NBA Announces 2019/20 All-NBA Teams

The NBA has officially announced its All-NBA teams for the 2019/20 season. Voting was completed prior to the league’s restart in July and was based on results through March 11.

Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo and Lakers forward LeBron James, widely considered the two frontrunners for this year’s MVP award, were the only two players to be unanimously voted to the All-NBA First Team this season. Rockets guard James Harden, Lakers big man Anthony Davis, and Mavericks guard Luka Doncic rounded out the First Team.

The full All-NBA teams are listed below, with their vote totals in parentheses. Players received five points for a First Team vote, three points for a Second Team vote, and one point for a Third Team vote, so Giannis and LeBron scored a perfect 500 — First Team nods from all 100 voters.

All-NBA First Team

All-NBA Second Team

All-NBA Third Team

Among the players who just missed the cut were Bucks forward Khris Middleton (82 points), Sixers center Joel Embiid (79), Wizards guard Bradley Beal (32), and Raptors guard Kyle Lowry (26). A total of 11 other players also received at least one All-NBA vote — the full results can be found right here.

Today’s announcement is great news from a financial perspective for Siakam and Simmons. As a result of Siakam’s Second Team nod and Simmons’ Third Team spot, both players will earn starting salaries worth 28% of the 2020/21 salary cap, rather than 25%. Players who sign rookie scale extensions can earn maximum salaries up to 30% of the cap if they negotiate Rose Rule language into their deals.

The exact value of those new contracts will depend on where exactly the ’20/21 cap lands. Assuming it stays the same as in 2019/20 ($109.141MM), Siakam’s four-year extension would be worth $136.9MM instead of the $122.2MM it’d be worth if it started at 25% of the cap. Simmons’ five-year pact would be worth $177.2MM rather than $158.3MM.

While it’s also worth noting that All-NBA berths are of great importance to players seeking super-max contracts, there aren’t any real developments to report on that front as a result of this year’s votes. Antetokounmpo and Gobert remain eligible for super-max extensions, but they’d already qualified based on their previous accolades.

Embiid would have become super-max eligible in 2021 if he had earned an All-NBA spot, but he’ll need to make an All-NBA team next season to gain eligibility now, as ESPN’s Bobby Marks tweets.

Hoops Rumors readers accurately picked 12 of this season’s 15 All-NBA players in our spring poll. Beal, Embiid, and Devin Booker were your picks who didn’t make the official list. Of the 12 who made it, 11 made the exact team you projected, with Paul (who made Second Team instead of Third Team) representing the only exception.

Photos courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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31 thoughts on “NBA Announces 2019/20 All-NBA Teams

  1. Sillivan

    Chris Paul 2nd team
    Westbrook 3rd team

    Trade Paul and 4 first round picks obligation for Westbrook
    How did this trade work?

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      How so exactly? Putting Paul ahead of Westbrook is a joke, and nothing but a golden parachute for CP3. So far this trade had completely messed up everything with OKC delaying their rebuild while forcing them to part ways with their head coach. I fully expect the Thunder to trade Schroder as his value is at an all-time high while they go into full tank mode in 2021.

      • Otogar

        How did exactly the trade delay OKC rebuild? CP3 contract ends one year before Westbrook’s and they also got some rounds… I’d say it was a great trade for OKC, in terms of rebuilding. And hey, Houston has also parted ways with their coach, in case you didn’t know.

        • brewpackbuckbadg

          It delayed it by CP# playing well, them making the playoffs, and not getting a higher pick but that truly is a fine trade off in my book.

  2. rampage9

    We all know Bradley beal is better than westbrick.. all he can do is run fast and dunk. As soon he lose his athletic ability he’s done for. Bradley beal is just way to skilled and crafty

    • hiflew

      As soon as ANY NBA player loses their athletic ability they are done for. Not surprising considering for the career of an athlete.

