Cavs Acquire Rodney Hood, George Hill In Three-Team Trade

7:57pm: The trade is official, according to press releases from the Jazz and Cavaliers. The terms of the deal are as follows:"<strong

1:41pm: ESPN’s Brian Windhorst adds more details on this complex three-team deal, tweeting that the Kings will receive $2.1MM from the Cavs and $1.1MM from the Jazz. Utah will have the option of swapping second-round picks in 2024 with the Cavs. Cleveland also acquired the draft rights to Arturas Gudaitis from the Kings and surrendered the draft rights to Dimitrios Agravanis.

12:03pm: A busy day in Cleveland continues, as the Cavaliers have agreed to acquire Rodney Hood from the Jazz in a three-team trade, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter links). The Cavs will also receive George Hill from Sacramento in the deal, with the Jazz acquiring Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose.

The Kings will get Joe Johnson and Iman Shumpert, per Woj (Twitter link). TNT’s David Aldridge tweets that Sacramento will also acquire a future draft pick and cash considerations, with Sam Amick of USA Today providing some details (via Twitter), reporting that the pick will be Miami’s 2020 second-rounder from Cleveland. The Kings will also get a little over $3MM in cash, Amick adds.

The move, which comes on the heels of the Cavs reaching a deal with the Lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr., further reshapes a Cleveland roster that will look a whole lot different by the end of the day than it did at the start of it.

By surrendering Crowder, Rose, and Shumpert in exchange for Hood and Hill, the Cavaliers will take on about $4MM in extra salary, and far more than that in projected tax payments. However, the cost of the deal may be worth it for the on-court impact, as Crowder, Rose, and Shumpert have all underperformed and/or battled injuries this season.

Hood will give the Cavs a young, perimeter scorer who has fought through some injuries of his own, but has enjoyed a career year when he’s been on the court. In 39 games, the 25-year-old has averaged 16.8 PPG on .424/.389/.876 shooting. As for Hill, the veteran point guard has struggled mightily in Sacramento this season, but has historically been a good shooter (.454/.384/.800 career shooting line) and a solid defender. His ability to play off the ball should make him a good fit to play alongside LeBron James.

Hood will be a restricted free agent this summer, while Hill remains under contract for two more years beyond this one. He’ll earn $19MM in 2018/19, and has a $18MM salary in 2019/20 that only features a very small partial guarantee.

From Utah’s perspective, the trade will allow them to get out from under Johnson’s $10.5MM salary — the veteran forward was viewed as a buyout candidate if he had remained on the roster through the deadline, and will likely remain a buyout candidate in Sacramento. The Jazz had to give up Hood as part of the deal, but he had been mentioned frequently in trade rumors in recent weeks and no longer appeared to be part of the club’s long-term plans.

In exchange, Utah will acquire Crowder, who has a reputation as a solid three-and-D wing on a team-friendly contract despite his struggles this season, and Rose, who may not be in the team’s plans. Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports tweets that the Jazz will likely release Rose.

As for the Kings, they’ll get out from under Hill’s expensive multiyear deal, acquiring Johnson’s expiring contract as well as Shumpert, who has a $10.3MM+ player option for next season. The deal creates nearly $9MM in 2018/19 cap flexibility for the Kings, and also nets them that aforementioned 2020 pick and some cash. Sacramento had committed to playing its young players over its veterans down the stretch this season, so Hill’s playing time had been sporadic.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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69 thoughts on “Cavs Acquire Rodney Hood, George Hill In Three-Team Trade

    • xabial

      Shumpert’s a black hole on offense. When the ball goes to him, you don’t see it back. I was happy to see him go. He’s a poor man’s Patrick Beverly, with a terrible shot.

      It’s worth noting, he only had real value on his rookie contract. — Plus plus defense (only thing that kept him in the league)

      He had a chance to improve because he was young, but he was so bad offensively, I was skeptical. Even when he was shooting 40% on threes on Cavs, at one point, I assume it was a mirage, that’s how broken his shot is.

      Gilbert overpaid him, so Shumpert would forgo his first chance at FA. — four years $40M, with a fourth year $11M player option.

      Even with the rising cap, “albatross”

      I knew Cavs were trying to trade Shumpert, and had Shumpert on trade block for a while, but never thought would happen without including a first round pick. Well it did.

      Want to know what Shumpert was worth?

