Draft Updates: Porter, Doncic, Bagley, Bamba

Teams that had planned to attend Michael Porter Jr.‘s workout tomorrow are being told it will be held at another time, tweets Sam Amick of USA Today. Porter’s representatives canceled the session late Wednesday night without providing an explanation.

The move has led to speculation that Porter’s surgically repaired back may be bothering him, but it’s also possible he has received a guarantee that would make a group workout unnecessary. Porter’s camp may be rethinking his status and devoting time just to teams at the top of the draft, according to Tom Ziller of SB Nation, who adds that they now believe he will be taken in the top four.

There’s “a very real chance” that the Kings will use their No. 2 pick on Porter, Amick adds, but it’s not certain at this point whether last night’s news will impact their decision. The organization may request more medical information and take another look at Porter in action before making a commitment.

There’s more draft-related news this morning:

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6 thoughts on “Draft Updates: Porter, Doncic, Bagley, Bamba

  1. For a talent like MPJ I think it is worth take a risk on him, big risk for a superstar or safe for a good player, life is for the people who take risks, though different but Golden State took a risk on KD, egos with Curry might not have worked out, but it did, it was a big risk to bring him in but has it paid off man.

    • diller79

      I don’t know how big of a risk it is to sign the 2nd best player in the world

  2. It would be a first, or at least I’ve never heard of anyone “re-scheduling” a workout this close to its original time because of a guarantee. I’m not even sure it makes any sense, unless he’s really about to shut it down (vs rescheduling) due to the guarantee (which is common). Although, in that case, why go through the charade? Maybe he had a family emergency (unrelated to his physical condition) and intends to reschedule. Otherwise, it can’t be a positive.

  3. WazBazbo

    For all of his potential, I’m hoping the Grizz pass on him if he’s still available at #4. The team needs a whole lot more certainty than the monster risk they’d be taking… which is a shame. If Porter can get to 100%, I believe he’s an impact player, but back injuries so rarely allow any athlete to get back to 100%.

    • WazBazbo

      And I realize “certainty” is a nearly impossible concept in any athletic draft. I’ve just never heard of any athlete who was permanently cured of back problems, so the “certainty grade” goes way down in this instance.

  4. Nerlens Noel should take notes from Mo Bamba… post some vids of you actually working out, popping 3’s instead of destroying homes lol.

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