Dave Joerger A Strong Contender For Pacers’ Coaching Job

The Pacers are meeting with head coaching candidates this week and next, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, who reports (via Twitter) that former Grizzlies and Kings coach Dave Joerger has met with the team and is considered a “strong contender” for the position.

Wojnarowski says that Pelicans assistant Chris Finch is among the candidates to meet with Indiana, and adds that Chauncey Billups will also get an interview.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst previously reported that the Pacers had talked to over 20 candidates about their head coaching job, but it’s possible those conversations were informal in nature, and that the team is now narrowing down the field as it conducts more in-depth interviews.

While we don’t know the full list of the 20+ candidates who have talked to the Pacers, Finch’s name is the 19th we’ve heard linked to the job, as our head coaching search tracker shows. Indiana’s interest in Joerger and Billups had been previously reported.

After parting ways with Nate McMillan, Pacers management talked about wanting to hire a head coach who takes a “modern approach” to the game and has the ability to connect with younger players.

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10 thoughts on “Dave Joerger A Strong Contender For Pacers’ Coaching Job

    • You’re crazy. I don’t see why you would think that.

      #1 it says above essentially that he’s the leading candidate.
      #2 it says he’s a strong Contender for the position.
      #3 that you would think Dave Joeger is going to be hired by the Pacers is flawed thinking on your part. How could you go out on a limb like that? I’m surprised at you Sillivan.

  1. hoosierhysteria

    He is young. Creative? Did he get a fair shake previously? Hoosier hoops is effort on every play..teamwork…share the ball…guard your man hard…good shooter…box out…make the smart play. After we got rid of PG….Nate got the team to do that. They played good basketball. Rumors about him clashing with Brogdon ended that.

    • Nate McMillan has a good track record of head coaching success. Is he a retread? Not sure, but he’s a good basketball man.

  2. natsfan3437

    Why did he get fired from Sacramento? Wondering if anyone knew because I can’t remember.

    • Because Sacramento has had very little patience with head coaches. They thought nothing of the crappy roster they put together. They’re trying, but your stars are second-rate guys. So they blame the coach and fire them bringing a new guy again.

      Luke Walton has been the exception.. this is what his 3rd year coming up? It’s probably a good thing that Vlade has stepped aside, maybe things will improve for the Kings. But number one they need to pick a coach and stick with him for some consistency. When they hire a guy make a commitment of more than a year-and-a-half.

      • natsfan3437

        That’s what I thought it was. I also heard that he would kick front office people out of practice because they would talk to much during practice lol. I thought he did good job for what he was given (much better than Walton)

    • Jonathan Lamb

      Because the Kings were delusional and stupid. Joerger is a great coach.

    • x%sure

      It’s not what Pritchard said he wanted.
      Maybe he wanted McMillan to feel better after firing him. “You know, those kids today… gotta let you go”

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