Hawks Don’t Match Knicks’ Hardaway Offer Sheet

2:08pm: Tim Hardaway Jr. is now officially a Knick, as Hardaway’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, says that Atlanta has officially not matched, per Marc Berman of The New York Post (link via Twitter).

1:45pm: The Hawks have informed the Knicks that they will not match New York’s offer sheet on Tim Hardaway Jr., reports Shams Charania of The Vertical (link via Twitter).

11:27am: The Hawks don’t intend to match the Knicks’ four-year, $71MM offer sheet for Tim Hardaway Jr., reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. As Wojnarowski notes, the formal deadline for Atlanta to make its decision is still hours away, but Hardaway will ultimately be a Knick — again.Tim Hardaway Jr. vertical

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Hardaway, 25, enjoyed the best season of his NBA career in 2016/17, averaging 14.5 PPG, 2.8 RPG, and 2.3 APG in 79 games (30 starts) for the Hawks. He also posted a career-best FG% (.455) and had a .357 3PT%, and was even better after the All-Star break, with 17.5 PPG in 25 contests.

While Hardaway’s production was solid and he still has room to improve, the Knicks’ $71MM offer – which came at a time when most teams didn’t have much cap room available – was a surprise. The Hawks were reportedly willing to do a deal in the four-year, $48MM range for Hardaway, but decided not to match a Knicks offer that would hamper their cap flexibility more significantly. Atlanta will have room left over to pursue another RFA or accommodate another salary dump.

In addition to averaging nearly $18MM annually, the Knicks’ deal with Hardaway includes a fourth-year player option and a 15% trade bonus, according to previous reports. The agreement also calls for the shooting guard to receive 50% of his annual salary by October 1 each year.

With Hardaway in the mix, the Knicks will have little – if any – cap room available to spend on other free agents, though the club will still have its $4.3MM room exception. New York also had to renounce its rights to Derrick Rose, among other free agents, in order to clear the space necessary for Hardaway. That all but rules out the possibility of a reunion between Rose and the Knicks, since the team no longer holds his Bird rights.

Hardaway was originally drafted by New York with the No. 24 pick in the 2013 draft. The Knicks traded him to the Hawks in a 2015 draft night trade that netted them Jerian Grant. Grant was traded to the Bulls during the following offseason as part of a package that brought Rose to the Big Apple.

As Marc Berman of the New York Post wrote earlier today, the Knicks’ brain trust views Hardaway as part of a long-term ‘core four’ for the franchise, alongside Kristaps PorzingisWilly Hernangomez, and Frank Ntilikina.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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47 thoughts on “Hawks Don’t Match Knicks’ Hardaway Offer Sheet

    • Yankee4Life27

      You like this Bro? Why? 71 million? He will crumble in NY… And now Melo is definitely gone… The Knicks will be good for 10 wins per year, for the next few years…

      • Dionis

        I don’t want to hear that negative garbage. I saw Tim take over multiple games this past season and he plays with heart, we need that in NY not no b**ch made players like LeQueen lmao.

        • Yankee4Life27

          You aren’t hearing it, you’re reading it… But anyway, he will suck Bro… He’s a bum… He’s a 14 point per game “assassin”… Lmao.

          • Dionis

            LMAO OKAY I don’t wanna see you jocking the Knicks when they in a playoff chase next season.

              • yoyo137

                They’re getting it from California that’s why Lakers fans are like this too

                • Sirsleepit

                  The only lakers fan that thinks they will make the playoffs is Lavar…

            • When they’re in the playoff chase next season! LOL. Yes they can make the playoffs and get swept by by the Celtics or Cavs. Or better yet, they’ll win a single game and have confetti fall from the rafters like they just won the championship (like they did against the Heat 6-7 years ago).

      • luigi1229

        even though it’s clearly a lot of money, the hawks gave bazemore 70 million last season and averaged less points than hardaway.

  1. ludwiglyle

    Not real sure what the Hawks strategy is for the upcoming year. Clearly there’s a plan to jettison players, but a starting five of Schroeder, Muscala, Prince and ???? This may become the tank of all tanks.

    • Dionis

      Yea they are probably going for one of those bigs in the coming draft, Bamba or Ayton.

    • RamMac14

      agreed, why not go out and trade for an avery bradley to improve the team. i mean detroit practically got him for nothing and even recieved a pick. ive never understood the hawks front office one bit

      • Dionis

        I think the Pistons will hold on to Bradley and possibly re-sign him next off-season.

            • Connorsoxfan

              Why do you always say something unimportant and always make a snippy remark whenever anyone says you’re wrong? And in addition to that you don’t even say why you’re right you just insult them lll

              • Dionis

                And who the f are you to tell me I’m wrong? I don’t care about you bro, go somewhere else with your BS. We can go back and forth all day if you want, just shut up and go somewhere.

                • Connorsoxfan

                  I didn’t tell you that what you said was wrong I just didn’t see how it was even remotely relevant

                    • knoxchristopher79

                      You are on drugs.. first you think the knicks are gonna go to the playoffs because of THJ. And then you go ballistic when someone disagrees with you when you’re obviously wrong about almost everything you say. You say a bunch of crap and expect people to agree with you

      • KnicksCavsFan

        And why would Kyrie be a Bull next year? He isn’t a free agent and the Bulls don’t have anything that Cavs would want back in a trade.

