Recap Of Trade Deadline Deals

Here's the complete list of trades that took place this week leading up to the trade deadline earlier today:

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2 thoughts on “Recap Of Trade Deadline Deals

  1. Jared

    How can the Nets trade be done? According to the Ted Stepien rule a team cannot trade their 1st round pick in back to back seasons. The Nets traded their 2011 first round puck to the Utah Jazz in the package for Deron Williams last year.

    • HoopsRumors

      Teams can trade their first-rounders every year if they want to, but they can’t leave themselves without FUTURE first-rounders for back-to-back years. That’s why in bigger deals, you’ll see teams including, say, a 2012 first-rounder and a 2014 first-rounder — 2012 and 2013 wouldn’t be allowed.

      — Luke

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