Winslow To Make Grizzlies Debut Saturday

6:42pm: Winslow will be active for tonight’s game, the Grizzlies announced (via Twitter).

2:38pm: More than a year ago after being traded to the Grizzlies, Justise Winslow could make his Memphis debut on Saturday.

Winslow is listed as questionable against Phoenix on Saturday by the team’s PR department (Twitter link).

Winslow was part of the package the Grizzlies received from the Heat for Andre Iguodala and Jae Crowder last February.

Winslow hasn’t played since last January 8, initially due to a hip injury. He was expected to return in March but the pandemic delayed his debut.

During the summer restart in Orlando, Winslow suffered a left hip displacement. He has been rehabbing from that injury during the first 25 games this season.

Winslow, the 10th pick of the 2015 draft, needs to reestablish himself, since he could be an unrestricted free agent this summer. The team holds a $13MM option on his contract for next season.

Coach Taylor Jenkins may not have much choice but to use him, since Kyle Anderson, Grayson Allen and Brandon Clarke are being rested in the second part of a back-to-back while starting shooting guard Dillon Brooks is sidelined by a right thigh injury. Anderson has emerged as the team’s starting power forward with Winslow sidelined.

Winslow, 24, has averaged 9.0 PPG, 5.4 RPG and 2.7 APG in 241 career games.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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25 thoughts on “Winslow To Make Grizzlies Debut Saturday

  1. El Don

    Boy, oh boy… I completely forgot he was in the league!
    I hope he can manage all the injuries ’cause when he was healthy in MIA he could ball for real, potential for a great point-forward!

    • MetsManMetsFan86

      I hope so! I had decently high hopes for this young guy when he first came out of college.

      • formerlyz

        Only reason he hasnt done more is when he was starting to do more offensively in his 2nd season, Al Horfor injured his shoulder, after the game was over, and he missed the rest of that year. Then, when it was about to become his team, the Heat got Jimmy Butler, and there are some redundancies there. I was really excited to see him on that team, but he injured his hip. Still super young. Still plenty of time. Justise Winslow is a winning player

  2. mike.honcho

    With all that down-time, I sure hope that Winslow worked on his long-ball ……. he’s horrible beyond the paint.

      • mike.honcho

        Watched a ton of HEAT games …….. he is horrible from outside the paint, can’t keep healthy as well.

      • Walladipo and Wood

        He did shoot a lot better from three in his 3rd and 4th seasons, but the rest of the time he shot well below 30%. He’s still inconsistent.

      • El Don

        @formerlyz… you are so right about it!
        Don’t listen to mike, as you said Justise shot very well when he last played & has a career 34% in 3’s which is not bad at all, based on that he is a decent shooter, can’t be bad at all!
        You see people stick with narratives & reps for players that are years old, if you were a bad shooter you will always be, SMH!
        Zo comes to mind straight away, yes he didn’t shoot well when he first came to the league, but last year shot 38% & this year 39%, which it means whichever way you look at it he is a very good shooter, but most still will say he isn’t, his career average is 35%, now that is a very decent percentage that will only go up as he keeps shooting well!
        As you said formerlyz folks are stuck with narratives they here in ESPN!

        • mike.honcho

          Well, let’s make this as a receipt of sorts then.

          I say Justice, has mostly been an erratic/unreliable shooter outside the paint – I do mean BOTH the 3-point line and anywhere 2-pt jumpshot distance.

          Both @El Don & @former say otherwise, that Justice is a very good shooter.

          This should be fun.

          I actually have no problem with Justice improving, given the long recovery period (covering both HEAT and GRIZ stints). Good for him, if he has turned that corner.

          But if he struggles with his shot – we’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

          ADDENDUM: Seems like Justice did finally play yesterday, he was a team worst -23 ………. shot 1/4 from 3-pt and 3/14 FG overall …… even shot 2/4 from FT.

          Shaky start would you say ?

          • formerlyz

            You cant take that game into consideration. All their shooters were out. There was no space on the floor. Sean McDermott is also not an NBA player. If he is used correctly, he should be fine, as he was for the Heat. He should mostly be used at the 4/either guard spot, although probably better at PG, depending on who else is on the roster, and how the spacing is around him

            He did shoot 38% from 3 in back to back seasons. He is an elite defender at multiple positions. His playmaking was continuing to improve, which opens up his offense. He does need to keep improving at finishing at the rim, but that was also starting to show more frequently as well.

            • formerlyz

              …also it’s his first game in well over a year, so taking 1 stat line and deciding it encompasses everything is kind of ridiculous, especially when you consider who they were playing against as well

            • mike.honcho

              Boy oh boy, like I said this is going to be fun.

              I just posted his his stat-line which is completely fact. I even stated that he had a shaky start (to his career, after a long layoff) ………… then @formerly comes out of nowhere brings out what looks like early EXCUSES to something which I didn’t even make a big deal of. Hehe.

