Nuggets Exercise Paul Millsap’s Team Option

12:48pm: The Nuggets have made it official, announcing in a press release that they’ve picked up Millsap’s option.

11:54am: The Nuggets are picking up their team option for 2019/20 on big man Paul Millsap, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via Twitter). The option will pay Millsap $30.35MM for next season, per ESPN’s Bobby Marks.

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Millsap, 34, played a slightly reduced role for Denver in 2018/19. His 12.6 PPG and 27.1 MPG were his lowest marks since the 2009/10 campaign. However, his interior presence helped stabilize the Nuggets’ defense, and he also chipped in as a rebounder (7.2 RPG) and outside threat (.365 3PT%).

There was some uncertainty over whether the Nuggets would exercise Millsap’s option, given its cost. The team was believed to be exploring whether turning down that option and bringing back Millsap on a more favorable multiyear contract was possible. However, as Marks points out (via Twitter), a deal along those lines would have cut into Denver’s projected cap space for 2020, which may represent the club’s best chance to spend.

If Denver had decided to move on from Millsap altogether, the team could have opened up about $17MM in cap room to pursue an outside free agent. Instead, as Wojnarowski tweets, the Nuggets are in position to potentially use their full mid-level exception ($9.25MM) and still sneak under the projected tax line.

Millsap, meanwhile, is now on track to reach the unrestricted free agent market in 2020 at age 35.

Today represents the last day for clubs to exercise team options or for veterans to pick up player options, so the Nuggets took their decision on Millsap down to the wire.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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14 thoughts on “Nuggets Exercise Paul Millsap’s Team Option

  1. shawn hemp

    Who ya gonna get better than him wit that 17 million under the cap? Team guys get no love

      • RootedInOakland

        The whole point is to get production from Millsap for one last year and then sign a max type player next offseason to pair with Nikola and Jamal, Thad ain’t signing a one year deal

        • x%sure

          Next year Murray is getting maxxed and it’s bird rights city. No room for that plan, no need for a 1-yr.

          • JamesW26

            I’m not a cap expert, but I believe theoretically the Nuggets could move on from Millsap and Plumlee (both UFA next summer) and open max space.

            Murray, Beasley, Hernangomez, and Craig are all set to be RFA, so they can try to hit on a max player early in FA and then lock up Murray and whomever they’d like to bring back and fill out the bench later.

      • Jason Lancaster

        Maybe, but Milsap has intangibles, and they throw him the ball and let him go iso pretty regularly. He’s a good scorer and those iso plays give them another look.

        You can’t do that with Young.

        • x%sure

          Conversely, he doesn’t integrate with Jokic as well as another, like the available Young. To have the center as the hub of the offense is a great opportunity for a smart slashing PF.

          • Jason Lancaster

            Ya. I think you can make an argument for Young, but Milsap is better in a few key ways. And his contract could be useful in a trade. Keeping him makes sense, especially with Porter still a question mark IMHO.

  2. shawn hemp

    Thanx for not being as dumb as the other 2 Jason Lancaster. They must only look at stat sheets. Millsap can shoot it space it rebound it and still D up all while not demanding touches and minutes

  3. He’s not close to what he was, and certainly better (or more desirable players) will play for less; but probably not for 1 year in Denver. They have a bunch of young players who will need to be paid over the next couple, and the longer term roster gap is at the “3”, not the “4”.

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