Lakers Notes: Butler, Vogel, Draft, Moser

Sixers forward Jimmy Butler wouldn’t hesitate to join the Lakers if they made a max offer, tweets Arash Markazi of The Los Angeles Times. Butler likes the idea of playing in L.A., and LeBron James has reportedly already reached out to gauge his interest.

Because Philadelphia owns Butler’s Bird rights, the Sixers can offer the 29-year-old a longer contract and larger annual raises than anyone else. However, Philadelphia has two other free agent starters to address in Tobias Harris and J.J. Redick, and there are durability concerns for Butler, who has topped 67 games in a season just once in the past six years. He played a combined 65 games this season for the Timberwolves and Sixers.

There’s more Lakers news to pass along:

  • New coach Frank Vogel offers his first public comments on several players in a video tweeted by the team. Vogel calls Lonzo Ball “one of the most unique players I’ve ever studied” and said he wants Ball’s passing to serve as a blueprint for the whole team. He says “the sky’s the limit” for Brandon Ingram because of what he has accomplished at a young age. Vogel also shares his thoughts on James, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart.
  • The Lakers are believed to have strong interest in Virginia forward De’Andre Hunter and Vanderbilt guard Darius Garland with the No. 4 pick in next month’s draft, tweets Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders. The fourth choice is believed to be the first spot of uncertainty in the draft after Zion Williamson, Ja Morant and R.J. Barrett are off the board.
  • Assistant coach Clay Moser has left the Lakers’ staff to take a job at Arkansas, according to Pete Roulier of HawgSports. Moser, who was with L.A. for seven and a half years, will be an assistant to long-time cohort Eric Musselman“Clay and I have worked together in the NBA, with the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings, and in the NBA Development League with the Reno Bighorns and Los Angeles Defenders,” Musselman said. “We also worked together with the Dominican National Team. Clay is an incredible ‘X and O’ coach and he has been at the forefront of basketball analytics. He loves player development and brings the NBA experience that our players look for and will soak up.”
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23 thoughts on “Lakers Notes: Butler, Vogel, Draft, Moser

    • arc89

      We are talking Butler here. He wants the money not care which team he plays for. I already said that Butler will pick the Lakers because he will be the left over when the real stars sign. So you think Buter will turn around the Lakers….?

      • So he’s gonna turn down more money from the sixers to sign with the lakers for less money because he wants more money?

        My head just exploded

  1. jorge78

    Butler isn’t worth a max contract. He’s too old and he’s often hurt.
    Maybe 15 million as a role player to keep him fresh.
    The Oracle has spoken…..

    • kenleyfornia2

      LOL Butler at minimum is worth 20 million a season. Much worse players have got 15 a year

        • kenleyfornia2

          I agree 100 percent a max would be an overpay (though may be necessary if things go bad for LAL). But he is a well above average starter. That doesnt come for 15

          • hiflew

            If they go bad for the Lakers? So you are saying that up to this point things have gone exactly as planned?

            • x%sure

              For Lebron in the spring of ’18 or impatient Laker fans in the winter of ’19?

  2. bowserhound

    Butler is a prime overpay candidate. Hopefully he is plan C for the Lakers.

    • He’ll probably get the max because of a combination of two things.

      No other team will give it to him, and the Lakers will have to do so because they have a short list of willing candidates to sign.

  3. yoyo137

    I think the path to the Lakers’ success is signing players who want to play there. If they keep swinging and missing on other players, they’re going to alienate the guys who want to be there and the young guys who already are there. Jimmy showed he can allow young guys to develop and take over when necessary with the 76ers this year. I think it’s a perfect fit, but who knows if Jimmy is going to want to go there when the Lakers say “wait until Kawhi, KD, Kyrie, and Klay sign elsewhere before we offer you the max”

  4. Quick College note, I love Eric Musselman !!

    He brought relevance to Nevada Reno and will do an amazing job at Arkansas.

    Hopefully recruiting will be a success this summer, his 1st year on the job… I mean, Who wouldn’t want to play for him with all his history and NBA experience?

    Go Razorbacks !!

  5. hoosierhysteria

    Sixers need butler if they want to win. Simmons really limited. I keep butler and let Tobias leave. Elton brand is smart, but only so much $ to go around.

  6. Z-A

    I love the articles I see where they talk ab Sixers cap space and include JJ in max contract convo. Dude is going to be 35 and can’t play D. Love his fit on the team, but he’s gotten paid well above what he should have over 2 yrs. Time to take a discount or find another sharpshooter.

    • I don’t see these as mentioning JJ Redick as a Max guy. They just mentioned him because he’s a free agent yet they need to make room in the salary cap to retain him, not necessarily on a Max contract.

      The guy though, is an amazing shooter and pretty important to the Sixers. Maybe give him one of those three years x 15 million deals.

      • Z-A

        A few of the Sixers articles they link to talk ab the salary cap and they go thru scenarios and include JJ if they maxed him and what the luxury tax implications mean.

        • Yikes, well we all know JJ reddick’s not a Max guy so that’s weird. Not surprised what Writers come up with though.

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