Hoops Rumors Originals 9/6/15-9/12/15

Here’s a look back at the original analysis generated by the Hoops Rumors staff this past week…

  • In his weekly column, Sam Amico, the founder and editor of AmicoHoops.net and a broadcast journalist for Fox Sports Ohio, looked at the state of the Raptors.
  • Chuck Myron ran down the rookie scale team option decisions looming this fall and the likelihood that each option is exercised.
  • I handed out grades for the 2015 NBA Draft to the teams of the Southeast Division.
  • If you missed the week’s live chat, you can view the transcript here.
  • Arthur Hill examined Terrence Jones as an extension candidate, while Dana Gauruder looked at Evan Fournier.
  • Chuck listed the free agents who inked the most lucrative free agent deals this offseason by total value of the contract.
  • We ran down how the top 2015 free agents fared this offseason.
  • I broke down the 2015/16 salary cap commitments for the Suns and Trail Blazers.
  • Chuck looked at the increasing number of Brazilian players in the NBA.
  • Zach Links highlighted some of the better basketball blogs around in his weekly installment of Hoops Links.
  • Chuck looked at how NBA teams without affiliates utilized the D-League last season.
  • We asked readers to vote on who they would select if they had the chance to redo the the 2003 NBA Draft. Here are the results for the No. 13, No. 14, No. 15, No. 16, and No. 17 picks.
  • Chuck looked at teams that have entered the regular season without the league maximum of 15 players on their rosters the last few seasons.
  • If you missed any of our daily reader-driven discussions, be sure to check out the Community Shootaround archives.
  • Here’s how you can follow Hoops Rumors on social media and RSS feeds.
  • We ran down the D-League affiliations for the 2015/16 seasons.
  • Chuck broke down which 2015 free agents had team options included in their pacts.
  • We reviewed our commenting policy. Play nice everyone.
  • Chuck ran down the list of players who are ineligible to be traded until January 15th, 2016.
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