      Salary dump for a worse contract, the Kings regret. (George Hill is productive but he’s not worth $20M year)

      Don’t buy into the Shumpert hype. He’s not a good 3PT shooter. And this is a good trade for the Cavs because even though George Hill isn’t worth $20M+ salary— He’s still much better than Shump.

      • moazetongue

        Hill will be with 20 mill if the Cavs get to the finals. Weren’t getting there with Shump ( who played some point guard earlier in the season), DRose, It and or DWade at the point guard position. With Hill the starter and Clarkson off the bench, the PG position just got a lot better in Cleveland. .

      • x%sure

        If Sacto keeps him, he will pick up where he left off, except better if he’s happier– which is likely. He missed an opportunity in NY and I don’t think he got one in Cleveland. He needs to settle in at SG which is possible in Sacto.

  1. Thronson5

    Curious to see how this all works for the Cavs and curious to see if they are done or if they keep going.

    • They got a lot younger, more athletic, better defense and more offense. I like it.

      Although they’ll now need to play Zizic more than they have.

    • Dodgethis

      Using the word bruh, or bro, is essentially signing your post as “written by a 12 year old”

  2. Yatagarasu

    LOL Great trade for the Cavs. Hood is 17 PPG in 28 min and Hill is just a quality PG.

    • brewcrew08

      I would assume Hill will start at PG considering they trade IT and Rose

        • I would assume Hill. Clarkson seems to best in a 6th man type of role. Hill is a suitable starting PG who is usually pretty solid everywhere but doesn’t have one skill that stands out.

          • gammaraze

            My money is on them spending the next 2 weeks figuring out what combination works best for them as starters. Current starter situation looks like this:
            PG: Hill/Clarkson
            SG: Hood/Clarkson
            SF: LeBron
            PF: Green/Nance
            C: Thompson

            • Yatagarasu

              You think Smith is being traded then? Damn… The Cavs got A LOT more athletic and younger.

                • Smith can still be useful. And he’s still probably the best two-way guard they have. The problem with Smith is he has been, and always will be, a streaky shooter. I think you’re right about Smith slowly being pushed out of the rotation, but these moves also give Cleveland a good secondary option to go to when Smith is cold.

                  • kenneth cole

                    You just called Smith a two-way guard, implying he plays defense. I’m starting to question your basketball acumen.

                  • x%sure

                    Smith has been cold since he re-upped, and players have been acquired at his position.

            • Whats also significant is this opens up 2 roster spots for the Cavs. Wouldn’t be surprised if they seek out another rim protector in free agency/buyout market.

      • moazetongue

        Agree. Gilbert gets a lot of trash talk from the national media, but we see here he did the classy thing by giving wade the opportunity to play his last games with the team that drafted him.

  3. yoyo137

    Wow!! What a roster turnaround in a couple hours! Upgrades all around and got rid of the players who weren’t playing well and were locker room issues. Great trade deadline for the Cavs

    • KCelts

      That said, I’m not sure if any one of these moves sets them apart from Golden State. Heck, I’m still not sure if they’re apart from Boston or Toronto yet.

      • yoyo137

        Yeah but it definitely gives them a better chance. Something that might be working against them is that they only have the 2nd half of the season to see if these players can mesh, but anything should be better than they were.

    • ATL_ranger

      Lmao whole new roster in just a day. If they could snag deandre Jordan too they might have a legit shot at the finals again

    • Can’t trade the Nets pick now unless somehow Cleveland gets a 1st round pick this season in a deal.

  4. Hannibal8us

    I understand the IT trade but this one is a little baffling since I’d rather have Crowder in the playoff. Strong defense is so valuable when playoff time comes around.

    • Agree but I think Cleveland might have been worried about how Crowder has been fitting. He wasn’t even playing late in the game yesterday when they were subbing IT for a defensive replacement as Cedi Osman was their choice.

    • ohiodevil

      Guess you’ve been watching Crowder tape from last season, he’s been a shell of himself this year

    • Yatagarasu

      Crowder was worse on both ends of the court and he was being a bad locker room presence. Goodbye.

    • I thought Crowder was going to help the Cavs this season as everyone else did. We were all wrong. I don’t know what or why, but Crowder was a total waste.

  5. Solo Beard

    Beat apart about this trade is the Cavs got rid of shumpert. He sucks. Love hood I cant wait to see him play in Cleveland. Hopefully he starts ahead of smith

    • Back before we knew we got the overall #1 pick (and subsequently turned that into KLove) I was thinking we’d be in the range to pick up Hood or McBuckets. I was hoping for Hood. Now the Cavs have both KLove and Hood. I’m happy. I’m really happy.

