Charania’s Latest: Kuzma, Love, Russell, Covington, Rose, Drummond

While forward Kyle Kuzma has been mentioned prominently in trade rumors, the Lakers are reluctant to make a deal that would negatively impact their team chemistry, The Athletic’s Shams Charania told Alex Kennedy on a HoopsHype podcast (Twitter link). The Lakers would only consider moving the offensive-skilled power forward if they received a “high-end rotation player” in return. “Those guys really get along on and off the floor,” Charania said.

The Athletic’s top NBA writer also commented on a number of other players on the trade market:

  • It’s unlikely the Cavaliers will be able to find a taker for Kevin Love and his big multi-year contract. “I don’t see a logical landing spot,” he said.
  • The Knicks are willing to give up their 2018 first-round pick, forward Kevin Knox, as part of a package for the Warriors’ D’Angelo Russell. However, that doesn’t hold much appeal to the Warriors. Golden State, as Charania reported earlier, is seeking multiple unprotected first-round picks for Russell. The Timberwolves looking to acquire first-round picks for forward Robert Covington, which it would then flip in a Russell deal.
  • The Rockets, Bucks and Mavericks are among the suitors for Covington, with Houston showing “a lot of interest.”
  • The Pistons are seeking a great asset — a quality first-round pick — for Derrick Rose. But Rose, who missed Monday’s game at Memphis with an adductor strain, doesn’t want to be dealt. “He wants to be in Detroit,” Charania said. “Derrick feels at home and Detroit has embraced him with open arms.”
  • The market for the Pistons’ Andre Drummond is “stagnant.” Drummond’s high salary and ability to opt out in the summer makes it difficult to find a suitable trade, Charania notes.
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18 thoughts on “Charania’s Latest: Kuzma, Love, Russell, Covington, Rose, Drummond

  1. ThePeople'sElbow

    Kevin knox for D.Lo? Steve Mills is a moron get that guy out of the FO.

  2. Jason Lancaster

    If Drummond opts in to his last year, there’s a deal to be had with Toronto. Opting in means he’ll be a free agent in 2021, which is a good time for him to be a free agent.

    If he stays in Detroit and opts out this summer, I have no idea if he’ll get half of what he could make opting in. I certainly can’t see Toronto, the Knicks, Cleveland, Portland, or Phoenix offering a long term deal to get him. Atlanta, Memphis, and Charlotte could all put an offer together, but who’s going to pay him more than $10-$12 million per year for the next 4 years? Why wouldn’t Drummond opt in? He’d make half that next year.

    Detroit could re-sign him and trade him, or they could watch him leave for nothing. I’d bet they let him leave for nothing, because a sign and trade means taking back dead cap space, and they’re better off using that space to collect picks.

    I hope Drummond’s agent is giving him good advice, because it seems like he should have already been moved…

    • He’s expected to be one of the biggest free agents this year because outside of him there’s DDR then it drops off to Millsap, Whiteside, Porter and so on…
      Whereas next year there is Hayward, Conley, Lowry, Gobert, AD, Giannis, Aldridge, Oladipo, Fournier, Reddick and so on

      Plus this year he’s putting up 17.5/16/3.
      He’s having a career best year for points and steals while also being close to his career highs in rebounds and blocks. He leads the NBA in rebounds this year again.

      He’s going to opt out because he can secure a big deal for a good amount of years now.

  3. harden-westbrook-mvps

    So the Lakers being reluctant to make any deal that would “negatively impact their team chemistry” basically means that LeBron has final say in any trade the team decides to make. Right?

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Love to NYK in 3way …….
    Hornets – get Randle, Trier
    Cavs – get Biyombo, Knox, Ntilikina, Char 2nd rd
    Knicks – get Love, Monk
    Works for everyone. This way we keep Morris. Still have our two picks this yr.

    • So the Knicks give up Randle and two absolute scrubs and get Kevin Love? Not sure why the Cavs would do this. Knox and Frank are trash and a second rounder is essentially worthless. Just for Biyombo’s expiring deal?

      • bravesfan88

        Yeah, Knox has little to hardly any value right now…He is more of a fringe filler for a deal, certainly not a centerpiece of any deal that acquires anyone of value.

        Their front office is full of morons, saying they’d be willing to include Knox in a D, Russell deal…lmao I bet they would..They cannot even rebuild half way decently..

        They ruined Ntilikina, ruined D.Smith, ruined Knox, halted any progress Payton and Trier were making, don’t know how to mix, match, and use their younger and older players, and I am sure they will somehow find a way to mess up two very solid talents like Robinson and RJ Barrett…

        PLEASE someone save those two before the Knocks ruin them also..

  5. jump shot

    The Warriors could pry Raul Neto away from the Sixers for DeAngelo Russell

  6. ZacharyH

    Knox, robinson, Smith jr, randle, Ntilikina are failing expectations – while Morris and porzingis are exceeding them… worst case scenario.

    • bravesfan88

      At the end of the day, the absolute worst case scenario is being a Knicks fan…Then again, I can’t say much, being a Bulls Other than being a Suns or Hornets fan, probably almost just as bad..Although, at least the Suns have a couple pieces that are working out..

      • twolvesaremynightmare

        I call you on that- it’s way worse being a Timberwolves fan and it’s really really not close

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