Michael Porter Jr. Cancels Workout

Representatives for Missouri’s Michael Porter Jr. have called off a workout that was scheduled for Friday, tweets Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer. Several lottery teams had planned to attend the event in Chicago, including the Knicks, Suns and Kings.

No reason has been given for the action, although Porter’s physical condition will always be a concern after back surgery that limited him to just three games during his freshman season.

Porter has reportedly been rising up draft boards and checks in at No. 4 on The Ringer’s latest mock draft. The Knicks have been rumored to have strong interest, and several teams picking above them have contacted them about a potential trade.

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22 thoughts on “Michael Porter Jr. Cancels Workout

  1. all in ad

    Oh my aching back. Teams should pass. Potential gets GMs and coaches fired. How does he play under pressure? Nobody knows.

  2. Dionis

    Might be trying to drop his stock so the Knicks or Clippers can draft him with one of the lower picks.

    • padam

      Really? He’s going to forfeit millions in order to help a team draft him?

      • Dionis

        He can make those millions 4 years down the road when he’s tearing everyone a new one. He’s going to be a superstar.

  3. Dodgethis

    Hard to fault a player for trying to influence his future in a centrally planned over regulated league that saps him of any real choice for 4 years.

  4. Hes not going #1 bc of his back. Better off going to the Cavs bc of LBJ, Knicks bc of Market, Sixers bc of Championship potential, LAC bc of Market.

      • Who knows what will happen with LBJ. But yea, it could go full rebuild very quickly.

  5. H.Henderson

    What a shame. I’m thinking that Porter might get drafted then be out his rookie season. Too young to have back problems. Once again, what a shame.

  6. Sounds more like he’s got a promise from a team that he wants to play with.

  7. padam

    He may have received a guarantee from someone up near the top. Trade could also be in place, just hasn’t been announced.

      • justinept

        He’s referring to the possibility that a team outside the top5 has a trade in place to move up in the draft. And that team has made Porter a promise to draft him with the acquired pick.

  8. Why all the fuss with his back, he didn’t say it was bad just now… I think is something else more strategic. Anyway Embiid injured his worst in college & that hasn’t bothered him so far, has it?

    • Luckylefty2

      It took Embiid 2-3 years before he could play and he Probably still isn’t 100% he is one more injury from not being able to play again.

  9. Luckylefty2. As far as I know he hasn’t ever had a back problem since been in the NBA, that is what I was meaning, he had broken foot & knee problems but not back, which to me is the important thing as we are talking about back injuries not foot, his was worst than MPJ, no problems for him, so I don’t know what you talking about. But anyway time will tell, & just my opinion, what do I know.

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