 9.6 PPG and 7.6 RPG on just 37.6% shooting in 25 games (20.2 MPG). He also wasn’t particularly mobile on defense. The Rockets ultimately decided to part ways with the veteran center, releasing him last month.

Still, Cousins has some remaining upside as last year’s ACL surgery moves further into his rear view, and the Clippers are in need of a third center behind Serge Ibaka and Ivica Zubac, as Wojnarowski tweets.

It doesn’t hurt that Cousins has long-standing relationships with a handful of Clippers players, including former teammates Rajon Rondo (Kings, Pelicans, Lakers) and Patrick Patterson (Kentucky, Kings), notes Charania (Twitter link).

Assuming Cousins and the Clippers officially finalize a 10-day deal, it’ll pay him nearly $176K, with the Clippers taking on a $111K cap hit. Cousins would be able to sign up to two 10-day contracts with L.A. before the team would have to either let him go or sign him to a rest-of-season deal.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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47 thoughts on “Clippers Sign DeMarcus Cousins To 10-Day Deal

  1. DrSeuss69

    great insurance signing..Ibaka/Zubac/Cousins vs AD/Drummond/Gasol…both LA teams have similiar teams but Clippers have more versatility with players shooting the 3.. i hope they meet in the playoffs. will be a hard series

    • Wendell

      Zubac reminds me of a person I grew up with. Lots I’d potential yet very soft. Cousins is on 3 wheels. Lakers bigs are better.

        • DrSeuss69

          lol lakers have a limping AD , no defense playing Drummond and a washed Gasol..i wouldnt say better

          • Wendell

            The Lakers are resting Lebron and AD this is all pre planned.

            This is only my guess but I assumed once the season started Vogel would find a way to rest them.

            Considering Lebron didn’t even pick up a basketball all off-season.

      • What are you talking about Wendell? Zubac is excellent, not even a hint of being soft. Have you watched him play?

        • Wendell

          Yeah when he was on the Lakers I couldn’t help but compare to Shaq and Andrew Bynum.

          That type of intensity allows others to feel comfortable taking big shots and doing their respective jobs.

          I’ve seen zubac play a few times with the clippers he looks like a timid child.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Gasol ain’t getting around Cousins. And he’s another big body who they only need 10-15 mins. And only against big teams. It’s wise, but Dedmond is still out there.

        • WallyWood

          If the Lakers manage to make the playoffs (not exactly a given), neither Gasol nor Drummond will get more than just a few minutes in the postseason, assuming Davis is healthy of course.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            I don’t think so. They need to match up with Jokic, Rudy, Ayton, Nurkic, even Zubac. I know Lakers like to go small with AD and Bron. With Harrell it’s even a better small trio of bigs in playoffs. But AD doesn’t like playing D on centers. And Harrell can t control those Centers without help. All about matchups. If they are t going to play. They wouldn’t of picked up Drummond. You have to load up for playoffs and be ready. Better safe than sorry.

          • kc2112

            No way Lakers miss the playoffs. You just love to have On them, they destroyed your high and mighty rockets in the playoffs last year (who are now a grounded rocket with no hope) jealous are you, that the Lakers could win another title, if healthy.

  2. towinagain

    Love this move! Physically yes, it remains to be seen what he has left but the guy is an underappreciated teamate. He will give his all to an organization. Love what he will bring to the team intensity wise. Good move Clipps!

      • x%sure

        Cousins will play when Rondo “the orchestrator” does. The opposition will go right after him on defense.

        These moves probably look good to the present roster, probably a main point to the GM, remembering the disunity last year.

  3. InvalidUserID 2

    Injuries really ruined his career. Really sad to see, super talented guy.

  4. brewpackbuckbadg

    How scary is it to think of how much money the owners make when it is a guarantee that DC makes 176K in 10 days? I am happy for him but mannnn….

  5. Luckylefty2

    I just can’t see cousins playing this type of role, Hopefully I’m wrong.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Getting another big is wise move for playoffs. I guess cause they know him he’s more attractive to them. Considering there are other bigs as another body.
    10-15 mins a game might just work well for Clippers. It’s worth a chance.

