Rondo Anticipating Offer From Hawks, Remains Focused On Clippers

2:04pm: Isola has clarified (via Twitter) that the Hawks’ offer to Rondo is expected to be worth $7.5MM annually — $15MM in total over two years.

1:30pm: Veteran point guard Rajon Rondo, who will become a free agent this Friday, is expecting to receive a significant offer from the Hawks, according to Frank Isola of SiriusXM NBA Radio, who tweets that Atlanta’s offer is expected to be worth $15MM for two years.

It’s not 100% clear based on Isola’s wording if that hypothetical offer would be worth $15MM annually or in total — Atlanta does have the cap room necessary to comfortably put $15MM per year on the table for Rondo and that would certainly qualify as a “significant” offer. Rondo has also never made that much in a single season in his career though, so a total guarantee of $15MM over two years is probably more in line with his current value.

Either way, a source tells Isola that Rondo “remains focused” on the possibility of joining the Clippers. The 34-year-old could potentially receive a deal worth the mid-level from the Clips, per Isola, though it remains to be seen if the club will have the full mid-level ($9.3MM) or just the taxpayer portion ($5.7MM) available.

A reunion with the Lakers isn’t out of the realm of possibility for Rondo, but it sounds like the defending champions are preparing to lose him in free agency. The Lakers have reached an agreement to acquire Dennis Schröder from Oklahoma City to fortify their backcourt.

Rondo played an important role in helping the Lakers capture the NBA title in Orlando. He suffered a fractured right thumb shortly after arriving at the Disney World complex, but was able to return in time for the playoffs, averaging 8.9 points, 4.3 rebounds and 6.6 assists off the bench in 16 games. He’s turning down a minimum-salary player option in order to reach free agency.

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45 thoughts on “Rondo Anticipating Offer From Hawks, Remains Focused On Clippers

  1. redkloud94

    Won wit bron now plans on beating him too get the chip I rock wit rondo solid competitor

      • jbrown4

        Rondo won with Lebron, now he, Rondo, plans on beating Lebron to get the championship. I am a fan of Rondo, he’s a solid competitior.

        I think that’s what he meant.

        • hiflew

          You should apply for a job as a translator. There are plenty of people to translate from one foreign language to another, but there are realtively few that can translate different American English dialects. You’d make a mint if you could also learn Southern drawl.

      • jbrown4

        Rondo won with Lebron, now he, Rondo, plans on beating Lebron to get the championship. I am a fan of Rondo, he’s a solid competitior.

        I think that’s what he meant.

  2. Lakers1

    It’s amazing the lack of loyalty rondo has.. Lakers signed him when he was pretty much done.. no teams wanted him.. he was great during playoffs but absolutely horrible regular season both years.. these teams are so stupid for paying for what someone does during the playoffs.. Lebron gets players paid.. players should take notice.

      • Lakers1

        He’s not worth that.. not even close.. Hawks are paying for playoff rondo.. hopefully they make playoffs hahaha

        • Sillivan

          Clippers can only offer him $5.7M if they keep Harrell, Morris and Green. Lakers can make a bid, but all other Lakers free agents have to take pay cut.

      • seamaholic

        No they don’t. Even without KCP and Rondo they’re still right at the cap, a little over once AD signs his deal. But they have a mid-level available, like just about everyone else.

        • Sillivan

          Bradley could opt out to clear more cap room to sign free agents such as Dragic or Ibaka.

          Will Davis take pay cut again?

        • Tatsumaki

          @seamaholic stick to baseball you have no idea what you are talking about. Lakers have 17 million if they buyout cool plus mle worth 10 million.

          • Tatsumaki

            Cap is set to 138 tax apron.

            Lakers have kcp, rondo and bradley off the books totaling 15 million.

            Buyout cook that adds another 3 million.

            Robs also looked at deng money being moved that’s another 5 million.

            Only players on roster are lebron 39 million, ad undisclosed, Schroder 15.5 million, caruso 2 million, kuzma 3.5 million, mcgee at 4 million, talon tucker 1.5 million.

            Even assuming ad signs for near max they have enough space to add one star tier player or multiple quality vets.

            • OrienGreene

              Hopefully, they don’t do something dumb like offer a guy like Grant 20M when his market value is 12-14M

              • Tatsumaki

                @orien in the event lakers would sign grant for 1 year high aav it would be to keep flexibility for next year and potentially adding additional players to lebron and ad. Not hard to see, unless you don’t have a brain which it’s looking like.

