Kings Trade Dewayne Dedmon To Hawks

FEBRUARY 6: Nearly 24 hours after it was agreed upon, the Kings and Hawks have officially announced their trade sending Dedmon and a pair of second-round picks to Atlanta in exchange for Parker and Len. Sacramento also confirmed that the team has released Eric Mika, as we relayed in a separate story.

FEBRUARY 5: Dewayne Dedmon will return to Atlanta, as the Kings have reached a deal to send their unhappy center to the Hawks, tweets ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.  Sacramento will receive Jabari Parker and Alex Len in return, while Atlanta will get a pair of second-round picks.

The two second-round selections aren’t Sacramento’s own picks, according to Sam Amick of The Athletic (Twitter link), who reports that the Hawks will receive Houston’s 2020 second-rounder and Miami’s 2021 second-rounder. The Kings had been owed seven extra second-round selections through the 2025 draft, so they’ll still have a surplus of picks going forward.

Because the Kings have a full roster, they’ll have to open a spot before the deal can be completed. One possibility is an early release for Eric Mika, who signed a 10-day contract on February 1.

Dedmon was the Hawks’ starting center for the past two seasons before joining the Kings in free agency last summer on a three-year, $41MM contract. Things quickly went south in Sacramento as he lost his starting job to Richaun Holmes. He became outspoken about his lack of playing time and was fined $50K in early January for making a public trade request. Dedmon averaged 5.1 points and 4.9 rebounds in 34 games with the Kings.

Sacramento adds Parker, who holds a $6.5MM player option for next season, along with Len, who has a $4.16MM expiring contract. Both are former top-five draft picks who are trying to revive their careers after disappointing starts.

Parker averaged 15.0 points and 6.0 rebounds in 32 games after signing with the Hawks as a free agent last summer. He was also traded at last year’s deadline, making the Kings his fourth team in the past two seasons. Len was averaging 8.7 PPG and 5.8 RPG through 40 games in his second season with Atlanta.

The deal didn’t catch Len by surprise, according to Chris Kirschner of The Athletic. (Twitter link). When asked before tonight’s game about the trade that will bring Clint Capela to Atlanta, Len responded, “We have what like 24 hours left (until the trade deadline)? It’s going to be really interesting because we have four bigs. Something is probably going to happen now.”

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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34 thoughts on “Kings Trade Dewayne Dedmon To Hawks

    • noory99

      I don’t think so. Len and Parker are both on expiring contracts and they got two second rounders.

    • hiflew

      They gave up a lot in name only. You only recognize them because they are former high draft picks, but neither has lived up to the billing.

    • amk3510

      Yeah what on earth are the Hawks doing? They made a smart move letting Dedmon get a bad contract elsewhere and now they get him back… With 2 good centers already. Very questionable.

      • UGA_Steve

        For one, Collins isn’t really a center. He needs to be at PF, similar to Horford in years past. The problem is that style of two bigs is nearly gone from the NBA.

        As for Dedmon, I think the Hawks are ok with the rest of his contract. In essence, they just got two second rounders and re-signed him. Not bad. Maybe they think that is worth the contract when they look at the upcoming free agency class and expected dollars. I think they also might realize the value of defense now, as they are utter trash on that end of the floor.

  1. Odd that the Hawks would pick up Dedmon a day after grabbing Capela. Don’t see the logic, especially with Len playing admirably as a backup and Parker putting in some good minutes.

    Both Dedmon and Capela also have multiple years remaining, just don’t get it.

    • hiflew

      Maybe they have plans to play them together and trade John Collins for some help elsewhere.

  2. amk3510

    So Divac traded Ariza to get picks and tie them to Dedmon. 2/3 of his free agent signings gone, and the other one Corry Joseph has been awful. He is like a mouse trying to tread water and its insane how he still has a job.

  3. Treveon Graham

    first i thought i might get waived, and now i thought i might have got traded. lmao i’m good tho

    • the dude

      You’re either the greatest parody account on here, or it’s awesome the actual Treveon Graham is low key commenting lol

  4. Think it’s a good trade for both teams.
    Kings cash out of Dedmons deal which wasn’t good for them and get back Alex Len who is a capable player. Jabari Parker who has another year after this if he wants could be good also as a bench scoring 3/4. But two first is a big loss.

    Hawks this deadline have done a good job.
    Capela is a great pick up, Dedmon is a good back up PF/C that will gain trade value.
    They still have Parsons and Teagues expiring contracts to give them some cap space too

    • UGA_Steve

      And they have Crabbe expiring as well, which is $18.5 million I think.

      Hawks gained picks taking on expiring contracts, and yet are somehow gaining picks, and useful players by trading them away a year or two later. I think they have done pretty well the last couple of years, though second rounders are just fodder in the NBA.

  5. jorge78

    Dedmon is a backup center at best. He should thank his lucky stars he has an NBA job…..

  6. jorge78

    I can’t believe the Kings gave him that big fat contract. This is the problem with the NBA having such a ridiculously high spending floor. Scrubs get these idiotic levels of compensation and then they think they’re “all that.” It’s just monetary affirmative action…..

    • washington_bonercats

      I can’t tell what you’re so angry about lol. If you were a Kings fan you’d be happy they got out of that contract. If you were a Hawks fan you’d be happy you have more help at the 5 and did it for next to nothing. Regardless, we’re all impressed at your sophomore vocabulary.

  7. kingcong95

    Do the Kings get a trade exception? It would be worth 2.67M, the amount of money they are saving in this deal.

  8. Dedmon has been playing bad but I’m sure part of Atlanta’s thinking was that he had his best season with them and they might be able to squeeze some of that production back. Capela is still hurt so Dedmon at least acts as a stopgap. And he has flashed a three point shot in the past, so he could fit as a center next to Collins or as a PF next to Capela. For two expiring deals its not a bad deal. Hawks have a ton of space this offseason and there really aren’t many free agents worth big money (besides the obvious big names that likely aren’t going to Atlanta anyway).

  9. Spike4christ

    Dedmon looked good the other night in his start. Divac is the idiot for signing him. He is a foreign guy who did not draft the best foreign prospect in a long time. He has Bagley the bag of how many ways can I get hurt.

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