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Mavs To Re-Sign Dirk Nowitzki

After missing out on some of their top free agent targets early in July, the Mavericks have been active over the last couple days filling out their roster, and now the team is set to lock up its franchise player to a new contract. According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Mavs have reached an agreement on the framework for a two-year, $40MM deal for Dirk Nowitzki. The second year of the deal will likely be a player option, per Stein.NBA: Playoffs-San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks

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For Nowitzki, the new deal will represent a significant increase in salary on his last contract, which was worth $25MM over three years. The longtime Maverick opted out of the final year of that deal last month, choosing instead to work out a new, multiyear contract with Dallas. Although there were rumblings that the Warriors – and perhaps other teams – intended to reach out to Nowitzki, the Mavs were always the strong favorites to re-sign him.

Because Nowitzki was on such a modest contract, his cap hold this summer is only worth about $12.5MM. The Mavericks will have to keep that figure on their books as they absorb trade acquisition Andrew Bogut and finalize contracts for other free agent signees. However, once they use up their cap room, the Mavs will be able to go over the cap to finalize Nowitzki’s deal, which will have a salary closer to $20MM in 2016/17.

Although they missed out on top free agent targets like Mike Conley and Hassan Whiteside, the Mavericks have recovered reasonably well, agreeing to acquire Bogut from the Warriors for essentially nothing, and landing Harrison Barnes and Seth Curry in free agency. The team also reached agreements to bring back a pair of its own free agents, Deron Williams and Dwight Powell.

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Nowitzki turned 38 in June, but has continued to be extremely productive for the Mavericks, even as the team has slipped from title contention in recent years. In 2015/16, the German big man averaged 18.3  PPG, 6.5 RPG, and 1.7 3PG. Nowitzki’s field-goal percentage did slip to .448, his worst mark since his rookie season, but he shot a respectable 36.8% on three-pointers and continued to handle a significant offensive load for the franchise.

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11 thoughts on “Mavs To Re-Sign Dirk Nowitzki

  1. bsteady powers

    Mavs recovered quite nicely

    • CursedRangers

      Agreed. Ultimately it doesn’t matter as the West will be all but impossible to win (barring any major injuries to GS, the Clippers, or the Spurs). But the moves they pulled off should allow the Mavs the chance to get to the playoffs again.

      • GeauxRangers

        Should be a nice competition for the 8 seed once again

        • blackstripes

          Team finished as a 6 seed and has improved at C and SF w Anderson coming off that playoff series against OKC. Will be a 5 seed at least.

          • They finished as a 6th seed when most of the West had a down year (outside of the top 4–GS, SAS, OKC, LAC). Trailblazers are still better than the Mavs, Pelicans had an injury filled year (and should be a bit better), Rockets had a down year (although I don’t expect them to be a top 6 seed again), Utah is much better, Memphis should be good again and I think the T-Wolves can sneak into the playoffs. If the Thunder are stupid and keep Westbrook, that team will also be better than Dallas. Dallas can still make the playoffs, but a top 5 seed is definetly not guaranteed. Barring injuries, the Warriors, Spurs, Clippers, Trailblazers should all be ahead of the Mavs. That probably means the Jazz/Rockets/Pelicans/Mavs/Grizzlies should be fighting for 4 spots. That’s not counting the T-Wolves and the Thunder (who will be a question mark until the Westbrook situation is resolved).

          • blackstripes

            GSW,SA,LAC. Everyone else same tier. Memphis and Houston below

          • Trail Blazers are better. Memphis (if healthy) are better. Mavs are looking at a 5 seed best case scenario.

        • Z.....

          they need more overall depth, but after everything, they end up lucking out with a pretty good looking roster in general. They filled their biggest needs, which was on the wing, perimeter defense, and rim protection. There are still better teams out there, obviously, so it will be interesting to see where this team ends up in the West, but talk about flipping a narrative a little bit

  2. MiamiPhins34

    Good. He deserves the money after Cuban and co. dropped the ball the while he was taking massive pay cuts to try to help the team.

    • jjjkljljlkjlkj

      you mean after deandre jordan wussed out?

  3. PLyons

    Although Nowitzki’s signing doesn’t change their lineup, I thought there might be a link to their Roster Resource page. Is there going to be an RR app or easy access on Trade Rumors to the RR pages?
    Thanks for all you do, fellas.

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