Unsigned Draft Picks: Atlantic Division

As the 2016 NBA draft rapidly approaches the term draft-and-stash will be mentioned quite often in regard to international players and late second-rounders. While some of these athletes will eventually sign with an NBA team,  it seems like the majority of them stay overseas and never make it to the league. Those players in the latter category aren’t without value as they become trade assets for the teams holding their rights.

While many players fail to work out the way teams expect them to, they can at least become tradeable assets for teams that don’t want to part with a future second-round pick in a deal.  Each team must give up something in a trade, which is why many swaps include top-55 protected second-round picks.  Older draft rights held players who clearly will never come over to the NBA are essentially the same as flipping those heavily protected second-rounders, for all intents and purposes.

Listed below are the current unsigned draftees for the teams of the Atlantic Division:

Boston Celtics

  • Colton Iverson — Selected No. 53 overall in 2013.
  • Ben Pepper — Selected No.55 overall in 1997.
  • Josip Sesar — Selected No. 47 Overall in 2000.
  • Marcus Thornton — Selected No. 45 overall in 2015.

Brooklyn Nets

  • Christian Drejer — Selected No. 51 overall in 2004.
  • Juan Pablo Vaulet — Selected No. 39 overall in 2015.

New York Knicks

  • Guillermo Hernangomez — Selected No. 35 overall in 2015.
  • Louis Labeyrie — Selected No. 57 overall in 2014.

Philadelphia 76ers

Toronto Raptors

  • DeAndre Daniels — Selected No. 37 overall in 2014.
  • DeeAndre Hulett — Selected No. 46 overall in 2000.
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