Pistons Interested In Spencer Dinwiddie

With the NBA trade deadline approaching, the Pistons are one of several teams interested in Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie, according to SNY’s Ian Begley.

Dinwiddie, 27, is currently sidelined with a partially torn ACL, having undergone ACL reconstruction surgery in early January. There was some optimism that Dinwiddie may be able to return later this season, but the Nets appear prepared to finish the 2020/21 campaign without him.

The Nets are expected to be active on the buyout market and seek additional upgrades to the roster. Dinwiddie could hit free agency this upcoming offseason given his $12.3MM player option for the 2021/22 campaign.

While Dinwiddie struggled in three games before his injury this season, he averaged 20.8 PPG and 6.8 APG for the Nets in 64 games last season. Therefore, he could be a valuable piece to a team in the future despite the nature of his injury.

As Begley notes in his report, if Dinwiddie were to be traded, the team that acquires him would likely want to sign him beyond this season. The Pistons project to have cap room this summer, so Dinwiddie’s Bird rights wouldn’t necessarily be as valuable to them as they would be to some other clubs.

While it is a concern that this is Dinwiddie’s second ACL tear, players in recent years have generally made full recoveries from the injury and have been productive upon their return.

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18 thoughts on “Pistons Interested In Spencer Dinwiddie

    • Courtside

      Plumlee and Okafor and a 2nd

      They could then cut/buyout Okafor and Green so they could sign another buyout . Maybe Blake Griffin?

      • Ironmonger835

        Yeah no. No way they’re eating 40 plus million yo waive Griffin. They should target Josh Jackson. He can help out defensively.

    • Sillivan

      Nets have 3 seconds this summer

      Dinwiddie and 3 picks for Delon Wright and Josh Jackson

      Nets send Hawks Pacers Suns picks this year to Pistons

  1. Sillivan

    At this moment
    Both Pistons an Rockets have 52% chance to get top 4 pick

    Tucker and House for Dinwiddie and 3 picks

    If Rockets lose 4th pick to Thunder, they would be down for many years

    Rockets fans like their upside

  2. Surprised this doesn’t mention that Dinwiddie was drafted by and began his career as a Piston.

  3. Sillivan

    According to the athletics

    3 teams Make offer for pj Tucker

    Nets have 4 players from Houston Rockets

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    He tore his left knee ACL in college. Obviously made a full recovery. This was his right knee. And it was a partial tear of ACL. Not as serious but still another knee. Like they reported he should make a full recovery. Teams who really need a PG. He is best available IMO. At 27 and knowing NYC media and bright lights of MSG. He fits Knicks well. They should definitely be looking into this. He’s a big PG who plays both ways. And is fearless and knows how to close gms. Knicks can make best offer if he checks out physically. I know Knicks can resign him. It would be best to do it next yr. I hope Knicks are on this.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Why wait when someone can come in now. Knicks need a vet to lead. Quickly will take awhile and may always be more a combo guard. Dinwiddie is a real PG who can run team now. Quickly can learn from him. Having Dinwiddie, Rose, Quickly, RJ, Burkes allows us to move everyone else. And fortifies our backcourt. Now the draft is for other positions. And it’s loaded with wings, 3s. 4s.

        • BillNyc 2

          Knicks don’t need a PG much less a guy who is coming back from a serious injury.

  5. If the Pistons project to have cap space, it can’t be a lot. Griffin and Grant alone are close to 60 mm. Still, I’d be interested in seeing what (of value, if anything) they offer.

      • This year. Next year, I think it’s 112 mm (3% increase). Pistons’ have between 95-100 mm in guaranteed salary, and it’s likely that their draft pick will likely to add 8-10 mm. Most teams in their position, operate above the cap and use full MLE.

  6. phenomenalajs

    I’m reposting this here because it might not have been seen on previous post:
    I think/hope Nets will keep Dinwiddie for a few reasons. 1. I know the Nets are watching the buy-out market, so his DPE could be an option to give someone looking to make more than the minimum after being bought out. 2. The Nets may decide a player they want via buy-out (i.e., Drummond) won’t make it through trade season, so they’d rather use the DPE in a trade for a player they may be able to cover, like Javale McGee or P.J. Tucker. 3. Dinwiddie may be on pace to recover in time for the playoffs and won’t need to worry about playoff eligibility since he’s already on the roster. 4. Dinwiddie may opt in for next season to make a run at a title and improve his stock for the following year’s free agency. I’m not worried about Joe Tsai paying the luxury tax. 5. They’d still have the MLE to use towards a player available after a buy-out if they used the DPE in a trade.

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