    • adamsessler

      Neither player deserved to be on any of these teams. According to advanced stats, Westbrook was extremely overrated this year; he was 88th in total Win Shares. Beal isn’t much better at 53rd.

      Win Shares isn’t the end all be all, but it’s 1 of the better stats to look at in terms of overall value; certainly better than points per game… If you take Westbrook out, the next highest rated guard who is not already on the team is Booker. Also, using Win Shares, Lowry should have made the team ahead of Simmons…

  3. El Don

    1) Harden, Luka, Giannis, AD & Jokic
    2) Dame, Ice Trae, Kawhi, LBJ & Embiid
    3) Westbrook, Beal, Butler, KP6 & Sabonis

    • Young and Beal have no business being near an All-NBA team this year after how crappy their teams were, is this some kind of joke?

      Sabonis wouldn’t have been an All-Star in the West, and Porzingis is a second option on a 7 seed. No way these guys should be in over Siakam and Tatum, who led elite East teams, or CP3 who was the league’s best clutch performer.

    • Chief Two Hands

      LeBron is as clear a 1st team player as it gets. Your list has blind hate written all over it.

      • El Don

        BTW dude I am a huge fan of LBJ… but to me Giannis & AD were better this year (AD never a center for me) so in good honesty I couldn’t put LBJ in the first, he has had an MVP caliber season this year, sadly that is the case for 6-7 players this season & all don’t fit in the first team, that is why LBJ out for me.
        But maybe you should refrain from accusing people when you have no idea what you talk about… also if you ever read any post of mine in here for the last 3 years you would see that I have never ever have said bad about him, only praised & defended him.
        Have a nice day!

  4. El Don

    IMO CP3, Siakam, JT & Govert shouldn’t be anywhere near an All-NBA team this year… Simmons still was good enough to be there, but really gutted Young & Embiid didn’t make it, they really deserved it.
    Also KAT was having an unbelievable season until his injury, if he played more he would have been there.

      • El Don

        @richt Not to me, a players performance has nothin’ to do with the teams!
        For example, this year you put Giannis in CLE or NYK, with his historically great season, those teams ain’t getting anywhere near the playoffs… Is that his fault that the team sucks while he is the best player in the world? Nope!
        KAT had an MVP caliber season, while he played, not his fault the team flopped massively, no one can win alone.
        For example, LBJ this year was just as good as last year, a bit healthier that’s all, right? Last year no playoffs, this year #1 WC… so was his fault LAL sucked last year? Of course not.
        So basically team success has no relevance to me when it comes to individual awards.
        When team success becomes important is for winning, divisions, conferences & above all a championship, that is the award you get for team success… MVP means Most Valuable Player not best player in the best team!

        • Curtisrowe

          I mean, and I am not making fun of El Don here, but he literally is happy if Embiid scores 30 points in a game while the sixers are getting swept. He is about empty stats, not wins.

          • Curtisrowe

            And with that said.Embiid is a beast, no problem on my end if he got second team.

          • El Don

            So only winning makes stats meaningful to you? That is very sad my friend.
            Now you tell Mitchell who in game 1 vs DEN played one of the best ever playoffs games, scoring 57, that his match was worth nothing because his team lost, really?
            In that case is no point in playing for the losing team, makes it all pointless!
            Anyway that is my opinion, which I will never change… y’all can have yours!

        • Absolutely those teams are closer to the playoffs with one of the best players on earth. This is some really dumb shit. A star player’s performance has a lot to do with team success, I think that’s super obvious.

          KAT is great, but to say he is MVP caliber is insane. His defense isn’t good and his statistical prowess does not translate into team success. Same with Beal and Young. Great players, but awful teams around them. But imagine how terrible the Thunder would be without CP3. His stats don’t compare to these guys’ on offense, but it’s clear who the more deserving player of any honors is.

          Bron was definitely better this year, in addition to healthier. They stunk last year because he couldn’t play.

          Do you think that James Harden should be the MVP over LBJ or Giannis because he scores more?

