Mavs Notes: Porzingis, Noah, Powell Replacements, Trade Options

Kristaps Porzingis could see a lot more action at center the remainder of the season, according to Eddie Sefko of the team’s website. The Mavericks need to replace the minutes of Dwight Powell, who is out for the season with a ruptured right Achilles. When paired with Maxi Kleber, Porzingis can play either center or power forward. Porzingis can utilize his playmaking skills from the middle, as he did for a stretch against the Clippers on Tuesday.

“We’ve done it some,” coach Rick Carlisle said while adding, “The bind you get in is with rebounding and that was obvious in the second half. We were really up against it on the boards. … But in terms of the lineup and everything else, there’s a lot of things we’ve got to keep on the table.”

We have more on the Mavericks:

  • The Mavs’ front office has made contact with free agent center Joakim Noah, Tim MacMahon of ESPN tweets. However, the team has concerns about Noah’s health and is also looking at overseas and G League options, MacMahon adds. Noah, 34, appeared in 34 games with the Grizzlies last season. Dallas would have to open up a roster spot to bring in a free agent.
  • Washington’s Ian Mahinmi, Minnesota’s Gorgui Dieng and Golden State’s Willie Cauley-Stein and Cleveland’s Tristan Thompson are some of the trade options the team could pursue in the wake of Powell’s injury, Sefko writes in a separate piece.  Rookie Isaiah Roby and Justin Jackson could also pick up some of those minutes, Sefko adds, and the Mavs might pursue another G League option, Ray Spalding, of the Greensboro Swarm, who was on Dallas’ roster for part of last season.
  • Even before Powell’s injury, the team was perusing the trade market for players with size who can score 15 points a game, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst (video link). “They have assets. They have a trade exception, they have Courtney Lee, who’s a contract that can be traded. Watch out for them,” Windhorst said.
  • The Mavs have two trade exceptions available to utilize prior to February’s deadline, including one worth over $11.8MM. Check out the list of all trade exceptions here.
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19 thoughts on “Mavs Notes: Porzingis, Noah, Powell Replacements, Trade Options

  1. Tazza

    Wouldn’t even look at Deing or Mahnimi. WCS is nice but has gone backwards this year considerably.
    Thompson is a nice call but at what price?

    Dwayne Dedmon should be looked at as a fall back…
    Andre Drummond could be an option also..
    Just cause your in the market I’d look at Myles Turner..
    And lastly Derrick Favours …

    Mavericks have the foundations for a contending team for the next decade.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      Have you followed Dieng at all over the last 2 months? He has been straight ballin’ out with KAT. He would actually be a really good fit in Dallas.

  2. robertosss

    Derrick Favors would be the best solution for Dallas Mavericks !!

  3. I don’t see any trade assets, beyond TPEs and matching contracts (alone they’re only assets to fetch a bad contract), and one potentially very high 2nd round pick. The bad contract guys (Deing, Mahinmi), and bad players (WCS and Noah), are obtainable, but not Turner, and Drummond would have to be part of a much larger trade where other rotation players are put in the mix.

    • Adam37

      I don’t think Dieng is a bad contract…first of all he’s proving he’s worth a decent contract. Maybe slightly less than what he’s making. Maybe. Second, next year is last year of it so it’s easy to get off of if a team needs to

      • Curtisrowe

        Mahinmi is going to be a free agent, he isn’t a “bad contract” he is a two month rental.

        New Orleans isn’t going to give away Favors just because he is a good fit.,

        • x%sure

          True, but the article said the Mavs FO was looking for a 15ppg center so they must be planning to move assets.

          As for the Pels/Griffin, it’s hard to predict their stance coming up, being “close” to #8. I think to support and help break in their priority, Zion W, they should rely on Favors over Hayes & Okafor. But they also want to get Hayes in…

          And hate to say but Zion may be pulled back by then, and maybe the Pels go for assets.
          Does Favors want to re-sign with NOLA if his job is to support Zion?– they did draft the skinny Hayes. That may not be an ask of the center, but it probably should be.

  4. processtrustee

    Knicks should be in full tank mode and ready to move on from their only significant free agent commitment, Julius Randle. Expiring Lee and Broekoff contracts should do it.

    • Tazza

      I’d try do something like Julius Randle and Bobby Portis for Blake Griffin and a first round pick.

      Take Griffin who is a star player and a versatile scorer plus the first round pick. Then hopefully draft LaMelo Ball and become more of a FA hotspot.
      Have Melo Barrett Morris Griffin and Robinson.

      Pistons have backed themselves into a corner now with Drummond and either have to let him walk for nothing or resign him for 30 mil. Either is not a smart move. But I suppose having Kennard 23, Drummond 26, Randle 25, and young players Brown and Doumbouya is better than Griffins huge deal and might be alright in the East. Plus you’ve got moveable prices like Portis and Snell. You’ve also got DRose who could be traded for something nice and Reggie Jackson and Langston Galloways expiring deal which give you some money.

      Knicks get a star, Pistons begin the rebuild

      • Buckman

        BG is 50 game per year max player. That’s a lot of $ for a half a season or so.

  5. x%sure

    I think Favors can be equally enthusiastic about scoring himself or helping someone else score, which would please the stars. Nowadays probably all bigs are trained to say that but Favors gets his feet right too. It does sometimes look like he could do more than he does but that is an asset by itself even if he never gets those feet off the ground (which does happen).
    But Favors is certainly good enough for those types of lists… if not be the priority.

  6. Romanpigeon

    Maybe the mavs could work with the pacers in a swap of young talent for
    goga bitadze Of the pacers

  7. Skip, Tampa

    If all the Mavs want is a cheap fill rental option, then work a deal with the Pelicans to get Okafor.
    He’s had some very good games lately.

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