              I’m thinking @formerly is probably a kid ……. your thought process and the way you construct your excuses. It’s not a good look kid.

              Like I said, I watched a ton of HEAT games then and now, if Justice does good with the GRIZZ, then good for him and I’d be man enough to say that he has improved from his inconsistencies (outside shot, finishing at the rim, etc) from his HEAT days.

              Chill kid, it’s a shaky start for Justice.

          • MetsManMetsFan86

            Cmon first game back in over a year. A weird year at that. Not the norm by any means. Give the kid some time re-acclimate.

            • mike.honcho

              Justice’s 2nd game back – he got 26 minutes off the bench, third best minutes on the team.

              Let’s see ………. GRIZZ lose a lopsided game against the MAVS.

              Justice was a team worst 1/10 FG, went 1/5 in 3PT …… two of those 3PT attempts were so bad, the commentators couldn’t help but call out how far off the ring they where.

              But hey, it’s still early right. We’re all rooting for @formerlyz and @el don’s boy.

              • formerlyz

                You’re the one who acts like a child on the internet. If you cant understand how 5 on 5 basketball works in today’s nba, where the players around you effect how you play, you havent paid any attention…

                Only -1 in this 2nd game, which you left off, but again…still getting his legs underneath him. Also, you can struggle offensively, and still be a winning player, which he is, so even if he struggles for a while with this new environment for him, with teammates he has literally never played with before, he’s going to find ways to effect the game positively, even if he is played out of the best situations to be successful

                • mike.honcho

                  Hahaha, what in god’s green earth are you talking about, kiddo?

                  All I ever criticized about was how inconsistent Winslow’s jumper has always been …….. I even forgot how we also, iffy finishing near the rim, something which even you wrote on one of your posts.

                  And now you go about how he’s saying how Winslow is an overall contributing, winning player – which not even once I mentioned or criticized him on.

                  Keep your eyes on the prize kid, stay on the subject matter.

                  The fact alone that he was drafted by Riley and given a contract extension, says that the guy works hard, at the very least.

                  But working hard and having a decent jumper are two different things altogether. The HEAT wanted someone who can hit the open jumper & finish consistently – plus, someone who’s not as injury-prone, hence Winslow was traded away with very little blowback from the known HEAT vloggers e.g. Scholnick, Sidney, 5RS, etc.

                  By the way, approaching the last few minutes of the earlier game, Winslow was actually a -10 ……. the only reason it improved was that the last 6 minutes was basically garbage time and the MAVS relaxed on the pedal a bit and Winslow was still on the floor.

                  • mike.honcho

                    Or you can easily Google “miami heat justise winslow jumper” and look at some of the hits and content.

                    All the articles make special mention, what I’ve been saying about Winslow’s broken jumper and his run of injuries …….. which made him expendable from the HEAT.

                  • formerlyz

                    Everyone knows he came into the league, really needing to work on his jumpshot. He changed his mechanics going into year 2, but he injured his wrist that preseason, where he had to go away from the new mechanics for a while. Then, as I said, he was showing his improvement offensively, mostly with his playmaking, as I said, but also making more jumpshots, before Al Horford ripped his arm off. Then he shot 38% from 3 2 years in a row, taking more attempts the 2nd year. You cant say he hasnt improved his jumpshot when he shot it at that percentage consistently in a large sample size. If you want to say he has improved and is still bad, I have to question that as well, b/c those numbers mean the opposite, and if I recall correctly, the percentage was higher on catch and shoot shots, but that could be mistaken…

                    You are also the only one throwing out labels and insults at people, so whatever. It doesnt surprise me, with the “society” we supposedly live in today, where everything is on the internet, and anyone’s opinion is apparently gospel b/c of social media elevating egos, and creating entitlement.

                    Winslow was moved because he was hurt. I’m not denying that, but the entire team was also injury prone 5 of the last 6 years, so him being prone to injuries isnt why he was moved. It was to grab similar players that could actually play that season, in path to what was an NBA finals run, as well as probably the redundancies with Butler, although those could have been addressed with the rotations they finally used in the playoffs

  3. formerlyz

    JustiseBetter. Let’s go. Still salty the Heat traded him. They could really use him right now

  4. mike.honcho

    @formerlyz ……… Seems like no amount of clear facts, can make you stop handing out excuses for things unsaid. Like I said, it’s not a good look kid.

    Let’s just say that Winslow had a shaky first 2 games ……… should Winslow still play like garbage the next set of games, you’ll have enough time to make up more excuses for him e.g. he ate bad barbecue, it’s unusually cold down in Memphis, he didn’t use his lucky socks, etc.

    It’s you choice kid, use whatever helps you go through your day better.

    By the way, do review the thread above and see who first threw out the label and insults.

    • formerlyz

      If you cant understand that who is around you on the floor effects the way you play, there is nothing else that can be said.

      As for everything else, rofl. You’re so cool, bro

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