  7. mlbnyyfan

    I forgot he was available. Why didn’t the Knicks consider him after Robinson went down again. Knicks should of known Drummond was never considering them.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      They got till April 9 for playoff rosters. Agree I wonder that too. They are going to have to one for depth at least. Even Cousins, was he looked at. Still holding hope Whiteside will get BO.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        You trying to say something??????
        Define Bigs ……. even a ten yr old wants Knicks to pickup a center.

        • formerlyz

          And that 10 year old would be wrong. Maybe a depth guy that can space the floor a little in case of 1-2 more injuries, but not necessarily a rotation player. How can you see that team and not think they need shooting at the 2/3 spots? How can you see 4 guys at the 5, not even counting Mitchell Robinson, and think they need help there more than anything to the point you incessantly talk about adding more bigs, literally a year after they added so many pieces in that position they got their coach fired, and then moved off a piece there b/c of too much roster allocated to the least important position in the NBA, one where there are multiple very good pieces there on the team already? On top of that, clamoring for bigs that arent even good at doing the job you want from that spot, or even dont even care enough to play with any effort. This isnt 1997

          • El Don

            Will agree to disagree!
            Center is the most important position as a matter of fact!

            • formerlyz

              That could be argued if you have a guy that does the things you need at that position, but the bigs he refers to arent them

          • KnickerbockerAl

            Noel is not a true center. Taj is not even a center. In reality Knicks don’t even have a center. You must be a ten year old. Cause we just picked Pelle. Another BIG. What shooting is out there that Knicks would want. Please give us a name. Don’t just spout nonsense. You obviously don’t get what a rebuild is. Do you even watch Knick games. You know about as much as ten yr old. Please tell us your guy we need. I’m waiting

    • buttholesurfer69

      My guess would be his defense — don’t see Thibs giving Cousins any run in his current form

  8. formerlyz

    I dont get this. They got rid of Kabengele, after already misusing him and declining his option. If anything, maybe they could have used another potential rim protecting, pick and roll defender, but they also have Patterson to play small ball 5…they do theoretically have defenders to potentially mitigate the issues there, but doesnt feel necessary…

    Heat still looking for a big. Cousins was an option, although I’m still thinking Noah Vonleh, Thon Maker, Kabengele, Dedmon as likely the best options. Maybe someone that is still on someone’s roster or a g-league guy that I’m not considering. They have 2 open spots so I could have seen them trying Cousins out. Curious to see where this goes

    • mlbnyyfan

      Whiteside would be a good idea but I’m thinking he’s going back to Blazers or Heat.

  9. ervin_magic_johnson

    Low risk move on a prideful former all star, not bad. I predict the line up of Cousins, Morris Sr, PG, Bev and Rondo may potentially break the record for all time technicals.

      • ervin_magic_johnson

        That was intentional. Shows your age but you probably didn’t know about the mediocre Supersonics on played on the 90s Sonics teams.

        • x%sure

          Why would someone of any age take any interest in that unless from way out there in Seattle with no team. Very insular.

  10. Marty McRae

    GSW’s front office are the most braindead morons ever right now. Jerry West come back please!

  11. KnickerbockerAl

    Wow Clippers sign another Big …… I mean some 10 yr olds here. Think Bigs are not needed, Gezz I wonder why. Lakers pick up Drummond another big.
    Gezz I wonder why. Knicks sign Pelle another big Geez I wonder why. Why would NBA teams sign true bigs. There are ten yr olds wondering that right now.
    You can’t teach size. And size is best and easiest way to build a good team DEFENSE ….. n10 yr olds send me your questions. I’ll Gladly answer them

    • WallyWood

      Are you actually saying that Boogie Cousins plays defense? Right.

      Just because a player has size doesn’t mean he’s a good defender.

      Gary Payton was only 6’4″, 190 and was one of the best defenders ever.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        No RocketMan you are late to fight. Posters trying to tell me Knicks don’t need a center to replace Mitch. Cause in their words centers are yesterday’s system. So I’m saying then why are teams picking up bigs. Why did Lakers win it last yr with two rim protectors. Just children yappin cause they have no facts. My argument was simple. We lose Mitch. We need to replace him with a big. That was too much to grasp for them

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