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Warriors Sign David West

JULY 9th, 5:22pm: The signing is official, the team announced via press release.

JULY 5th, 3:21pm:  A year after taking a significant pay cut to sign with the Spurs, David West has once again decided to forgo a major payday in order to join a title contender. According to David Aldridge of (via Twitter), West has agreed to terms on a one-year, minimum-salary contract with the Warriors. The minimum salary for a player with West’s experience is $1,551,659.David West vertical

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West, the 18th overall pick in 2003, spent eight years with New Orleans to start his NBA career before joining the Pacers for four seasons. Last summer, the veteran forward declined a player option worth $12MM+ with Indiana, instead signing a minimum-salary contract with the Spurs in the hopes of winning a championship.

West, 35, played just 18 minutes per game for San Antonio during the 2015/16 regular season, his lowest mark since his rookie year. He was still fairly effective in that limited role, recording a career-best .545 FG%. However, he and the Spurs fell short of a championship having been eliminated in the second round by the Thunder. West subsequently declined his player option for the coming season.

In 2016/17, West will take another shot at a ring with the Warriors, who are huge title favorites after agreeing to sign Kevin Durant. In addition to striking a deal with Durant and now landing West, Golden State also got Zaza Pachulia to agree to a below-market contract to join the roster, fortifying the team’s frontcourt.

The Warriors have limited flexibility to fill out their roster, but as the Pachulia and West deals show, there are veteran free agents willing to take less money to join Golden State’s stacked squad. Even longtime players who have been out of the NBA for the last couple years have been linked to the Dubs — one report suggested the club would give Ray Allen a call, while another report indicated Jermaine O’Neal is open to a return for the Warriors. The team has also been linked to younger free agents such as Willie Reed and Dewayne Dedmon.

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22 thoughts on “Warriors Sign David West

  1. mkeving

    Holy crap!

  2. jomar_18

    That bad he wants a ring lmaoo i hope you loose so you’ll feel sorry for passing a contract aging with the cavs

    • Austin Carr's Son's Son

      I bet you hope he’s loose haha

      • NYC Fan


    • dstuart

      I bet you should go back to school and learn to spell elementary school level words.

  3. Ok this roster starting to take shape.

    Pachulia – Green – Durant – Thompson – Curry

    Iggy – Livingston – West – Jones – Looney…

    Ok now go get David Lee, Ray Allen, and try to
    bring back Rush or Ian Clark…

    • G Bear

      Don’t forget about McCaw

    • Oh yea bring back Barbosa too and we set…

  4. Z.....

    Called this yesterday…Great move for them obviously. Now they just need a backup rim protector on the cheap to help them in that area, while Jones recovers from his pectoral injury, and then obviously fill out the bench guard/wing spots, preferably with a shooter or 2 to replace Barbosa, Clark, and Rush, and call it a complete roster, and extremely scary

  5. Geeze rosters looking too stacked. Mo Speights dropping 3s too?

  6. bosox3415

    Players are wanting a ring with GS so bad that it’s been reported that Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing would be willing to play for $100,000 a year!

  7. Steve in Chicago

    I am tiring of the “lets stack the deck” guys. As MJ said, ” I didnt want to team with Magic or Bird, i wanted to beat them.” I guess nowadays everyone is Robert Horry.

    Or, the Everyone Gets A Trophy generation strikes again.

    This is not good for the league and is the reason we have a reverse order draft and salary cap in the first place.

    • Priggs89

      KD basically said the same thing as MJ 6 years ago. Apparently he changed his mind and would rather take the easy way now. I’ve never been less interested in a basketball season.

    • CursedRangers

      On top of that the salaries are more absurd than in baseball. ‘B’ level talent is getting $20M a year? This is crazy…

    • Cs & Dubs

      Except that MJ didn’t beat Magic or Bird until they were already beaten by Father Time.

      Oh, and he also played with a couple HOFers, too.

  8. Jay Patel

    These Draft classes are becoming worse and worse. Star potential players aren’t coming from these draft classes and teams would be lucky to hit on 1. For the Warriors, they were able to hit on 3 (Curry, Thompson, & Green) and build a foundation that allowed them to be NBA best.

    For all the people that didn’t like KD’s decision deal with it. He joined to win and improve his brand. In a business point of view, he can make more money from endorsements in the Bay Area with all the star-studded players. Brand recognition can go a long way by the market you are at.

    As for the signing, David West has been in the league for 13 years and hasn’t won a ring. So I understand his reasoning to chase one (same with Zaza). If we could have more “SuperPower” teams the NBA would be so much better to watch (let say 8-10 teams).

    • Pihc123

      Don’t forget the Cavs are the champions.

      • Not really. The nba won the championship by susspending green. They win in 5, bogut never gets hurt. There is no reason for that suspension except for lebron whining and the nba wanting the series to continue. So no I don’t consider the cavs the best team.

  9. jeffy25

    Why a salary cap is so stupid in sports

  10. Warriors


  11. Warriors

    Warriors are a true team not a one man show like others. That’s one reason it’s worth a pay cut and of course a pretty good chance at a ring at least on paper it’s lookin good

  12. Warriors

    That’s true ric. No reason for green getting suspended. And yes James is one of the biggest it’s all about me in the game. So much drama when he one and again as a ball hog does he hogged the trophies never shared how rude. Not a team player

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