NBA, Players Assessing Blood Tests For Coronavirus

The NBA and the Players’ Association are looking into quick blood tests for the novel coronavirus which would make it more viable for the league to resume the season, Baxter Holmes of ESPN reports.

The league and its players have been assessing the viability of multiple blood-testing devices that could provide accurate results within a matter of minutes. That process would be a critical first step toward returning to action, though commissioner Adam Silver said on Monday that no decision on resuming play would be made until at least next month.

The “diabetes-like” blood test can be conducted with the prick of a finger and yield results within 15 minutes. Illinois-based Abbott Laboratories have begun shipping out the rapid-response tests, which can deliver results in 5-13 minutes. However, they have yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Sources told Holmes that the assessment of utilizing these tests is still in the exploratory phase. Finding ways to rapidly test for COVID-19 is the crucial path for sports leagues to resume play in the coming weeks and months, Holmes adds.

However, the NBA and its players are also aware that even if such rapid testing devices become available, health care workers and others tasked with saving lives should have priority to them.

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9 thoughts on “NBA, Players Assessing Blood Tests For Coronavirus

  1. hiflew

    Whatever gets them back on the court sooner, I am all for. I don’t want to see anyone else suffer, but let’s get real. These guys getting tested or not getting tested really isn’t going to change things overall. But it will provide those of us stuck at home with a much needed diversion that does not involve freaks with tigers.

  2. Skip, Tampa

    These new test are very promising. Might indeed be way to at least get a 16 team playoff to start on the 4th of July. All for it to be played in Las Vegas.
    If not an option by then a cancellation should happen and move on to next year.
    Nothing better than a playoff Championship to focus and lift the spirits of the whole country. Not to mention many thru out the World that will tune in.

    • El Don

      Does anyone need them? I mean unless you tested everyday with instant results where is the flipping point of getting tested? You might be ok today while getting tested & be positive a few hours later, absolutely pointless if you ask me, well all the hoo-ha for this virus is absolutely pointless… so probably fits just so.

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