Tracy McGrady Says Carmelo Anthony Should Retire

As Carmelo Anthony continues to sit out with what the Rockets call an illness, one prominent former player thinks that Anthony should call it quits and retire from the NBA. Seven-time NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady, speaking while appearing on Tuesday’s edition of ESPN’s The Jump, said:

“You know what? I honestly think Melo should retire, I really do… I don’t want him to go through another situation like this, and people are just pouring negativity on this man’s legacy. I really think, because it hasn’t worked out the last two teams, just go ahead and — you have a Hall of Fame career — just go ahead and let it go.”

Rumors have swirled about Anthony’s status with the Rockets as he continues to miss games, with a report on Sunday suggesting that his tenure with Houston is expected to come to an end very soon.

Today, we relayed that the Heat could be an option for Anthony should the Rockets move on from him, and his representatives are sure to still be exploring all possible destinations. The Sixers and Lakers have also been mentioned, but reports suggest neither option is very likely.

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19 thoughts on “Tracy McGrady Says Carmelo Anthony Should Retire

  1. Reflect

    Does Anthony really have a HOF career? I don’t know man. I was a big Melo fan back in the day but I’m not so sure he is Hall worthy.

      • dimitrios in la

        Stat-wise yep but jeesh the guy has otherwise had a lousy career actually. He’s lost everywhere he’s gone, little apparent leadership and too often a selfish teammate.

        • ClancyJ

          He was great at Syracuse during their championship run but as an NBA player he never really stood out to me as a team player just worried about his stat line.

          • jkoms57

            I just don’t understand how he doesn’t work as a bench role…

            Like a bench is basically a bunch of defensive role players who can’t score. You’d think Melo would thrive in the iso game being the focal point of the offense.

            Why is he so dumb to think he needs to start or play 30 mins.

            Also why are the Rockets so dumb that they said he’s an elite defender when they signed him. He has elite size for a wing, that’s about it.

    • floridagators15

      If you don’t think he is Hall worthy then you need to do some research. Arguably the most decorated FIBA player.

      • Jason Lancaster

        You may be right, but how stupid is that? 95% of what happens on the court is not scoring. Scoring, arguably, isn’t even the hardest thing you have to do to win. Why do we elevate scorers, even if they’re incredibly one dimensional?

    • Jason Lancaster

      As a Nuggets fan from way back, I’d argue that few NBA players have done less with more. He’s never been in great shape, playing his way into shape over the season. He’s never embraced team defense, never made an attempt to defend one on one outside the playoffs. He was a ball stopper his entire career, which ruins a modern NBA offense. He’s sabotaged a few coaching careers, he’s tried to force trades and control the destination, and he’s been in trouble off the court too. It’s not a great resume.

      On the other hand, he was a gifted scorer who could draw fouls, and an offensive rebounding machine. He was never a great shooter from 3, but he was good enough to keep teams honest. His passing was acceptable, and his handle was good. He never won when it counted, but he never had elite teams either.

      Personally, this doesn’t add up to Hall of Fame for me. This is a story you tell kids about how talent isn’t enough in life, and how you need to try harder.

      But his NCAA record probably earns him a slot, because the Hall cares about more than his pro career. Still, Melo was always overrated by fans who don’t understand the game.

    • Reflect

      He might be vindicated about Melo but he’s still an idiot about literally everything else in the universe.

  2. Melo is a HoF, that isn’t even a discussion… I do think Miami is a great fit for him, can’t see it working in Philly or Lakers though. But it would be very exciting to see him with Miami, also GSW, Spurs or Pistons could be a good fit, many options for him yet, not time to hang the boots yet.

    • fantasyman99

      He’s definitely gonna go play with someone who who will allow him to spot shoot 3’s and play no d’s

  3. greg1

    The number to look at is 12, as in 12 All-Star games (including 10 in a row).

    No player with that many AS appearances has not made the HOF. T-Mac as an example played in 7. And before everyone starts with the “he didn’t play in more because of injuries” bit, T-Mac played in only 92 less games in his career than Melo has to date. Melo also has beet better shooting numbers across the board, and has his FIBA successes as well.

    This is not to poo-poo on T-Mac, I liked him as a player, but more to point out that anyone who says Melo is not HOF worthy is just a Melo hater.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Being selected as an all-star is proof the media likes you. It is meaningless in any real sense, and certainly not a good metric for accomplishment.

      Remember all those all-star appearances driven by votes from China? It’s *literally* just a popularity contest. The whole thing is just incredibly stupid.

  4. ozzie

    Melo is liked by 99% of the player around the league and respected by most big-time personal, but there comes a time when too step back and start a new career like retirement or working for TNT etc. an annalist would be fine.

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