          How can someone be the league’s Most Valuable Player if he is the most valuable player on an awful team like Towns? The way you think about awards is backwards.

  5. Chucktoad1

    I can’t get behind Ben Simmons and Chris Paul. Chris had an excellent bounce back year but not good enough for all NBA 2nd team. Simmons regressed for prior years. I’d replace them with Mitchell and Booker with Beal being an unfortunate snub.
    On top of that it shouldn’t have Center as a position. In this era of the NBA it should just be Guards, Wings and Bigs.

  6. It’s a crime that Middleton missed out. Two Rockets instead of two Bucks, who had the best record in the league prior to the restart? Middleton had arguably a better season than Siakam, as did Tatum. Butler was eligible at guard, and should have been there so Middleton made the third team over Westbrook, who has hurt his team about as often as he’s helped this season, despite the huge numbers.

  7. Simmons>Russ

    As a Sixers fan I think it’s crazy Simmons made it at the guard spot over Booker, Beal, Lowry, Kemba and Trae Young.

    I’m glad he made an all defensive team cause he deserved that 100%. But third all NBA team aswell. I mean he is great but Beal just had a crazy season. Lowry again lead the Raptors deep into the playoffs without Kawhi this year. Kemba has fully turned around the Celtics. Remembers his time last year when they had Irving.

    As a Simmons and Sixers fan I’ll take it tho

    • U r Very fair fan.but for me simmons still better than booker,beal,kemba,or young.but agree with lowry.this year lowry shown a great performance.

  8. wagner13

    Whoever voted for Lavine and Drummond deserves to have their respective votes rescinded.

    Personally, I thought Embiid was a much more crucial component to his team than Gobert, who is rather limited on the offensive end. If I were making this list, I likely would have opted for Beal, Young, and Mitchell over Simmons, Paul, and Westbrook. Butler is also a more well-rounded player than Siakam, but that’s just nitpicking. Overall, it appears the voters did a decent job making the appropriate selections

  9. adamsessler

    Using Win Shares, this is what the NBA Teams should’ve been (using the positions that the NBA used):
    1st Team: G: Harden, Lilliard, F: Giannis, LeBron, C: Davis

    2nd Team: G: Paul, Doncic, F: Butler, Kawhi C: Gobert

    3rd Team: G: Booker, Lowry, F: Bam, Middleton C: Jokic

    The 1st 2 teams are pretty close to the actual results, w/ a little bit of shuffling a couple players. The real difference is the 3rd team’s Guards & Forwards, & I honestly think the WS players are better picks than the NBA picks.

    So according to WS, Booker, Lowry, Bam, & Middleton are the biggest snubs, while Simmons, Westbrook, Tatum, & Siakam are “undeserving.”

    Simmons over Booker or Lowry is arguable b/c Simmons is the next highest rated guard after those 2. Tatum is also close, b/c he’s the 2nd highest rated forward after Bam & Middleton (DeRozen is the highest rated Forward below Middleton, so he might also be considered a snub, too).

    Siakam (according to WS) is a less defensible choice b/c there were 7 other Forwards between him & Middleton (incl. Tatum & DeRozen).

    Westbrook is (according to WS) an absolutely undeserving pick, b/c he is only the 27th highest rated Guard in the NBA; basically he’s about average among starting guards in the NBA. Y’know what? I would say that’s about right… There’s a lot of things he does well, but he’s not a great defender, turns over the ball a ton, & is an extremely inefficient scorer (ranks 151 in True Shooting %, which is obviously not good…).

    • I think WS aren’t a great stat. Tatum is pretty deserving for sure, and I can see Simmons, but Siakam and Westbrook aren’t really, I agree. Siakam could be third team, but it’s arguable that Lowry meant more to the Raptors’ success this year. But Booker’s team (prior to the bubble, when votes were taken) was too bad for me to really consider him over Simmons, Lowry, or even Westbrook honestly.

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