Charania’s Latest: Pacers, Donovan, Bulls, Nurse, More

The Pacers have added another name to their list of head coaching candidates, having interview former Oklahoma City coach Billy Donovan last week, sources tell Shams Charania of The Athletic.

While Donovan’s addition increases the number of candidates connected to the Pacers to a total of 18, Charania hears that the team is expected to only interview about a dozen contenders for the job. From there, the plan is for Indiana to trim its list approximately in half, then to conduct in-person interviews with the finalists.

Here are a few more notes and rumors from Charania’s latest column for The Athletic:

  • The Bulls continue to narrow down their head coaching pool and will likely meet with finalists soon, according to Charania, who hears that Kenny Atkinson, Darvin Ham, Ime Udoka, and Wes Unseld Jr. are among the candidate who have had strong interviews so far.
  • The new multiyear contract extension signed last week by Raptors head coach Nick Nurse is worth approximately $8MM per year, making him one of the NBA’s highest-paid coaches, per Charania. Nurse’s previous deal was reportedly worth in the neighborhood of $3MM per year, but he has won a title and a Coach of the Year award since signing that contract in 2018.
  • Kawhi Leonard isn’t expecting the 2020/21 NBA season to get underway anytime soon, as Charania relays. “February, maybe?” Leonard said last week after the Clippers were eliminated from the postseason. “I’ve also heard March.”
  • In case you missed it, we also passed along items from Charania on the Sixers’ coaching search, the Clippers’ offseason, and Will Barton‘s injury.
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15 thoughts on “Charania’s Latest: Pacers, Donovan, Bulls, Nurse, More

    • x%sure

      Pelicans Donovan
      Bulls ? I thought Udoka, but the new GM takes so long.
      Pacers Udoka
      Sixers Lue

      Maybe Kidd should get more credit for developing the Bucks.

      • x%sure

        Bulls- Mike Brown… maybe Kidd… a whitish black man
        Thunder- Mark Jackson assuming CPaul out
        Rockets- I would like to say Dantoni!… Cassell

        GM Pritchard wants young, fresh; GM Griffin would want conservative, astute, can help assess Zion especially; Lue would be anti-grudge.

    • Kidd somehow manages to rub management the wrong way and Jackson takes his strict approach a bit too far with players from what I’ve read.

  1. x%sure

    Kawhi heard the word, or two words, the ones truer than the official line.
    This bubble will have a tiring effect felt when they get home and relax. Silver will say to players, December, and some will say, I’m not even getting up to find the remote.

    • specialfriedrice

      My uncle said I’ve earnt myself another 6 month break…at full pay of course.

  2. Sillivan

    Thunder Dave Joerger
    Rockets Sam cassell

    Bulls and Rockets have cost saving programs
    Tight coaching budget
    Morey 8 million a year
    Coach 2 million a year

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Current vacancies
    Thunder – Dave Joerger
    Rockets – Mark Jackson
    Sixers – Tyron Lue
    Bulls – Kenny Atkinson
    Pacers – Billy Donovan

    Future vacancies
    Pelicans – Mike DAntoni

  4. This is fun

    Sixers- Lue
    Pacers- Donovan
    Pelicans- D’Antoni
    Bulls-Unseld Jr.

  5. specialfriedrice

    So many people saying Lue and Sixers! I can’t see a guy that has only had a coaching career as a puppet…being able to control Embiid, Simmons and Harris.

    If the feud between Simmons and Embiid is legit Lue has zero chance at reversing that run away train.

    That said Brand does really need himself another scapegoat…so I guess it’s for real.

    • Simmons>Russ

      No one said he controls them. As a Sixers fan I don’t actually want him but I think it’s what actually happens. Elton Brand just wants the win to be winners but hasn’t built a winning team.

      He had Ben and Joel went out and brings back slight upgrades (expensive ones) and wants us to win but obviously we didn’t. Now Brett is gone he’s going to sign the person he thinks will win. Lie won a chip so it’ll be him.

      Personally I want either Mike Dantoni to come in and build around Ben Simmons giving him the shooter he wants. Or Mark Jackson or Lenny Atkinson to come in and make things works with Ben and Joel maybe make some trades and build a culture, some chemistry, bring some tactics, new ideas and start something.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Sixers need a vet coach. Who has the respect and ear of team stars. Means Simmons Embiid here. There is no way Sixers make significant move up. Unless they move Horford or both He n Harris. Coach has to be in on that. Moving Horford is a must. Just can’t give him away. Considering their offense needs more help. DAntoni seems like a good fit here. And he should bring in a good D coach. To show they are serious about direction of team. IMO Sixers still a trade away from contending for East. They have #21, #34, #36, #49, #58 picks in 2020 draft. If you look at draft boards. There is a solid player at #21, maybe a future starter. At top of 2nd rd there are rotation players there. Point is these three picks can help team next yr. Even if it’s just making them deeper. Plenty of bigs there, 4s, stretch 4s, backup C. Plus what they can get for Horford (shooters). Like I said one good trade away.

  7. thebluemeanie

    It has just been reported the Billy Donovan has agreed to a deal with the Chicago Bulls to be their new head coach.

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