  6. dust44

    Cavs just got really good. Crowder was really the only player I think they would of rather kept then move. But it clears some dead weigh in contracts and positions them for the future if LeBron leaves. And if he stays puts young athletic role players around him and Love

    • agree except that Crowder simply didn’t provide much on either end. Maybe in time he’d figure it out. But I think the guy they needed was Frye. Suddenly a very thin front court just got thinner. Most likely have to count on Zizic off the bench now.

  7. kingcong95

    LeBron throws teammates out of his locker room faster than Gordon Ramsay throws chefs out of his kitchen.

  8. Natergater77

    This may look like a ton of moves for this year, but you would all be wrong. They might work this year, but honestly how quick can 5 new guys mesh in after 6 leave.

    This is Altman keeping his job after Lebron leaves. He now has some younger and probably better players to begin rebuilding with along with the Lottery Nets’ pick

    • Looks to me like the Cavs got younger, better defensively and better role players that don’t have to have the ball in their hands all the time to be successful. They also dumped certified wackos like DRose. I mean have you ever seen a more depressed human in your life? If you’ve swallowed way too many uppers, just go to youtube and watch one of his pressers. Guaranteed to bring you down. IT was trying to take over the locker room and team. I mean there’s the KING! That’s certified wacko. I’ll give you Shumpert and his high rise hair. AT least he tried to find some reality this year when he went from a high rise to a ground level parking lot. Channing Frye going could hurt the team and it was simply a classy move by Gilbert and co. to go to DWade and King James to ask him if he’d like to go back to the Heat so he could ride off into the sunset there instead of at the end of a Cavs bench.

      • x%sure

        Wade has not been trying very hard lately. He’s either been angry, or is mostly done. I might always remember him for that midseason winning streak, how amazing he was to make that happen.

        Frye could return; I doubt the Lakers are much interested in him. Cool

        • moazetongue

          DWade certainly was a part of that 14 game win streak off the bench specifically his D. But he couldn’t keep it going. I think just as important was the great work from Jose Calderon during that streak. But too is old and couldn’t keep it going.

          Frye can’t come back this season. New rule a few years back that prohibits a team from trading then getting the player back like they did with Big Z. I believe they have to wait one year after the trade.

  9. gronk

    Damn! Not a Cavs fan at all but if you look at the players leaving as opposed to coming back, at least based on this years results, I think they killed it. Of course they’re taking on everyone else’s money but as long as LeBron’s happy I guess they’ll pay.

    • Agree and Gilbert has never been one to back off spending contrary to what ESPN continues to try and throw down our throats.

  10. djtommyaces

    Utah should release Rose once the trade goes through. Nobody wants that cancer“all about me” player

  11. Z-A

    Well… They actually improved defensively. BDPM -3.4 vs -9.9 now. Hill, Clarkson, Hood, Nance does feel better than Rose, IT, Wade, Crowder, and Frye. Now if they can upgrade over TT they’d be in business. Vucevic + Fournier for TT, JR, & Nets pick. DJ + Wesley Johnson for same package.

    • They can’t move the Brooklyn pick until they get a guaranteed first rounder this year or next year.

      • Z-A

        You sure about that? I know they can’t trade their OWN picks in consecutive years.

        • It pertains to all first round picks a team owns. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to move their own pick in the trade with the Lakers.

    • I give no fox

      They need to acquire a 1st in this year’s draft if they trade the BK pick

      • Z-A

        You sure about that? I know they can’t trade their OWN picks in consecutive years. Let me get a ruling on this one Luke.

        • Luke Adams

          A team can’t leave itself without first-round picks in consecutive future years. The Cavs traded away their 2019 first-rounder, as well as their 2018 first-rounder, but that was okay since they still controlled the Nets’ 2018 pick. If they’d wanted to trade that one too, they would have had to acquire another 2018 or 2019 first-rounder so they’d have at least one in one of the two years.

          • Good God don’t give Gilbert any ideas of trading the Nets pick in what looks like one of the best drafts since the 2003 draft!!!

  12. dust44

    More pressing question. Does Larry Nance Jr wear his dads jersey for the dunk contest?

    • Thank you SacTown for giving us a point guard that’s at least taller than the basketball for Shumpert.

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