O’Connor’s Latest: Gallinari, Mavs, Sixers, Drummond, More

Multiple playoff teams have expressed interest in Danilo Gallinari, according to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, who hears from league sources that the Mavericks and Sixers are two clubs who have made inquiries on the Thunder forward.

Gallinari entered the season looking like one of the NBA’s most obvious trade candidates, but the Thunder’s strong play has complicated the equation. It’s unclear how eager Oklahoma City will be to move one of its key contributors now that the team appears headed for a spot in the postseason.

As O’Connor points out, a lack of projected league-wide cap room this summer means the team with Gallinari on its roster to finish the season will likely have a significant leg up to sign him, thanks to his Bird rights. It remains to be seen if a team like Dallas or Philadelphia has the assets necessary to pry Gallinari out of OKC, but if a club makes a deal for him, the plan would presumably be to re-sign him in the offseason.

O’Connor’s article is ostensibly focused on the Mavericks’ need to add a third impact player to complement Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, but it includes a handful of noteworthy tidbits, not all of which are Mavs-related. Let’s round up a few other highlights…

  • As a report last week confirmed, the Hawks and Pistons had been discussing a trade that would have sent Andre Drummond to Atlanta for a package headlined by Chandler Parsons‘ expiring contract and the Nets’ lottery-protected 2020 first-round pick. Multiple league sources tell O’Connor that the Hawks ended up being unwilling to include that first-rounder due to concerns about how high Drummond’s contract demands are.
  • The Mavericks have made offers to the Timberwolves for Robert Covington, but have been turned down, according to O’Connor. While O’Connor doesn’t have the specific details on Dallas’ offers, I imagine they’d start with Courtney Lee‘s expiring contract and the Warriors’ 2020 second-round pick. The Mavs’ first-rounders are tied up for trade purposes until at at least 2025.
  • Despite denials that they plan to pursue him, league sources continue to view the Mavericks as a potential landing spot for Grizzlies forward Andre Iguodala, writes O’Connor. Dallas is one of the few contending teams that is well-positioned to make a trade offer for Iguodala rather than waiting for a possible buyout.
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12 thoughts on “O’Connor’s Latest: Gallinari, Mavs, Sixers, Drummond, More

  1. david

    I feel like Lee, a few 2nds and somelike finney-smith and/or brunson would be fair for Covington. And if not lee, use the TPE on another player the twolfs might want and trade that player with the addition DFS and/or Brunson for covington.

    • Major Factuh

      Wolves could use a pg on the depth chart I would think, so I’d agree with shipping Brunson out, Lee, and 2nds. I’d imagine the competition for Covington will be fierce. The guy is great if not elite on D. They have to do something to slow down the elite wings of the west.

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Gonna take at least a 1st and young talent to pry Covington away from the wolves.

        He’s under contract for 2 more years and making less than 13 mill each year.

        Brunson Roby their 2020 1st and a 2nd rounder is what itd possibly take

  2. david

    Dallas’ only trade assets are Brunson, Finney-Smith, justin jackson and Wright (i say wright as he is not happy with his playtime) and the warrior’s 2nd round pick.

    Twolfs should trade Covington while the markets is hot. They wont make the playoffs this year and probably not next year and by then Covington will be 30 or 31 and his value and effectiveness will go down

  3. david

    I think OKC should also trade Gallinari. Yes they are making a playoff push, but what are the chances of OKC resigning him? The free agent market will be weak and Gallinari will be one of the hotter names.

  4. phillyballers

    My mind is going to explode. In what world are the Sixers able to match salaries. Seriously anyone making over 15M requires all of the team to be traded except the starting 5.

    • gammaraze

      You missed the point. If OKC trades Gallinari now, they won’t be able to sign and trade him in the off-season. It boils down to what OKC thinks will yield a better return.

  5. david

    Gallinari doesn’t have to accept a sign and trade though… but i guess you are right, if he wants to go to a contender in the offseason, i assume he would have to accept a sign and trade

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