Wizards, Ian Mahinmi Agree To Deal

The Wizards and Ian Mahinmi have agreed to four-year pact worth $64MM, according to Tim Bontemps of The Washington Post. The Pacers tried to re-sign Mahinmi, but were not going to offer that kind of money, Nate Taylor of The Indianapolis Star relays.Ian Mahinmi vertical

This is the second major move for the Wizards this offseason, following their agreement to re-sign shooting guard Bradley Beal to a five-year max, maximum-salary contract. The team was also linked to Al Horford, Luol Deng, and Jared Dudley, before those players reached deals with other teams.

A 6-foot-11 center, Mahinmi enjoyed the best season of his career last year at the age of 29. He averaged 7.1 rebounds per game and 9.3 points on 58.9% shooting. Mahinmi had served as a backup for seven previous seasons, so it remains to be seen whether or not his success is sustainable.

Mahinmi joins a Washington front court that already features Markieff Morris and Marcin Gortat. He’ll be expected to help improve a defense that ranked No. 14 in efficiency, and also looks to be the replacement for Nene, who is an unrestricted free agent after having spent four seasons with the Wizards.

The Spurs, Timberwolves, Hornets, Mavericks, Trail Blazers, and Magic were also mentioned as potential suitors for Mahinmi.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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21 thoughts on “Wizards, Ian Mahinmi Agree To Deal

  1. Z.....

    interesting with Gortat being there. I like Mahinmi better than Biyombo in some ways, though he is obviously older. Mahinmi also still has too much of a tendency to foul. Otherwise, they’re generally pretty similar, with Mahinmi being able to do more offensively

  2. BeanTownSports

    These players being throw this kind of money this offseason is a bit ridiculous

  3. Gilman321

    What kind of money are the owners making if they can pay these contracts

    • Exactly! This is the new economics of the NBA. Get use to it! You have to remember that the owners must spend something like 53% of all revenue on players saleries. Everyone is saying that the league is in trouble, but these increased salaries are actually indication that the league is doing well. Very well obviously!

  4. Chris815

    Bad deal . I’m going to say this again the disrespect . The NBA is in trouble . You will see the wall and beal are the second best back court in the league . This contract shows why grunfeld needs to go

    • Mike Query

      best to second best in 10 minutes, wonder if theyll still be in the top 10 by tomorrow

    • They’re not even the second best backcourt. Lowry/DeRozan is better and LillardMcCollum are basically neck and neck with Wall/Beal. You can make an argument for both sides…Wall and Lillard cancel each other out so that’s a null argument. Beal is probably slightly better, but his injury history is worrisome while McCollum looks promising and could be better than Beal, but let’s see if he can fo this over multiple years.

    • DVail79

      doubt Pau wanted to go there … he’d probably prefer to I dunno … win?

  5. Chris815

    Do all do remember the wizards where injure in 2014 from making eastern conference. Finals . And one bad season when they had most of the team on one season contract and half team spent time on dl wall was 3 ass . Say this again the league is on notice . If I was wall and beal I would take this all as disrespect and I wouldn’t want to be the league . Wall and beal are 2nd best back court . You heard it hear wizards will make at lease eastern conference finals next year.

    • DVail79

      eastern conference finals? they are somehow better than either Cleveland Indiana Boston Toronto etc? I think not

      • fbk815

        Dvail79 you do realize that I did say eastern conference final right. When it come to Boston just sign horford doesn’t mean any thing . He not monster point scorer or a monster rebounder he undersize center that can play power forward but just because he was ok under the Hawks system doesn’t mean he will be able to get Boston out of the 1st round. When it come to Indiana . Jefferson has back issues . And he is past his prime . And he will be ok but he not same play he was even 2 years ago. And where Teague is good point guard but he not better the health John wall. And wizards have proven they can beet Toronto in play offs . And when you. Add in fact that health wall and beal are 2nd best back court in NBA . And fact that what going on this off season is disrespect to them. They will be back and he’ll to pay to all these free agents and all of you how disrespect the wizards . With brooks as coach watch how good wall beal, Porter, Oubre , morris will get this season look what he did for Durant , Westbrook, Ibaka , even harden . Watch what happen . Like said eastern conference finals

        • Wall and Beal are not the second best backcourt, Toronto owns that distinction and Portland might have a better one (but that’s an arguable stance). And I like how for Indy you cite Jefferson’s back issues. Jefferson probably isn’t even going to have a major role…and what about Paul George who is a better player than Wall and has shown enough to carry a team into the playoffs. And yeah the Wizards beat Toronto two years ago thanks to Paul Pierce (who is now in LA) but completely failed to make the playoffs last season. What have the Wizards done to say they won’t miss the playoffs again? Their best addition is Mahinmi at this point. As an Indy fan, that’s hardly inspiring. Although I’ll be sure to send a postcard when the playoffs start. All of those teams are better than the Wizards plain and simple.

  6. CursedRangers

    A career backup averaging less than 10 points a game can make this kind of money!?!? Wow! Ticket prices are going to soar over the next couple of years. This offseason is a joke…

  7. danieldash428

    $16M per year for somebody who doesn’t even average double digit points or rebounds? In 5 years the Wizards are going to regret dropping $197M total on Beal and Mahinmi this week.

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