Bucks Sign Jeff Teague

APRIL 1: The Bucks have made it official, announcing in a press release that they’ve signed Teague.

MARCH 29: Free agent point guard Jeff Teague will sign with the Bucks, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweets.

Teague was waived by the Magic over the weekend after they acquired him as a salary throw-in to complete the Evan Fournier trade with the Celtics.

Teague, 32, signed a one-year deal with Boston during the offseason. He appeared in 34 games, including five starts, and averaged 6.9 PPG and 2.1 APG in 18.1 MPG while shooting 41.5% from the field.

For his career, Teague has averaged 12.3 PPG, 5.6 APG and 2.3 RPG in 805 games for the Hawks, Pacers, Timberwolves and Celtics.

With Milwaukee, he’ll add some depth at the point behind Jrue Holiday and will reunite with former Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer.

The Bucks have an open roster spot for Teague. They were seeking to fortify their guard depth after trading reserve point guard D.J. Augustin to Houston in the deal that brought veteran forward P.J. Tucker to Milwaukee.

Milwaukee will have one more opening on its 15-man roster after signing Teague, so the move doesn’t rule out the possible addition of Austin Rivers.

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31 thoughts on “Bucks Sign Jeff Teague

  1. lambeau gang

    Great pickup, hopefully there’s a spot for one of Rivers or B-Knight on the Bucks bench too.

  2. WallyWood

    Looks like none of the buyouts are going to Golden State.

    They will have to settle for Boogie Cousins once the dust clears.

      • WallyWood

        They should get a good player in the draft to go along with Wiseman and start to rebuild over the next few years.

  3. Treveon Graham

    They still have an open roster spot, correct? and could open another one if they waive Kurucs?

    • WallyWood

      I remember someone here who thought that Kurucs was the real prize in the trade. Augustin has been great since going to Houston and at $7M next season he’s a great backup PG. Tucker has not been himself this season, and if he continues to play so poorly the Rockets are the clear winner here.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Thought they sign Rivers. Teague is good depth where they need it. They could use another big. Need bodies for Embiid.

      • stevep-4

        Maybe but he famously said nobody pays you for defense. I guess he gets 5 fouls like anyone else.

        • mrshyguy99

          Lol if that was true Tony Allen wouldn’t of never made it as long as he did .

        • DeathbyDeathwest

          Ha! Luckily the Kings already paid him.

          Maybe he’ll play defense for the minimum and a shot at a ring.

  5. Omarj

    Dude, Teague was atrocious in Boston. I’d be very surprised if he shows better signs in Mil.

    • Lil D MVC aka Uno

      No, it’s cool. Bud coached him in ATL so basically he gets +2 stats in every category!

  6. x%sure

    MIL still lacks a playoff-quality PG. Interesting way to force a star into more prominence.

    Jrue Holiday is talented enough to play the 1, but all their guards are mainly 2s, plus these last pickups are castoffs. A lot to ask of Jrue!

    • Lil D MVC aka Uno

      Well they gave up a lot to get him so yeah, now it’s time to hold up his end of the bargain.

      Some of us expect guys to play hard. But that’s just me…

      • x%sure

        You are right but I wonder if the plan is to push Middleton to get on the ball more… get their money’s worth. Not sure it works in the long run when Giannis brings the ball up and I prefer Jrue coming around something for it like a 2.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          Really Middleton ???? Now he’s the new Ben. Bucks problem is not having a game manager. A PG who gets everyone involved. So you think they got Holiday, gave up all that value. To let Middleton run the ball more. They are trying to take that away from Giannis the best talent in NBA. So now they will let Middleton do it. That’s the predictable offense they are trying to get away from. It’s how Heat destroyed them. Another brilliant analysis…. no offense dude. But I’d like to know who your favorite team is. Let us see if you even know them.

          Jrue has been a PG since he was recruited by UCLA. He only played off the ball in NO cause they brought in Lonzo and before that cause they had Rondo. He’s been more a combo guard last 3yrs in NO. But his true position is PG. And he’s one of best 2way PGs in the NBA. If not the best.

          • x%sure

            I didn’t say I would advise it, I said I wondered if the team plans to push it. Nobody called Middleton, Ben. Your mind is not strong. Try reading before blabbing. Heck try typing to keep from rambling.
            Everyone wants Middleton on the ball more to AVOID the Giannis-based predictable offense, and be worth his salary. You think they’re not paying him big?

            FYI Lonzo played the point for NOP for the last three full years and those were Jrue’s best years by VORP. He has said 2G is his favorite position.

            In trying to get full value from their stars, MIL will be putting people in different roles, not just having Jrue up top with the ball with HC Bud not adjusting. This was noted in an HR article.

      • El Don

        You can’t expect Jrue to save the day even if you pay him the most in the league, is all ’bout talent, Jrue is good, but not a star, so he can do what he can do, no more no less!
        To have higher expectations of Jrue is just to set up for disappointment… that is why $ isn’t an indication of value, a player is the same if you pay him 2MM or 20MM, that ain’t changing, teams shouldn’t overpay for guys like Jrue if they expect them to save the day ’cause they pay them like the guys who can!

        • Lil D MVC aka Uno

          …I didn’t understand a word of that.

          Money isn’t an indication of value? Lol

        • KnickerbockerAl

          31.5 mins, FG .50%, 3PT .386%, FT .817%
          4.5 reb, 5.2 ast, 16.4 pts, 1.8 stl, commits less than 2 fouls a game (1.7). Means he’s never in foul trouble. He’s top 3 defensive guard in NBA. Best defensive PG. has size and can guard the 1-2-3. Bucks record 30 – 17, 2 1/2 gms behind 1st place. Bucks are a favorite to come out of East.
          Yeah … Yup Bucks are Really Disappointed.

  7. stubby66

    They still have one spot on the roster my guess it goes to Rivers or Knight. I don’t expect Parker to come back unless they release Kuruc which could be possible but I think they will go with the two rookie forwards. Other then that the only possible player is Whiteside if he gets bought out. Think that would stretch the rotation too much.

  8. KnickerbockerAl

    Vet depth always a good thing. Good signing, still would be wise to sign Rivers. And another big for playoffs. Pelle, Maker, Dedmond are out there. They will need the depth when they play big teams.

  9. Buckman

    The Bucks’ frontcourt is as thin as ice in late March. I worry about how they will handle Embiid with only BroLo big enough to bang with him. I’d like to see another big brought in for that purpose. The Bucks are embracing small ball while the LA teams are going three deep at the 5 position.

    • x%sure

      Nobody learned from Lakers vs Heat. They only learned from who was in at the ends of some games.

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