Kings Sign George Hill

JULY 10th, 4:13pm: The Kings have officially announced the Hill signing via press release. The three-year deal, $57MM contract is guaranteed for $40MM, according to Amick (Twitter link).

JULY 4th, 3:47pm: The third year of Hill’s deal will be partially guaranteed, tweets Sam Amick of USA Today.

12:32pm: The Kings and free agent point guard George Hill have reached an agreement on a three-year, $57MM contract, reports Shams Charania of The Vertical.George Hill vertical

Although injuries limited Hill to 49 games in 2016/17, he was excellent when he played, comfortably establishing a new career high in PPG (16.9) for the Jazz despite averaging fewer minutes per game than he had with the Pacers. The 31-year-old provided solid defense and shot over 40% from downtown for a second straight season. In Sacramento, he’ll act as a veteran mentor to the team’s new point guard, De’Aaron Fox, and his ability to play off the ball should allow both guards to share the court at times.

Hill reportedly received interest from the Lakers, Nuggets, Timberwolves, Pacers, Knicks, and Spurs, among other teams. However, many of those teams didn’t have the cap flexibility to make him the sort of offer he has now received from the Kings, and some clubs – such as the Lakers – may have not been willing to go up to three years.

Hill’s former team, the Jazz, wasn’t viewed as a serious contender for the veteran point guard after the team acquired Ricky Rubio from the Timberwolves last week. At least one report suggested that losing Hill may adversely affect Utah’s chances of retaining Gordon Hayward, but Hayward reportedly likes the idea of playing with Rubio as well, so Hill’s formal departure may not have a major impact on his decision.

Word of Sacramento’s agreement with Hill broke around the same time that it was reported the team would also sign Zach Randolph to a two-year pact worth $24MM. The Kings entered the free agent period with only about $44MM in commitments on their 2017/18 cap for their incumbent players and their three 2017 first-round picks.

However, with deals now in place for Hill, Randolph, and Bogdan Bogdanovic, the Kings appear to no longer have room for a reported max offer for Otto Porter unless they’re able to shed a contract or two. That could bode well for Porter’s return to the Wizards, perhaps at a more reasonable rate than Washington anticipated, though the Nets continue to lurk and could put a big offer sheet on the table.

The terms on Hill’s new three-year, $57MM deal are identical to the reported terms on Jeff Teague‘s agreement with the Timberwolves, so that deal likely served as a reference point during discussions between the Kings and Hill’s camp.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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42 thoughts on “Kings Sign George Hill

  1. formerlyz

    Good value for them if he stays healthy. Never thought he’d have to go there to get paid though. Interesting roster developing over there. They still need help at the 4, although Zach Randolph helps that.

    • D-NBA


      That is pretty good, might sneak in as a 8th seed but man I wanted to see Fox showout this first season.

      • There almost no chance that team get into the playoffs in the west. But I’m glad your optimistic

      • Nothing wrong with putting a veteran in front of him. Hill is a solid, if unspectacular, point who should be a great mentor to both Fox and Hield. Plus he can play at either guard position meaning neither one should really be blocked for minutes.

  2. D-NBA

    I am shocked, so this means Fox is coming off the bench. Not a fan of this at all, I do not understand what Divac is doing. What is the point of drafting Fox is he is playing behind Hill?

    • RAM813

      Fox is 19 so him starting his first year is a lot to ask from a rookie. This is great if healthy to help groom Fox for the future.

        • RAM813

          They also have a ton of cap space to use. Better usage than what my Orlando Magic have done. The last era was horrible and this is at least a solid piece. The Magic have the worst team and no cap. They are my bet for the 1st in 18.

          • D-NBA

            If they get Michael Porter Jr they will be set lol. Kid is the most complete scorer coming out of next year’s draft. Can’t go wrong with Porter Jr,Bamba, Ayton, or Doncic.

  3. RiverCatsFilms

    Say hello to your 8-seeded Kings, who will get swept by the Warriors, sadly

    • yoyo137

      That’s what I was thinking but there was a report that Hayward has said to the Jazz that he wants to play with Rubio (presumably before they traded for Rubio) so who knows honestly

  4. Thronson5

    Was really hoping the Lakers got this guy but I don’t blame him for taking more years and more money. Good for him. I like what the Kings have done today by signing Hill and Randolph.

  5. vbac23

    At this rate every West team will he over .500 and all but 3 in the east will be 10 games over

  6. Sheldon Bowen

    Calm down with the 8 seed folks.
    San Antonio
    In no order all are pretty feirce. Dallas could be argued and moves still could be made. Utah if hayward comes back which looks doubtful. Sac is doing a lot of great moves though and like what they are building we will see. Hill is a great mentor for fox

    • kylewait89

      Here is the issue with that argument. 3 of those teams were worse than Sacramento and that was after they jettisoned their franchise player. The Kings probably would have been the 8 this year which wouldn’t have been a good franchise move. A trade and tank job allowed them to get better for the future.

      Minnesota should be good. But they should have been good the last few years. Maybe they make a step forward, maybe they don’t. Denver is more or less in the same boat as the Kings with paying some guys while already having young talent. The Pelicans will be in sell mode fairly quickly. I have no faith in Portland defending anything considering their backcourt. Really, that eight seed is up for grabs and the Kings have put themselves into position for it.

  7. Z-A

    LOL That Kings pick doesn’t look so hot now for the Celtics. Vlade thank you for being a little competent after the Sixers trade that pick. Making Coleangelo appear that much smarter than Ainge.

    • kylewait89

      Playing the hindsight card seems a little stupid. They had no way of knowing the Kings would throw crazy money at an eventual bench player.

      • Z-A

        Everything ends up being hindsight don’t be a turd. It makes the situation of them passing on Fultz laughable.

      • Z-A

        I’m no fan of the Coangelo that’s for sure, but may be the one time recently that Danny didn’t fleece someone.

        • bosox90

          Unless Tatum and Fultz both end up being very good players and the Celtics end up nabbing a 2-5 pick from LAL in the process which is entirely possible…

  8. kylewait89

    A two year deal would have made sense butnhaving an eventual bench player on that kind of contract seems a little ridiculous.

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