Community Shootaround: J.R. Smith

Say what you will about J.R. Smith, he always finds a way to keep things interesting. Whether he’s parading around without a shirt, throwing soup at an assistant coach or forgetting the score during the NBA Finals, there’s never a shortage of excitement when Smith is around.

His outrageous behavior was accepted while he was helping LeBron James pile up Eastern Conference championships, but he wore out his welcome quickly when the Cavaliers started rebuilding. Smith began last season embroiled in a dispute over playing veterans or young guys that got coach Tyronn Lue fired after six games. Smith was exiled after 11 games and had been on the roster in name only since November.

Even with a trade-friendly contract, the Cavs couldn’t find a taker for Smith and opted to waive him this week rather than giving him more money to further extend his guarantee date. The 33-year-old is now on the open market, where interest so far has been lukewarm.

He met Thursday with the Bucks, who were searching for another wing player to hit 3-pointers. There’s hasn’t been any word on how that meeting went, but Milwaukee reached an agreement with Kyle Korver this afternoon, which may eliminate any need for Smith.

The Lakers and a reunion with LeBron had been considered another possibility, but a report Monday seemed to quash that rumor. It’s not clear whether James wants Smith on his team again, and L.A. is well stocked at shooting guard with Danny GreenAvery BradleyKentavious Caldwell-Pope and Troy Daniels already on the roster.

There’s a limited market for Smith considering his age and eccentricities. He’ll have to find a contending team willing to give him a rotation role, but also one with strong leadership to keep him from disrupting the locker room. Smith will also likely have to be content with the veterans minimum, which is all that most contenders can offer at this point. The Sixers have been mentioned as a possibility, along with the Heat, Clippers, Rockets, Celtics and a few other teams.

We want to get your input on the best place for Smith to end up. Or has he outlived his usefulness in the NBA? Please leave your answers in the space below.

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20 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: J.R. Smith

  1. phenomenalajs

    Unfortunately, JR’s best opportunity may be in Ice Cube’s Big3 league.

  2. Philly is the team that needs him most. And there are a couple players with high ceilings and strong personalities enough to keep Jr under control.

    Heat doesn’t have that strong personality with better abilities at shooting the 3 ball.

    Houston and the clippers don’t need him.

    Celtics don’t have the strong personality to control him. They couldn’t control Kyrie Irving.

  3. Simple Fan

    The Lakers. It just depends on if their team wants him. I’d favor him over KCP absolutely if that could happen. Smith is known most well for the championship ring which he won as being a key player for the Cavs and a truly valuable sidekick to King James. J.R. is elite.

    OKC Thunder is who else in my opinion might like him; he’s a guy who knows having a ring as a central piece of a very orchestral squad.

      • stevep-4

        Smith is known most well for forgetting the score and blowing a chance for CLE to swing the momentum of the NBA Finals.

  4. Curtisrowe

    He is going to be 34 in the Fall, his skills are deteriorating, he was never that good in the first place, and he’s a punk, Hmm, I wonder which team wants him?

  5. D$!LLKU$H-og

    Put him on the Rockets. One of the ones going to Mars. Could be a good sixth man in space.

  6. FlaveFlava

    J.R. may not get signed this offseason but it’s a pretty safe bet some team performing below expectations will sign him before the ASB.

    Not to say he’d help.

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