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Possible Third Teams Emerging For Love Trade

The Sixers, Nuggets and Celtics are among the clubs trying to get involved as a third team in a Kevin Love swap, reports Sean Deveney of The Sporting News. A deal involving Love is unlikely to involve just two teams, a source tells Deveney. The Nuggets and Celtics are still attempting to acquire Love themselves, but they have interest in acting merely as facilitators, too, with Boston looking to part with draft picks in return for a player who can help the team this coming season.

The Sixers would like to fold Thaddeus Young into the deal, Deveney adds, advancing reports from overnight. Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune suggested that it wouldn’t be surprising if Young ends up in Minnesota, while there are whispers that the Sixers have strong interest in Cavs guard Dion Waiters, according to Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio.

The Cavs became willing at some point this past weekend to include Andrew Wiggins in a deal for Love, and the Wolves like the packages they’re discussing with Cleveland better than what other teams have on the table, as Jon Krawczynski of The Associated Press explains. Still, the 30-day waiting period that would take place once Wiggins signs his contract with Cleveland has the teams on edge, and with the Wolves also looking at bringing a third club into the mix, the balancing act could cause a deal to unravel, Krawczynski adds (All four Twitter links).

Minnesota is also high on what Golden State can put together for Love, providing that the Warriors relent and allow Klay Thompson into such a deal, and the Nuggets’ bid for Love would be next on the Wolves’ list. The Bulls also appear to be making another run at the All-Star power forward, while the Celtics seemingly remain on the fringes.

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20 thoughts on “Possible Third Teams Emerging For Love Trade

  1. victor gonzales

    brain storm dont laugh

    clev gets rubio,love
    phi gets waiters,brewer,barea, 2 2nd rounders.. they love those things
    twolvs get wiggins,bennett,thad young, the scraps the cavs just got from the cut

    • Kevin6CD

      What use does Cleveland have for Rubio?

      • Rubio could play with irving on the floor. But ya, doesn’t make a ton of sense.

        • Kevin6CD

          He could, with Irving off the ball, but I don’t really see Rubio as an upgrade to their roster.

          • victor gonzales

            i see rubio throwing lobs all day to lbj… getting open looks to miller .. and ray allen once he signs … waiters is a ball stopper not gonna work with kyrie and lbj …

          • buffalonichols

            Wolves don’t have to include Rubio in that deal to get it done.

    • Why does philly do this trade? For waiters? how does he fit?

      • victor gonzales

        waiters and mcw plus with their big guys noel,embid … would be the most talented team they have had in a while

        • MightyMites

          Most reports say the wolves get most of that with only parting with love. No way Rubio goes.

          • victor gonzales

            rubio wants max dollars to say in minny .. i think he would think a little diffrent if he got around lbj and was winning games instead of getting his ass kicked …

          • DoodleWilly

            Four max players? Two point guards? Have you been playing 2k….

          • victor gonzales

            kyrie is not a pg he is more iverson .. then chris paul and rubio would not be a max player with cavs …. and kyries max is smaller then lebrons max .. but yeah love would be a max guy for sure even in cleveland

  2. Scott

    If Cleveland can take back Kevin Martin in a deal then I think this thing gets done. I can see a trade going down like this,

    Cleveland gets Love and Kevin Martin.
    Philly gets Waiters
    Minnesota gets T Young, Wiggins, Bennett, the 3 expiring contracts the cavs just traded for, and a 1st rd pick.

    • DoodleWilly

      Of course that gets it done, no way the Cavs trade Wiggins, Bennett, Waiters and a first are you serious?

    • jmario

      No way that happens that’s way too much for kevin love he’s an amazing player but Bennett and wiggins and waiters for Kevin? Way too much talent given up
      I think it goes
      Cavs get Love JJ Barea
      Sixers get Waiters,
      Minnesota gets Bennett 3 guys cavs just got and future first from cavs and sixers and Thad young

      • Scott

        No Wiggins, no deal. There is just no way around it.

      • MightyMites

        I’d admit that’s a ton. I doubt that would occur. Yet…so many times “talent finds itself bagging groceries after they wash out of the NBA.

      • Scott

        The original reported proposal was for Wiggins, Bennett, and a 1st rd pick. Minny said that’s not enough. Another option since you don’t like my initial proposal is to essential flip Haywood for Dieng in additional to my 1st proposal. Cavs could also hang onto 1 of their expiring contracts, which will allow the trade to go through soonwe; they’d have to wait 2 months otherwise. So it would go as follows:

        Cleveland gets: Love, K Martin, Dieng
        Philly gets: Waiters
        Minnesota gets: Wiggins, Bennett, T Young, Haywood, 2 expiring contracts from cavs, and a 1st rd pick from cavs.

        So from the proposal that Minny turned down, you are trading Waiters, Haywood, 2 expiring contracts(don’t mean anything to the cavs) for Martin and Dieng.

  3. BNimchuk

    CAVS get Love and Barea
    SIXERS get Waiters, K. Martin and 2nd rounder from MIN (for taking K. Martin’s)
    WOLVES get Wiggins, Bennett, Young, 1st rounder from CLE and scraps from the trade with UTAH
    Barea is a nice back up at point for the CAVS.
    Martin goes to the SIXERS because they can absorb his contract without issue and Waiters is the scoring SG they need to take some of the scoring load off MCW’s hands.
    This way everyone makes out

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