Pistons Expected To Waive-And-Stretch Dedmon

NOVEMBER 21: The Pistons likely won’t use the stretch provision on McGruder after all, according to Edwards (Twitter link). The team will save some money in its trade for Delon Wright and no longer needs the extra space that waiving and stretching McGruder would provide.

NOVEMBER 20: The Pistons have made a flurry of reported free agent moves and they’ll apparently clear cap space by using the waive-and-stretch provision on two recent acquisitions.

They’ll waive center Dewayne Dedmon and use the stretch provision to ease the cap hit, according to Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link). They’re likely to do the same with Rodney McGruder, James Edwards III of The Athletic tweets.

Detroit officially acquired Dedmon from the Hawks on Friday in exchange for Tony Snell and Khyri Thomas. Dedmon was slated to make $13.33MM in the upcoming season with an identical contract number that was only guaranteed for $1MM for the 2021/22 season.

The Pistons acquired McGruder from the Clippers in a three-team trade that became official on Thursday. McGruder had a guaranteed $5.2MM contract for the upcoming season with a non-guaranteed salary of $5MM for 2021/22.

Those non-guaranteed years are significant because they allow Detroit’s front office use the stretch provision for five years instead of three, Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report notes (Twitter links). Since only the guaranteed money counts, Dedmon would only count $2.9MM against the Pistons’ cap over the next five seasons, while the cap hit on McGruder would be just over $1MM in those years.

The Pistons made the trade with Atlanta because it allowed them stretch Dedmon’s contract over five years, rather than stretching Snell’s $12.2MM expiring contract for three years, Edwards tweets.

Those moves will allow Detroit to ink free agents Jerami Grant and Mason Plumlee, as well as completing a sign-and-trade with Houston involving Christian Wood.

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20 thoughts on “Pistons Expected To Waive-And-Stretch Dedmon

  1. Sports guy 2005

    Someone want to tell me what in the world Troy Weaver is doing? It’s like 2K land up there in Detroit tonight

    • lionsman86

      As a pistons fan I don’t even care. We’ve been irrelevant for so long that at least he’s trying s**t

      • Crazyman54

        Pistons haven’t been revenant since the Billups for Iverson trade. That started the downfall. Diehard Pistons fan and I wish that never happened.

      • Sports guy 2005

        Killian Hayes was a nice pick. Jerami Grant is a steal signing. Everything else has been questionable.

        • Count that baby and a foul!

          Grant at 20m a year is a steal? Hard to see that now for me.

          • Sports guy 2005

            He’s improved each season. Went from being a project in Philly to a productive role player in OKC to a versatile starter in Denver. He’s worth that money and Detroit is a great spot for him to try himself out as a main option.

            • x%sure

              I think an upgrade over Wood… and the fact that he signed for so much will be a message to teammates: Get Grant the ball and make him comfortable, he da man. Denver had established an offense without him, so was slow to acclimate him. He may not be a smart one anyway; better to build around him than make him the adjuster.

              Acclimation did not work for the Knicks & Randle last year in a similar situation, because they were all newbies trying to save themselves. It would be nice if the Pistons kept Rose but I doubt they will… GM Weaver thinks he knows best so they will be starting from scratch.

    • DetroitDave84

      Troy Weaver is playing Chess and the other GM’s are playing Checkers. He tore this team apart and created a youthful and developmental team. He’s not done and if the rumors are true, the two guys they signed from Denver contracts are within 25% of Griffin. If Denver wants him, they can easily work a trade with Detroit now.

  2. Luckylefty2

    Whoever is the pistons gm is going to get fired in the next 2-3 years. A plumlee & grant frontcourt lmao!!

  3. Simmons>Russ

    They should be able to find a trade for both these players really…

    Malik Beasley, Jarrett Culver and Spellman (23mil) for Jerami Grant, McGruder and Tony Bradley (29mil)

    1. Russell. Rubio. Evans
    2. Edwards. Okogie. Bolmaro
    3. Layman. McGruder
    4. Grant. McDaniels. Vanderbilt
    5. Towns. Bradley. Reid

    1. Hayes. Rose
    2. Beasley. Culver
    3. Doumbouya. Bey. Musa
    4. Griffin. Stewart. Spellman
    5. Plumblee. Okafor. Dedmon

    TWolves are a playoff team and young team that can confuse to get better, similar to the Nuggets.
    Pistons are rebuilding and would add Beasley and Culver two players which suit their timeline with big potential.

    • x%sure

      What? They just signed Grant, 3/$60; why trade him? And look at what GM Weaver is gathering; competitive guys, not like Beasley, Culver & Spellman.
      Weaver is waiving McGruder but I haven’t seen him lately.

  4. Count that baby and a foul!

    NEVER judge an artists work until thwy have deemed it complete!!

  5. formerlyz

    Heat should consider bringing back McGruder after losing Derrick Jones, although I think he fits a lot of teams

  6. bdpecore

    C’mon Bucks! Let’s reunite Dedmon and Budz. His game fits perfectly with Milwaukee’s roster.

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Who needs a big. Celtics, Warriors, Heat, Suns, Bucks probably will dig for minimum with contender. At worst he’s a good backup.

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