            • KnickerbockerAl

              Caruso is more like 3 mill. Bron is 39.2, Caruso 2.7, Deng is 5, Cook 3 mill. Lakers have 8 players under contract with AD. He won’t sign max. Probably signs two yr again. I’m sure he’ll leave since Bron will be done. Deng is not coming off books. Cook won’t be bought out till FA, they could use him trade.
              So that puts their cap at about 107 mill (AD 32-33 mill). Considering you have to sign 15 players. Seems to me it would be hard not to go into tax. So they have to decide between KCP ( at least 12-15 mill). And alternatives. I don’t see how they let him walk. So what star you think you are getting. Considering none are FA. Bron must be so upnonya. Your brain is affected.
              I like Bron not a fan of his GM tactics. To me Lakers overachieved last yr. It won’t happen again. They still are a contender. But losing key guys will hurt. This fanboy approach to them is silly. Try and stick to the truth. And say what you think. Don’t say it like you think it’s the truth.

          • Yes they have roughly $17m but everyone is basically assuming anywhere from $10-12 of that is going to KCP. Only buyout they can make cap space with is Cook which is only $1m guaranteed out of $3m. So yes if don’t bring back KCP, then sure they have that much which we know is not the case

            • Sillivan

              Did you account for cap hold?

              If Lakers want KCP back, they have no cap to sign free agents.

              KCP cap hold is a “killer” in term of success on free agent market.

    • Ironmonger835

      Its a business. He helped them win a ring and now he wants a good pay day. What’s wrong with that? He doesn’t have that many years left.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        Yeah, but one could also say well why didn’t the Lakers offer him 7.5m to stay? They went ahead and moved on because they didn’t like the price. It’s a two-way street. He fulfilled his contractual obligations though. He’s earned the right to explore FA and get what he can. You have to lookout for yourself in this world.

      • Lakers1

        2 years ago, rondo was done in the league.. just a journeyman player at that point.. bouncing from team to team.. wins a ring because of being on team with ad and Lebron.. 2 season he was trash but played well in3 playoff series.. lakers stuck with him and he’s looking to cashout now. Clippers can have him.. clippers losing a lot of depth this offseason

          • Chief Two Hands

            As a Lakers fan I do not want to see rondo go but I don’t blame him for wanting to make as much money as he can

  3. Sillivan

    If I were Hawks, I would give Rondo 2-year $15M with team option.

    A few years ago Rondo signed a one-year deal with the Sacramento Kings worth $9.5 million.

    • Col. Sanders

      He’s still a good, defensively minded PG but unless Hawks intend to bring him up to school Young on how to play D I see no point of doing that. He’s not gonna make them jump to playoffs (RS Rondo ain’t Playoff Rondo).
      If Rondo is all about money at this point I’m OK with this but for teams wanting to pay him more than a 5 mil/per year it makes sens only if their planning to use him in playoffs (which in Hawks case isn’t going to happen probably).

  4. GoLandCrabs

    I love how much the Clippers were praised for picking up Reggie Jackson while saying Rondo wasn’t a difference maker for the Lakers.

  5. bigguccisosa300

    7.5 for Rondo is pretty high nevermind 15 lmao .. Hawks putting the pressure on

    • Lakers1

      these star players want to win rings but want max paycheck.. sometimes they need to sacrifice and will make that money back in long run with rings and endorsements.. then they complain that they aren’t winning and want trade but have no problem getting paid 40 million and handicapping their team to get players..

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        Not every star player wants a title above a check though. Ideally I’m sure they’d all love both. Maybe if the money is enough they convince themselves they can do both. I know if I were a player I wouldn’t turn down a massive payday to ring chase.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I’d rather have Rondo purely because I feel he’s more likely to stay on the floor.

  6. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Clippers can even get DJ Augustine, he isn’t Rondo but he can run a team…

  7. Bizarre thread. Reality:

    1) Lakers have no cap space unless they plan to renounce AD’s cap hold (about 32.5 mm). True, even if they renounce KCP’s hold.

    2) Lakers have EBRs on Rondo, so they don’t need cap space to sign him.

    • Tatsumaki

      Not true they have 18 million if cook is waived. Additional 5 if dengs salary waived.

      • Nope. You need to take salary cap 101. You’re not even close. The cap is 109 mm. Lakers have guaranteed salary of 69 mm and dead cap of 5 mm, which combined with AD’s hold and 6 mm in cap holds brings the number over 112 mm. Even if that gets whittled down and all other cap holds are renounced, it will never get over the MLE amount – which is all they have.

  8. mike.honcho

    This shows what separates good management from bad management in the NBA.

    Rondo shows up in a few games in the playoffs, hits some open jumpers – anyone who plays with Lebron & AD will be open most of the time …….. and now the HAWKS over-values him with a ridiculous offer.

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Schroeder was a good pickup. But they will miss Rondo. Lakers won last yr cause their guard depth came thru. All played a role in their success even Bradley. I don’t see how they don’t resign KCP. Even Howard. IMO Howard can get more elsewhere. They will need another big. Rondo is not taking Hawks over Clippers. Unless it’s crazy money. I think he wants to win. Clippers is a good fit for him. I think this draft will tell us a lot. I see trades coming

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