  2. fckphil

    Hawks are doing what the Knicks should be doing…TANKING for Porter Jr…..and they pulled an Alan Houston in the process…Hawks 50 mill offer knicks couldve gone 52-55…nope 71….who taught these idiots how to negotiate!!!!

    • Dionis

      How did they pull a Allan Houston? Hardaway Jr is only 25 and a straight up assassin on the court, I saw him destroy the Cavs and Rockets single handedly this past season.

  3. More important implication for Rose is that this eliminates the possibility for a sign and trade. He will probably settle for a paltry contract with the Spurs or Clippers or something, maybe Cavs.

  4. padam

    Just terrible news for Knicks fans. Knicks front office is just clueless. If only Donnie Walsh could come back…

  5. GMB 883

    It’s kind of sad because we are talking about the NYK but I think right now they have to overpay to get players on their team. Noah is a perfect example. They need to move Carmelo and continue to build around KP. Who knows maybe THjr will end up scoring 20 to 25 per game and the rookie French point guard becomes a really good player. If that happens then it’s all about a good draft or two and signing a couple FA’s next year that are a good fit. They might not be as far away as it seems. It won’t be easy with the Celtics are building but they could be good sooner rather that later.

  6. Hawks didn’t need to think much about this decision. Just needed to stop laughing. A “trade kicker” for THJ has to have 29 teams laughing. I guess having a mediocre marketing guy play GM results in things like this. Why even hire a real GM at this point. Cap space is gone for this year and likely next.

  7. djc1877

    Now the Knicks need to send Melo to the Rockets via 3-team deal… Melo to Houston, Ryan Anderson to Detroit (reunite with SVG), Reggie Jackson (DET) and Trevor Ariza (HOU) to the Knicks works financially and include a draft pick from Rockets to NYK. Pistons have been shopping Jackson and now have Bradley to start (and in need of an extension), Ariza only has 1 year left on his deal and would be a decent bench option for the Knicks 2nd unit, Anderson came into his own playing for Van Gundy in Orlando, Jackson can start while Ntilikina breaks into the league. Even better if the Knicks can squeeze a draft pick out of Houston.

    • Table

      Ariza being a “decent bench option” for the freaking Knicks is the understatement of the year. Dude started on a top 4 team. You’d be lucky to have him at all what the hell

    • Ariza isn’t getting traded in a Melo deal. He fits the system and is one of the few guys they have who also plays defense. They want to move Anderson because he can’t defend much better than Melo. Jackson isn’t a mentor (tunnel vision scorer, like Hardaway – bad combo). I’d take Anderson and a remote 1st rounder and be done with it. Honestly, I doubt D’Antoni really wants to deal with Melo again, and Houston is just faning interest to placate CP3. Cleveland is the only team that might benefit from Melo (but he’s not worth Love even up, so it’s got to be negotiated with some other team(s). Who is going to do that? Steve Mills? We saw his BB acumen on display and so did the rest of the league.

  8. Corleone

    Good move knicks he can easy score more than 20 points a night but they need a trade from Lee

  9. CursedRangers

    Noel has to be loving this move. With the Hawks already interested in him, they now have more cap room to throw money his way. Of course the Mavs will match, but Noel will become that much more well off.

    These salaries are past the crazy stage….

  10. steelerbravenation

    I don’t understand why ppl hate this signing so much. Everybody does realize the Knicks had to overpay to sign him. He has proved to be a hard worker to turn it around and develop and he is at the age where he should only get better.
    They had to knock him out the park for him to go there and leave a playoff caliber team.

  11. BSPORT

    Way overpaid for him. The Knicks need to hire a GM and decide direction for team before they are crippled with bad contracts for next 4-5 years. They won’t get anybody good in with his hands tied. I think they should offer it to Larry Bird.

    • padam

      The sad part is the GM is making the decisions for the Knicks. This is becoming an owner issue now…

  12. luigi1229

    hawks gave bazemore 70 mil last season and averaged 11 points. don’t see what the big deal is.

  13. I don’t hate the signing either… I agree that it’s an overpay, but maybe the Knicks finally realize a big star isn’t coming their way. Stockpile good (not great) talent at 25 years and younger and see what happens.

  14. KnicksCavsFan

    I personally don’t see all the hate. The Knicks acquired a 25 year old with promise. I watched him a few games last year and I can see him being a 20 pt a game guy.

    The Knicks need to spend money to make the salary floor and if they buyout Anthony then that still needs to happen. 4 years @ $18 mil doesn’t look as bad when compared to the Otto Porter’s of the world. At least he’s not an over-the-hill star with a name (Derrick Rose, etc). He can grow with the team.

    If he manages to produce next season then he can also be a very affordable trade option too.

    Only reason to hate this deal is if it’s your opinion to simply avoid adding talent and tank the season. I could argue that might be a good idea but I don”t think adding Hardaway makes them any better than a lower tier team too

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